Part 5 - Spirit of Prophecy

Stephen Bennett
Stephen Bennett

The created world testifies of the Christ who made it. 'The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy' Revelation 19:10. Creativity is prophetic, inherent from the character of its author - God. That is why many artists are prophets, or prophetic to some degree.

The spirit of prophecy is intrinsic within the whole world. The very nature of creative artistic endeavor is prophetic at its heart, it's not just another category. Art is prophetic. When Christ is in the center of creativity, that prophetic river is particularly powerful and just flows right through whatever art you do. It can shift people's lives toward God in whatever artistic idiom.

Artists and their art have influenced society and culture right down through history. Many have been 10, 20, 50, 100, or even hundreds of years before their time of optimum impact on society. Their artistic voice speaks down through the corridors of ages, visually or audibly. The fullness of purpose for their existence may not necessarily be in their era. The explosion of their influence is often saved for a future time when the framing of that world or culture will benefit the most. If you took Shakespeare's influence out of the modern world it would be the much poorer for it.

Could Van Gogh have perceived the multi-million dollar value of his work in 100 years, and the profusion of books with his works in color plates, with critique, and story, and the fact that billions of people now know about his ear? In his day he hardly sold any works, but today he has inspired millions. Starry starry night.

Prophetic Heavenly Strategy

Heavenly strategy provides inspiration that is often prophetic and will cause you to prosper. Jehoshaphat needed specific warfare strategy to defeat his enemies (2 Chronicles 20:14-30). The establishment and prospering in his dire situation came through the prophet's wisdom (V20). The battle was won through the art of music - a short specific song given by God that created an atmosphere whereby the enemy destroyed itself (V21-22). New resources were released in this victory (V25). New art came from this victory - songs and sounds from heaven (V27-28). God consciousness and peace came upon the nations (V30). Amazing!

You can create in the spirit of prophecy and come into a whole new dimension of artistic expression. Make it a priority to know God and who He really is. What could you do to reflect God and his ways more effectively in your art? What creative tools are in your hands right now? How could you use them for God's glory? What do you need to do to change and improve? Research, pray, and go for it in faith. If you have a vision from the Lord, write it down and set your goals and work toward fulfilling it. Prophesy!

(Extracts from the book by Stephen Bennett - The Divine Artist) CR

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