Have you known the pain of someone you love dying from drugs, or being a Jekyll & Hyde personality through drugs & alcohol? Are you being tempted into trying drugs yourself or do you binge drink to dull the pain & memories? If you do, please pray for yourself here or for the person you know who you want to protect. Our God is so strong & powerful, turn to Him & fight for yourself & your loved ones.

If you or someone you know wants to break free of addictions, you can contact Gilead Foundations rehab.

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Restoration or divorce

My husband, Mark, abandoned me four years ago in 2014. I knew then when he left that that was the beginning of the end of our marriage. He cheated multiple times, used drugs and alcohol, and committed numerous crimes in several CA counties. My heart has been broken and I am going to Celebrate Recovery to restore my soul from the hurts, hang ups, and habits. Pray for Mark to truly repent and to find his salvation in Jesus Christ, for protection from the devil’s temptations, and for God’s will revealed to me about whether to continue to wait for my unfaithful husband or to finalize my divorce.

Submitted by Tina on 20 Jan 2018



Hi Tina I have had divorce experience and my first thought was to seek restoration. This i tried without success - not surprisingly for numerous reasons. But i just want you to know that divorce isnt the end. Sad, yes, but in my experience it had to happen and now I'm more free than ever to God's work and grow my relationship with him. Im not suggesting this is the path for you, God will help in your decision with prayer and petition. Lord I lift up Tina to you - help her discern the nature of her relationship with Mark. To know if to continue is not just in her best interests, but Mark's also. Help him with his addictions, to become humble and seeking forgiveness, that he becomes aware of the dedication Tina has shown, that despite his betrayal, she has stood by him best she good and seeks redemption for him. Comfort Tina with Your loving arms, in Jesus name, Amen

Submitted by snooky on 11 Mar 2018

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