Kutless - Strong Tower

Wednesday 13th July 2005
Kutless - Strong Tower
Kutless - Strong Tower

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Reviewed by Mike Rimmer

AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH! If ever there was a totally pointless album, here it is! A young talented rock band with two excellent albums under their belt and plenty of promise decide to make a worship album. Or rather their record company "suggests" they make a worship album. Pur-lease! However the project evolved, to me it comes on like an odious exploitation of the "worship genre" and if I ever get the chance, I will set about the members of Kutless and hit them with a wet fish to make my point. Because this is a flaccid, predictable, damp, dull, pointless album. "Our goal was to make a new fresh revolutionary sounding record" is what they say in interview but frankly they are 10 zillion miles away from anything revolutionary. This sounds just like every other artist who decided to leap on the worship bandwagon and this mix of mainly cover versions with a smattering of far from outstanding original songs wouldn't have been considered innovative even when the American worship movement was launched by Sonicflood in 1998. These days it's simply a big yawn. American youth will probably lap it up but my question is this. When yank rock bands make worship albums why do they change styles and produce this insipid generic music? Now if Kutless had made an album of original worship songs that rocked as hard as their non-worship albums, it might have been worth hearing. But then no fat record label exec is ever going to suggest that to you, are they guys? Instead you sleep walk through Tomlin, Doerksen, Redman and others with a predictability that makes me despair. Unimaginably dull!

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Reader Comments

Posted by Pete Willis in Truro Cornwall @ 20:52 on Jan 22 2010

Mike Rimmer needs to learn to listen with his ears and not his pre-conceived ideas. My goodness me, what a lot of twaddle he lists on his review.
Kutless didn't make this album to turn worship songs into metal rock out songs but to show you can worship using rock music.
With some amazing instrumentation if he actually listened and great vocals and harmonies taking worship songs into the secular marketplace.
'Take me in' is particularly stunning and a stand out track for me.
I play songs from this album in my secular CD/Record shop with 99% non christian customers and I am starting to sell Kutless albums to non christians because of the quality of this band.
That says it all to me.

Posted by David Judkins in Andover @ 13:47 on Jul 12 2007

Just to add to the debate, sure, there are many ways you can get into someone's music. Sometimes you come across a band's album, not their greatest, but you enjoy their sound and go on to discover better things. I do however agree with Mike's comment on this album whichis definitely not Kutless' best (after all, he is an album reviewer, so the whole point is that he gives his opinion!!). Just because a band is a 'Christian' band doesn't mean that we shouldn't expect them (as we should do to ourselves) to pursue creativity, identity and whatever 'mission' God has called them to. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the Christian music industry doesn't always encourage this. That said, Kutless DO generally rock! Bring it on...

Posted by Luke Smith in Scarborough @ 14:37 on Feb 9 2007

I would just like to say it was the Worship CD that Kutless did that got me really into their music.. so the review at the top of this page by Mike Rimmer is totally wrong... just becuase that is his opinion keep it to yourself I think it is totally out of order to say that about a christian bands album.. we should be encouraging christian bands not putting them down just because you dont like it Mike Rimmer. I dont know you personally and Im glad I dont what youve said about Kutless and their worship album is totally outrageous.. you should be ashamed of yourself...

Kutless Id like to say keep up the good work.. another worship album please!!

Regards Luke

Posted by Jarren in US @ 22:01 on Jan 4 2007

hey my opinion from a while back was pretty rash but i def still think kutless is a great band trying hard to serve the Lord out there. Apologies to Mike.

Strong tower was my fav album that they made and no matter what kind of band they are, whether they sing from their hearts, or are just trying to show ppl how great they are, when it comes down to it, only God knows what theyre about.

Posted by Andrew in New York @ 19:22 on Jan 3 2007

Kutless is a good band. Their worship album is an all around good C.D. wether it is original or not. I respect ur opinion too but if u dont like something dont go around sayin it sucks, cuz thats disrespect for the band, cuz theres people like me that love it. They worked hard on that, so respect it.

Posted by Seth Stallings in US OK @ 04:41 on Feb 7 2006

When I first heard Strong Tower I liked it, and still do to an extent. I agree totally about the generic sound of so many bands out there on the market today. It would be awesome if some of these bands would truly do something revolutionary and inspired Christians to live revolutionary.Thanks

Posted by Jarren in US @ 22:27 on Jan 29 2006

i find your review tasteless, absurd, if i might add, make u sound like a hypocritical christian. How dare u insult a great christian band who made a great christian album to try and save unbelievers all across the world? How dare u try to make a spiritual of music look like another one of those hollywood works that people judge?

Reply by Mike in United Kingdom @ 22:37 on Sep 1 2006

interesting comment jarren but you are totally wrong. The worship album is not the work of a band trying to save non Christians, it is the work of a band jumping on a band wagon, selling out their rock credentials. You should read my feature on Kutless to see further thoughts about this. As for your accusation that I am a hypocrite, you will see if you read the feature that I am brave enough to tell the band face to face that I thought this album sucked and they respected my opinion.

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Posted by Leah in Midlands @ 19:05 on Nov 23 2005

Just to say absolutely love this band! There music is brilliant an my none christoan mates love it too...thanx guys!!

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