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Articles by Mal Fletcher
Michael Jackson Leaving NeverlandMichael Jackson Leaving Neverland
Mal Fletcher raises some hugely important questions surrounding the Channel 4 documentary. [31.03.19]
Christchurch And Social Media CensorshipChristchurch And Social Media Censorship
Mal Fletcher reports on the issues surrounding censorship in social media. [24.03.19]
Brexit - We Have A Deal But What Does It Mean?
Mal Fletcher comments on the leadership of Brexit. [28.11.18]
Depression Among Church Leaders - A Problem For Us All
Mal Fletcher comments on the recent suicide of a young church minister from California. [04.09.18]
The Future Of Smartphones
Mal Fletcher comments on changing media habits in the UK. [09.08.18]
Children Need Attention Not Addiction
Mal Fletcher comments on the overuse of drugs like Ritalin to medicate children's behaviour. [30.06.18]
Why Has The World Become So Strange?
Mal Fletcher analyses the problem and suggests some answers. [19.06.18]
It's A Marriage Not Just A Carnival
Mal Fletcher comments on the wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the media culture, and the potential for an entire nation to take on the role of a third set of (unhelpful) in-laws. [21.05.18]
Millennials Keep Their Virginity Longer
Mal Fletcher comments on the results of a new study of British Millennials sexual behaviour. [08.05.18]
Social Media Lies Travel Faster Than Truth
Mal Fletcher comments on the new study that has found that the truth takes six times longer than fake news to be seen by 1,500 people on Twitter. [17.03.18]

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