God wants you to come close. This is a place for you to declare praise, adoration, worship and your immense thanks to Him for all He's done in your life and for who He is, and all that He's got for you.

Be bold and extravagant in your love for Him.

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Blessed be Your name...

Heavenly Father. Your name is name above all names. Wonderful creator, provider, lover of my soul. Lord I only ever want to praise Your name cos you are such a wonderful Father to me. I lean into Your arms of love and know what it means to live. I look into Your face and know a look of truth. I hear Your whisper to me every day and know I can walk so freely. Lord, everything we know was created by You, there is such a bigger picture than I can ever understand, but still You long to know me! Father God, help me to delve deeper into the living well of Your Spirit and may I be a vessel of of Your will. In Jesus name.

Submitted by kel on 7 Nov 2002


Oh Jesus! thankyou for the blessing of your blood! Thankyou for what you did for ME! I worship you Lord because you are worthy! you are worthy of my praise and the praise of the nations! praise you Lord! thankyou for forgiveness, awesome God!

Submitted by Jonna on 5 Nov 2002

My First Love

You are my first love,you knew me before anyone else,and you will love me forever.I praise you for the awesome family you have made me a part of,for the friends you have given me that fulfill me every needs,and the people who have input into my life.Your have protected me throughout my life and i plray that your angels will guide me to your loving arms, haleluja x x

Submitted by ursy on 30 Oct 2002


Lord, i thought that i wouldn't be able to face my problems with other people, but tonight Lord, you helped me declare my problems with other people, and you forgave me and set me free. thankyou! Your servant, Jonna

Submitted by Jonna on 30 Oct 2002

i love how you love me...

i love how you love me enough to put thunder and rainbows in everyday...you are a marvel beyond me...your wonders astound me...you are bigger than anything i can ever imagine...alpha and omega...your love is wreckless.

Submitted by esther on 20 Oct 2002

I love you so much

Lord, no-one can understand how much you love us, the only way to concieve a small part is by recieving the gift of the Holy Spirit, which You have given to me. I love you so much, because you have worked in my life when I haven't even thought about it. I thought it would take so long, and here am I now, in your arms, I am home with you, you love me, and I love you. I am yours, all yours, and you are my precious Lord Jesus.

Submitted by Bryony on 15 Oct 2002


I will run to You. All I need is there. You gave Your blood for me and I'll always declare.. I love You, I need You and where your feet touch the ground, thats where I'll be. It's Holy, thats the place I want to be. Lord my desire is to praise You. To let my spirit soar above my storms, my soulishness and all that has been paid for. You are my Deliverer, saviour, redeemer, JESUS!.

Submitted by Spunj on 12 Oct 2002


thank you Lord that I am Yours, that you have called me by name, redeemed me by the blood of Christ. Thank you Lord, that you are the creator of everything seen and unseen but still you want to know me. In your sight i am so precious, you don't care what i have done Lord, you pour out your grace on me daily and Lord my love for you stretches into places where there are no words to describe it. Forever you are by my side, especially when the going gets tough, you bring me through all times of trial and Lord today i only want to praise your holy name. "Praise the Lord, o my soul. All my inmost being praise His holy name."

Submitted by kel on 10 Oct 2002

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