For the context of the website vision, please read the website history section.

We believe the website is at the front edge of all we do at Cross Rhythms. Technology is redefining how to use media and the internet continues to strengthen and find new ways of being at the forefront of communication advances. At Cross Rhythms we don’t want to simply follow in the footsteps of others, we want to be pioneers in our own right, carving new and unique ways for Christian media to reach audiences.

At this stage our heart for the future is twofold and is summed up by the positioning statement MUSIC & LIFE:

1) To develop the site's Christian music information service. We believe that we have a God-given mandate for the last 23 years to serve and help build the Christian music scene. We believe that through experience, faithfulness and commitment, we can without arrogance say that we are 'called' to this contemporary expression. We KNOW Christian music, because we have been called to it, lived it and breathed it!

2) Secondly we see the website being of great service to people, young and old, through the quality of teaching material we can offer. This section we call 'Life'. Over the 23 years we have built strong relationships with many wonderful Christian people. Many are leaders in their own right and are genuinely making a difference in people's lives. We believe they have a lot of wisdom and experience to pass on and our goal is to help facilitate this through the website.

If you like what we are doing through the CR website please tell your friends and help raise awareness of all that is on offer for them.

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