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Posted by Dick B. in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii, USA @ 03:09 on Dec 30 2009

I'm neither a rock star nor a heavy metal performer. I did play the clarinet in the high school band, but I sure became an alcoholic and prescription drug addict. I applaud your frank statement about your Christian beliefs and recovery. Early A.A. sprang from Christian origins. It formed a Christian fellowship. It required belief in God and acceptance of Jesus Christ. And its simple program of reliance on God produced astonishing results. It is my desire that present-day afflicted persons know what God did for early AAs and can do for alcoholics and addicts today. God Bless you. Dick B.

Posted by Bob in Kitchener @ 05:46 on Apr 8 2009

I think that the way Alice lives his faith is fantastic. He really shows his love for God and others, especially troubled youth, by doing something positive with the gifts he's been given. Sometimes people confuse following God with getting a haircut and listening to classical music. There's nothing wrong with those things I guess, but I don't think that's what Jesus is all about. I think he's about asking for forgiveness and a change of heart. I see these things in Alice, and it's beautiful. Way to go Alice! Keep rockin' brother!
P.S. I'm a Christian Counsellor by profession, and play heavy metal for catharsis lol. Alice' stuff is doing my soul a lot of good. Thanks!

Posted by Mel in texas @ 23:26 on Feb 5 2009

I am so happy to hear that Alice has given his life to Christ....however, my understanding of Scripture leads me to ask why he cannot seem to give up the a true follower and disciple we are to sanctify ourselves for service...NOT ride the fence keeping one foot in the faith and one in our wrodly passions. When one becomes a Christian he gives up his old life..crucifies himself with Christ, takes up his cross DAILY and follows christ. One cannot be a rock and roll star who happens to be a must BE a Christ follower first....the rest falls in line after that. it's too bad he is unwilling to use his talent for good...and for leading others to True faith. If people cannot see the difference in who he was and who he is today..then his talent is being wasted.

Reply by Hannah in Lititz, PA @ 03:43 on Jun 1 2010

Mel, your understanding of Alice's Christian lifestyle is wrong. Yes, a Christian is instructed to take up their cross everyday, but maybe Alice's cross is different from the norm. He is bringing faith where there is none, going out into the world where rockers are confused and mislead because they have no faith and no one to show them what faith is. He has worked very hard to achieve his status and gain his talent, and he is using it wisely. We can view him as an example and a role model to the fact that Christians are bound not by law, but by the love of our Father and that alone. He does not need to give up his distinctive image for what is believed to be the ideal Christian life. He has worked very hard and playing heavy metal and wearing makeup and skulls does not mean his is not a faithful follower of Christ.

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Reply by Tom S. in Jonesborough, TN @ 05:32 on Feb 19 2010

If you examine his actions they're quite intelligent & efficient.
The show brings sinners together, and the end presents the Christian option. But who am I to judge...?
If you care....
In my opinion, true Christians, technically, aren't - in modern terms, Christs' "followers", but people who have accepted, as fact, that Christ was give as an infinite final sacrifice, did rise from the dead. Then they should try to behave as Christ did & literally in accordance to the rules (= the Bibles' 10 commandments, 12 beatitudes & Christs' teachings) of the bible. Not in accordance to all the orders, rules, traditions and teachings presented to them by modern average humans (=pastors & church members, or me) or, all of the old testament, which became somewhat inert, since at the time when it was written, God was still angry with man.
You don't need to go to church to be a Christian.
Church is a source of "unfiltered" information/guidance & the bible is the filter.
I also believe, importantly, that if Christianity is presented to a person, but is rejected, you should move on, not shove it down their throat. -This is virtual guarantee that they will refuse Christianity for the rest of their life.

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Reply by Trevor in SA @ 21:53 on Jun 23 2009

No, i disagree Mel. I believe its wrong to
discard your old life as in friends, collegues who may not be christians etc. The point is, he is a new person and others will see this by the way he lives his life. Imagine if Jesus did the same, didnt associate/talk to heathens, criminals etc ; we would all be doomed. Think about how you may have come to find God yourself. Its like saying pastors shouldnt go into jails to minister because now that i'm a christian i believe i am not to associate with rapsists, murderers. Good on ya Alice.

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Posted by John Dixon in Bloomington, In @ 08:22 on Jun 24 2008

I've always respected Alice's music. When I came to Christ six years ago someone told me shortly after that Alice was a Christian too. I thought that was so cool. I was hoping to find that He hadn't sold out and become "Soft" just because of it and have been pleasantly surprised that his music is as great as ever. The world needs those who are not sectioned off inside of their little church to step out and reach out for Christ in a way that is approachable. Alice has a unique call and is doing His part. Congrats Alice on bringing an original take on outreach to the masses.

Posted by Scott LePage in Casper, WY USA @ 16:04 on Jan 28 2008

I've been following the career and crimes of Alice like an avid reader for decades. Now being in a position as a songwriter and a minister of the Gospel, I see his point and I well respect his attitude. I've always respected his music; some of my own songs play like polished Alice rip-offs. A tip of the hat to his style and showmanship. (see the song "Fall Down, Go Boom" on

Posted by Tracey T in cheltenham @ 10:49 on Jan 28 2008

It's so easy to see how people can jump to conclusions because they don't get what they see... That's why I'm so glad The Lord has shown me over the years to not be quick to judge. Things are NOT always what they seem.. If you are unsure about some[thing] because it doesn't fit your experience-don't jump to judge. Don't be quick to be the crowd follower that hecles and who are quick to throw the stones. God is love, and His Spirit will always hold a sense of peace and freedom drive, rather than the drive that wells up from the emotions that are wrapped in fear and defensivness.
It does say in the Bible that we must weigh up everything and test it to see if it is from God.. This says to me, to go to God with queries we may have -
-and at times we may need to do some background research, such as reading credible articles like this that are objective and unbiased and open to God moving outside of the threshold of our limited understanding.

Thanks all :)

Posted by Kevin in london @ 17:52 on Jan 18 2008

Excellent Article. Isn't the same guy who wrote the Bob Dylan piece a couple of years ago? We need to see more writing from him - he seems able to speak to artists outside the CCM ghetto and ask the pertinent questions. Alice comes across very approachable and very real.


Posted by Mad Chinaman in Zurich @ 13:53 on Jan 5 2008

Cool article...too sad to learn, that the Brutal Planet
trilogy is not goin' to happen, sniff!!! The bigott world
need more truth and good music.
Looking forward to see you soon on tour!ca

Posted by Scott Stevens in Austin, Texas USA @ 14:32 on Jan 4 2008

Alice shares his faith in a very positive way. His was the first concert I ever went to (Welcome To My Nightmare in 1975) and I still love his shows.

Alice is like the ultimate cool revival pastor. Not that he preaches from the stage, but instead one leaves his shows full of energy and full of a renewed sense of joy and purpose of life.

Great article Darren!

Posted by Timothy Clayton in Vancouver @ 06:38 on Jan 4 2008

Way to go Alice...Way to go Darren...Way to go Cross Rhythms...I guess the "boogie man" isn't so scary after all huh? Like Rob Bell said: Christian makes a much better noun than an adjective.

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