Life isn't just about us. It's about other people too. This is a room for you to pray for other people and their situations, our government and leaders, anything that's not ourselves. Stand in the gap and shake heaven. Shoulder other people's burdens and care. Shout God's grace, goodness and provision for them. Pray God's heart.

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Wife and marriage

Please pray that Jesus Christ would fill my wife's heart with His Holy Spirit and He would heal her heart. Also that my marriage and family be restored from the destruction of my own sin.

Submitted by Jason on 8 May 2021


The Heart

The heart is deep and so are the wounds and sins of the heart. The heart of Christ is deep and his wounds and the sins of you and I were known deep in his heart. The Father in Heaven is changing you, changing your heart. Conforming your will to His eternal and divine will. I know, this sounds impractical, devoid of your day to day experience. I too have known destruction because of my sin. I have made life difficult on myself and others because of my sin. Most of all I have grieved God's gracious Holy Spirit. So I write from a place of pain and sorrow. But I have hope. The hope of the gospel. Lord my God, heal and restore Jason and his wife and family. Do that good work in their hearts. Bring them to a place of rejoicing after that your discipline and chastening has done its good work.

Submitted by Josue on 29 Jun 2021

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