Life isn't just about us. It's about other people too. This is a room for you to pray for other people and their situations, our government and leaders, anything that's not ourselves. Stand in the gap and shake heaven. Shoulder other people's burdens and care. Shout God's grace, goodness and provision for them. Pray God's heart.

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Cancer sufferers

Today a friend and colleague is undergoing an operation to remove a brain tumour. I also received news that someone we had chosen for a position was diagnosed yesterday with multiple brain tumours with a poor prognosis. Please lift their plights to God with me and pray for their physical and mental health and for strength to them and their families during these times. Lord please help all cancer sufferers to overcome this terrible illness, give them strength to work through their treatment and give their families strength and support. Amen Thank you and God Bless

Submitted by David on 24 Nov 2016



Father I lift up David's request to You. That in their suffering, those with cancer can know You can be there with them. You sent Your Son Jesus, to take our burdens, our sufferings when He was nailed to the cross. In accepting His sacrifice we are healed!! I pray Lord for the friend and colleague in particular Lord that they will be healed. May You love and compassion be felt by all concerned in this difficult time - above all, may they come to know the hope we have in You! In Jesus name, Amen

Submitted by snooky on 29 Dec 2016

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