Emily Graves spoke with Dai Woolridge about his innovative Christmas resources

Dai Woolridge
Dai Woolridge

'Spoken Truth': Gospel Truth through Spoken Word is a concept created by Dai Woolridge. The heart behind 'Spoken Truth' is to 'speak' what he believes to be 'true' and to speak it through the medium of 'spoken word'.

The Christmas Cord was a spoken word piece he released in 2012 on YouTube about the first Christmas story and it has received over 20,000 views. Now with another video called 'Joseph' released, Emily Graves decided to spend some time with him to find out more.

Emily: So tell us a little bit about yourself.

Dai: What do you want to know?

Emily: Where did you grow up?

Dai: I grew up in a little town called Ammanford. I'm from the land of Wales - the Promised Land - and, yeah, I'm just a proud Welshman really from South Wales. Yeah, that's me - and do you know, I can't remember his name. Do you know the dwarf from Lord Of The Rings?

Emily: Gollum?

Dai: I think Gollum used to be a hobbit. Not Gollum, Gimli.

Spoken Truth: The pioneering new creative concept from Dai Woolridge

Emily: Right, yeah.

Dai: The actor who plays Gimli is actually from Ammanford. There's a bit of a fact for you.

Emily: So do you see him in Tesco then?

Dai: I haven't bumped into him in Tesco. I bumped into Shane Williams in Tesco's - the rugby player. But I'd be freaked out if I bumped into Gimli in Tesco, with his axe. But, yeah, he's from Ammanford. I met his Mam a few years ago when I was helping my Dad with Meals on Wheels.

Emily: So what is your job?

Dai: That's a great question. Lots of people ask me that, even my boss. Currently I'm working for a charity called Going Public in South Wales and I've been developing my own theatre company within that. I'm trying to communicate gospel truths through storytelling, comedy, one-man shows, poetry, different things like that. I'm actually going to be very soon working for the Bible Society as well, so that's really exciting.