Put yourself on the line and live on the edge. Shout to God what you believe and hope for. Take courage and risk the possibilty of failure. Know your own mind and heart and boldly declare it to God. Shout it out.

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Lord I set my business plans before You.. You know my heart, my desires, my plans... But my plans are not always yours! I want to bring and give You the glory Father...to create a testimony to share with others....to show the work of Your mighty hands. But not my will be done, but Yours.... Im deeply in Love with You Father!

Submitted by snooky on 16 Oct 2016


Dear Lord I am writing this for you Father Please bless my life today as i praise your name!!! Thank You so much for your love and your mercy to pray for the Children as Jesus said to let the children come to Him and not to oppose that for the kingdom of God is for people like them Jesus loved them so much and He still loves them today For them i am concerned because i stand against evil for them Lord Thanks to You Again for Your Mercy May the Peace of God that is above anything we comprehend Guards us and Keep us Safe O my Father Be blessed to all generations Praise Jesus Amen

Submitted by Francis on 13 Jul 2015


Amen Our Lord is not yes and no but He is yes and amen Father I ask you to touch our lives Thank's to You You are such a God that never leaves us nor forsake us Thank you for that Father I ask you to bless people namely the Children They truly need a special touch from you for they truly are the Apple of your Eye Anybody that do evil to them displeases you o so much Guard us for ever doing that I thank you for your presence May your love be manifested in our lives and don't let go For you love us so much and we accept that Take Care Amen

Submitted by Francis on 19 Apr 2014

deliverance from illness

Father God when I was diagnosed with cancer last year you gave me Jeremiah 30 v 17For I will restore health to you and heal your wounds. I put my faith in this and the operation was successful. This year I was sent to the hospital as a blocked artery was suspected and I opened mybible quite randomly to find the psalms I opened it at Psalm 12 v 6The words and promises of the Lord are pure words like silver refined inthe furnace purified seven times over. I knew then that you were saying that the promises contained in Jeremiah 30 v 17 were still valid to me. I trustedthe Lord completely and the hospital confirmed that I did not have a blocked artery but nerve damage due to Parkinsons disease. How I praise and thank you lord for drawing close to me during troubled times and speaking to me through the psalms. Psalm 81 v7 You called to me and from my hiding place in the storm I heard you. Notice that God is always in the storm with you not on the outside but by your side. Thank you and Praise you Lord Jesus, You are the rock on which I stand.Amen

Submitted by Marjorie on 4 Jul 2013

The Holy Spirit

O God, My God, U R a Consuming FIRE! O Lord, Let Your FIRE reign down from Heaven even as You reign within us. May You, God of FIRE, reign out from within us and set this whole world on FIRE! 4 Your Glory, Your Kingdom, Your Love, Your Truth! 4 U! Unquanchable, Untamable, Irresistable, Furiously Free FIRE! All over this land, All over this world. All over and within me, within US!

Submitted by Charlie on 11 Jan 2013


My Dear Jesus i want to thank you for being such an important God in my life! i pray your presence in my life while i praise to with all of my heart! thank you so much for your presence and patience and also for your tender mercies! May your presence be manifested to all the earth as we continue to worship thy name! Thank you so much!! for you are worth of all worship and adoration ö my sweet Lord! May the whole world know Thy Name ô blessed Savior! May your concern inherit the earth! May your name be exalted throuthout the Nations! May you manifest yourself in all of our lives and thank you for being there take care Amen

Submitted by Francis on 15 Nov 2012


Ô Lord God May your concern be upon us as we travel along in life. Continue to display to us your love and your affection because we need you so much to stand with us! Thank you God for every-thing you display Jesus As for me i will praise the Lord all the days of my life May this concern of yours dwells in our lives! As we continue to display thy presence to a needy people who never heard about you A people in need Please Lord stay concerned as we waik this life Under your wings and under your shadow Lord All the days of our lives Amen

Submitted by Francis on 14 Oct 2012

o my Lord

O my Lord please have mercy on me Thank you so much for your patience upon me May your concern fall on me as i thank you o so much for all you're doing May His LOVE wathering this concience and all that is in me call His Holy name " Bless the Lord o my soul and all that is in me bless His Holy name. Amen"

Submitted by Francis on 28 Apr 2011

I LOVE YOU, MY LORD! And i don't care what the world throws at me. I'll ALWAYS, FOREVER be Yours! I praise your name! I adore You, my redeemer! My dear Jesus, my love!

Submitted by Patricia on 23 Jan 2011

Exciting Times

Father God I feel we are living in very exciting times. You are expanding your kingdom & with that you are stretching your people, encouraging us to come closer to you to enable to be part of your plans. I believe we are going to see an increase in miracles particularly in healing & salvation. Father God help me to rely on you totally especially when I'm being taken out of comfort zone. I know you have great plans for me & my family. Help me to trust you & play my part in fulfilling the plans you have. It is so exciting to be on the journey.

Submitted by Sandra on 4 Nov 2010

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