Tony deals a blow to the misconception that God isn't concerned about money.

Tony Fitzgerald
Tony Fitzgerald

In times of economic uncertainy it is more important than ever to understand what the Bible teaches on finances. The joy of giving, laying up treasure in Heaven, being free to receive, the power of sowing and reaping and living debt free, are just a few of the areas the Bible covers on this important subject.

The philosophy of the world is GET ALL YOU CAN, CAN ALL YOU GET, and SIT ON THE CAN. Jesus teaches a better way. WE GIVE OUR WAY INTO FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

Before we can enter into understanding how all this works, we need to deal with the basic misconception many of us have, that God is not concerned about money or how we exercise stewardship over it.


A. God is concerned about money.

The scriptures contain 700 direct references about money. Almost 2/3rds of the parables and 1 out of every 6 verses in the gospels concern themselves with the right or wrong use of material possessions. Numbers 7 is the longest chapter in the Bible (2,000 words) on giving.

B. God is concerned about our stewardship over money.

In Luke 16:1 God associates our ability to handle money with our ability to handle true spiritual riches (revelation knowledge, leadership, etc.). If you can't handle money, you can't handle spiritual leadership.

Let's live free from the philosophy of the world and misconceptions. CR

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