How to make yourself a candidate for God to use YOU.

Tom Brock
Tom Brock

I always kidded with people that if I ever wrote a book this would be the title. When you have success in ministry most people think you have all the answers to life and you are able to make every decision without fear or hesitation. Anyone who has served the Lord in any capacity knows that nothing could be further from the truth.

When I think of the things we have done over the years I sometimes marvel at what the Lord has accomplished. Not that it was hard for Him, but that He used us. I think that is the issue at hand, why does it appear that God uses some people and not others? How do they get to be used? In surveying the land, I am not sure that it is Gods choice whether He uses us or not. I believe that a lot of that falls on us. The scripture says 'For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.' 2 Chronicles 16: 9 That sounds to me like everyone who wants to be used is a candidate for God to support. This is where the yes factor comes in.

Over the years I have listened to so many people telling me what they felt the Lord wanted them to do or what they felt they would like to do for him. Some how one way or the other nothing ever came about. When I asked them what happened, it always seemed to be the same thing. They will say, well I wasn't sure, or the timing didn't seem right. I wasn't sure if it was the right move or not.

So now they stand in their frustration and wonder why God didn't want to use them. The truth is we will never see the next step until we say yes to the first one. Case in point; when the disciples were on the boat and Jesus came to them in the third watch of the night, things were not clear of what was supposed to take place. Let's look at this. Here it is the middle of the night, the sea is pretty rough and it is dark. Now as they look out over the water they see this image coming towards them. I don't know if it was a full moon or what but some how they could see this thing coming at them. Remembering that these guys were just normal guys like you and me, they had no idea what in the world this could be. So they cried out with fear {key word} it's a ghost. When the Lord hears this he says to them, don't be afraid it's me. Maybe they could recognize his voice but I am sure that some reasoning took place at that point. Do you know anyone who can walk on water? Neither do I, so who in the heck is me!

Peter known as the mouth comes up with an idea. Lord if that is you then bid me to come. Notice the Lords response. COME. Note he doesn't say, ok Peter that was a good try, but you need to take some classes on walking on water first, so please sign up for walking on water 101 and then get back to me when you have successfully completed the course. No the Lord said come. Now the ball is back in Peter's court. He could have said, ok Lord we were just checking come on in. Remember this guy is a fisherman and is very familiar with the water, swimming, fishing, these things make sense, walking doesn't fit in.

Now what? A point here to remember is this, where did the idea to come to Jesus on the water come from to begin with? Did the Lord say it first? No, it was Peter's idea and the Lord was allowing what was in his heart to be fulfilled. He answered his heart with this response come. Now something had to take place. This is the yes factor. Will I move on what I have heard or felt?

When Peter swung his leg over the rail, I am sure he found the water to be wet and liquid. I don't believe he felt it solidify under him till he got his fingernails dug out of the wood. Can you imagine that moment when he stood there? As the boat began to drift away and he was left standing on the water, can you hear him? I'm walking on water whoa! Look at me I'm walking on water! The other guys are all looking over the side at him yelling out Peter! Peter! He's looking back giving the thumbs -up. And he begins his walk towards Jesus. Can you imagine the joy that the Lord felt as he is watching his disciple's move into a whole New World of knowing him? Things are looking good. What did it take? It took coming in agreement with his heart and soul.  CR

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