This is a place for you to be heard in your weeping, in your weakness and in your needs. A place to ask for water for your soul. Build your relationship with God, cry out, groan, ask your God and tell Him your needs. And receive His help.

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Prayer for my father

Dear all please pray for my Dad he is going to die soon of cancer. I am in bits over it . Lord you know what he has planed and what it will be like for me. please arise and fight for me please send the seven spirits of God to save me. you only know the full truth about me. Lord poor you anger out on those who have stolen from me according to Proverbs 22 and proverbs 10 please do not let Job 28 let them escape! please pour out your anger on those who who harm children Lord.! Today Lord now let them be caught in their sin and imprissoned! thank you Lord God almighty !

Submitted by phiona on 26 Jun 2023

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My brother

My brother got Covid19 in September. He has been in the hospital for 60 days. He is on a ventilator still. It is a miracle he still still alive. I am praising Jesus that he started responding to his wife Sarah about a week ago. He can shake his head and nod to answer questions. Him and his family live in Pittsburgh PA USA. Could you please pray for healing and protection and provision for him and his family? His name is Russ, his wife's name is Sarah. They are in their 40s. He has three children: Grace 16, Abbie 15 and Rusty 8 years old. Thank you. God Bless You All!

Submitted by Joe on 20 Nov 2021

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Need a miracle

Please join me in prayer for my fiancé, Bobby. He just finished 6 months of chemo for colon cancer but it didn't work. It has now spread and caused kidney damage. The doctors say a cure is not possible but the bible says that with God, all things are possible. Lord, you are the Mighty Physician. We need a miracle. I ask that You remove the cancer and sickness from his body. In Jesus name, Amen.

Submitted by Sheila on 12 Sep 2021

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Dear Lord, I pray for your protection upon all I come into contact with, everywhere I go and upon all communities around our country as we face a situation for which we have no answers. I pray that you will guide all those who are working tirelessly to treat those who unfortunately have got this virus. I also pray that you will guide those who are also working to find a cure for this, and I pray that through this many will turn to you for help and guidance. I pray this in Jesus name

Submitted by JON on 11 Mar 2020

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Dear Lord I love you and hope you can keep me safe and look after me when I am ill and don't let me get to depressed my husband is now with you Lord and hope he is looking down on me just like you and meeting my parents so thank you Lord amem

Submitted by Dorathy Hickson on 16 May 2019

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Lord, you gave me a fighting spirit when I was born three months early. From the beginning I have had to fight to survive. As you know, I have been sick most of my life. Two forms of Cancer, quad bi-pass, Cercracian Birth, multiple obstructions, neuropathy, a stroke & now gallstones! Lord in Jesus name, I pray to be healed, if it be your will. You have blessed me to put one foot in front of the other; but, Lord I am so weary. Please Lord give me the strength & Faith to your do will. I am almost 79, for you a short time, for me a lifetime. My Spirit is willing but my flesh is weak. I walk by Faith and not by Sight. Please Lord lift my burden, give me the strength to do your WILL. AMEN

Submitted by Darlene on 14 May 2019

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The Wellness Weavers Mission

My life is how I felt to close to God. As a young child when R died. It was such a comfort to have been told that she went to live with Jesus. As you know how I long to be free and fly. I am so tired of the adversity and all the defensive living and explaining. I need you to help me live in this world of bills and reveal to me what I am supposed to do with all this lack of cooperation, the abandonment and the cut-offs and J's treatment of me and D and his family. If J is bad for me, please remove the thoughts that make me feel compassion and love for him... heal him and D to stop his sexual confusion and my judgement. Guide me through this personal and community fog...into the clear light of knowing in my heart what your will and directions are. Thank you for inspiring people with the ways and means to provide this site and service. Guide me to the ones that will integrate & finish fevivering the system to help save children, women, families and commmunities. that want to be well. I want to be well. I also want the waves of grief & disappointment to be over. Can you just bring me home before all the bills, taxes, confrontations?

Submitted by Helen on 28 Feb 2018

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nothing worth living for

Please pray that I have something worth living for again. I gave up boyfriends in the past because of sexual sins. It was worth it. Then I got involved again and didn't even want to. I don't care about this life anymore. I'm useless at 56 and don't know why I'm still here. Please pray for those I have hurt, my child who has many addictions. If there is a reason I'm still here I don't know what it is. A wasted life and ruined lives. Please pray for my child and grandchildren. There are so many lies, which I fell for deeply. my child cut himself and broke into my boyfriends house and busted it up from anger. Please pray for him. He hates me and is full of rage. He needs healing from so much abuse, neglect (born out of wedlock, like me). If you don't raise your children in Christ, the world will, and he was. What I have done and haven't done! Life isn't worth living. Nope.

Submitted by johnny on 22 Dec 2017

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Please pray for healing for Mary Jo and Dartagnan. Also, for someone to pay my parents this week, what he owes them. Thank you!

Submitted by Shelly on 27 Nov 2017

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Broken Hearted

I have recently had my heart broken. I am really struggling to move on. The lady I care for (Katie) won't even talk to me any more. I have been fasting all day seeking God in this. If I am to move on then ask God to work a miracle in me and give me peace and acceptance. If Katie and I are right for each other then ask God to work a miracle in our circumstances to bring us together. Please also pray for Katie as she is struggling with many issues and pray that even if we are not right for each other, we could still reconcile our friendship. Thank you

Submitted by Cameron on 26 Sep 2016

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