Becoming a Christian is one of the most amazing changes that can happen in a person's life, and we'd love to hear how it happened for you.

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He Saved Me!!!!

It was about 4 years ago now when I asked Jesus into my life. I was on a youth camp with my church, and it was in the 2nd or 3rd meeting. at the end of the meeting the leaders gave out a call to anyone who wanted to ask God into there life to come forward; os i did. And my life has never been the same.

Submitted by Ashley Mochan on 19 Aug 2002


I was a practising Pagan for many years untill God came to me on a busy street in Brighton and dramatically saved me, leaving me weeping outside Boots the Chemist. This was a few years ago and now I am a devoted christian, I am married and belong to a great church. I was saved big time after doing evil acts of ritual and worshipping false gods and I still regret my life before but I embrace the life I have and the wonderfull future Jesus has given me. THANK YOU LORD JESUS>

Submitted by Lee Wyatt on 12 Aug 2002


One day there was a boy called George and he didn’t have any friends, he did well in school and got on well with his mum, his relationship with his Dad was a bit iffy but he carried on through high school, and at about the age of fourteen he carried on through and he made some new friends, some of whom were nice, but some weren’t very nice, they talked behind his back and didn’t treat him very well. So George decided it was time to tell someone how he had been treated, so he told someone, who’s name was Kate and Kate got upset because she realized that she had been treated badly too, but these two people over time grew closer, but still carried on being pushed around. Then they became friendly with a girl called Megan and this girl was a Christian. She invited George and Kate to a youth service at church so they went along, and they really enjoyed it. George, and Kate then went to this thing called Encounter, they weren’t sure what it was, but they wanted to see what was going on. They really enjoyed it, and George felt really good, he felt like a whole person. Encounter opened his heart to God. So he went home and told his family that he wanted to go to church. His Sister Laughed, his Mum couldn’t understand why he wanted to go, and his Dad, even though he was against religion completely, just let George go about his ways and didn’t seem to mind. Megan, the Christian girl, wrote many letters to George telling him about Jesus Christ, and all of what he had done. She also answered all of his questions about becoming a Christian, the letters must have taken Megan a long time to write, but they all helped a lot. So George and Kate carried on at church, and one day he and Kate decided that it was time to stand up to the people who had been pushing them around, so they did, and it didn’t go well, they lost a friend, and there were many nasty comments made; but their Christian friend Megan helped to sort things out, and through it all Kate and George became best friends. They carried on at church, and at Christmas Megan bought Kate a bible, and shortly after in January, Kate gave her life to god. George was the first to hear, and was very pleased for Kate, but he felt something that he knew he shouldn’t have felt, he felt like he was going to be left out because Kate was now a Christian. George downloaded this thing called MSN messenger where you can talk to people directly over the Internet; he got an address off a guy at the church. His name was Jack and he was a Christian. George told Jack about the fact that he was starting to feel left out, and Jack told George not to worry and to see how it went. A week went by and George didn’t feel left out anymore. However, one night George prayed to God long and hard, George wanted to be a Christian, but at that time wasn’t sure if it was the right time for him, so he asked God for a sign. One night at the youth group at his church, George was beginning to feel down because no signs had been shown to him, so he went upstairs and sat on the windowsill, and cried. The door opened at it was Jack. Jack came and sat next to George and asked George to “spill the beans” about what was wrong with him. There was a long silence but George finally told Jack what was wrong with him, Jack told him that the sign might not come right away, as someone else in the youth was also waiting for a sign and had been for a long time, but it had not yet come. George was not convinced, so Jack asked him if he could pray for him. George agreed, much to his shock. As Jack prayed he Thanked God for George, and then Jack left George alone. George then walked out onto the balcony and another Christian girl called Jane came up to him and wondered what was wrong, he chose not to tell her because he was very tired, and she just gave him a hug, the hug was all that was needed. That night George went home and realized that, for the first time in his life, he had friends that cared about him, and he Thanked God for bringing him into a place with wonderful people. A few weeks went by and the elate weekend arrived. This would be Georges first elate. He was looking forward to it. He was worried about Jack because of things that had been happening in the youth group were getting him down, but they decided not to let it get to them. As the elate went on, the man at the front told all the people there that if they wanted to hand their lives over to god in a new fresh way then they could, and they should come to the front. But George couldn’t, he wanted to more than anything but for some reason he couldn’t. He got upset, and after the elate had finished, even though he had problems of his own, Jack took George outside for a talk to see what was wrong with him. George told Jack that he wanted to give his life to God, but something, of which he didn’t know, was stopping him. Jack told him that he had been praying for him, and that he thought it might be Georges friends at school that were holding him back; but George assured him that it wasn’t because he didn’t mind what his friends at school thought. So George had to think. The next day there was another elate, but this time George had to leave early, as he did more people gave their lives to God, but still George couldn’t, so he got very upset, and was taken home by a guy called Robert who just talked to George normally, and it helped him to just talk. As George got home he realized that the thing holding him back could be his family, and he prayed about it that night. The next day he told Jack and Megan what he thought was holding him back, and they told him that he shouldn’t let his family get in the way of his relationship with God. So as George went upstairs he thought about this. He had a shower, and as he finished, on the 28th of January 2002, he fell down before God and handed over his life to God. He went downstairs and told Megan and Jack, on MSN messenger, about the amazing thing that had happened to him. The whole conversation with them consisted of wwwwwwwoooooowwwwww, and that alone. George felt rejuvenated, fresh and thanked God for saving him. The next week was very hard for George, he felt depressed, and he couldn’t understand why, but then he realized what God had done for him, and what great people he had found through God, and he was very happy. Jane told him that the devil doesn’t like seeing people saved and tries to make you feel bad because he is crying out because he knows he has lost someone, so then George understood why he had felt so bad. His life now has its ups and its downs, but he knows that God loves him, and he thanks god everyday for saving him. Megan, Jane, and Jack all helped him along, but GOD saved him, and once you know that, you feel like you have never felt before, and there aren’t any words to describe it. It’s even more than amazing, but there isn’t a word in the dictionary.

Submitted by Adam on 10 Jul 2002

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