A prophetic word for the UK was given to Wendy Alec founder of GOD TV on 15/07/05. It's been released by Women Arise into the UK.

Wendy Alec
Wendy Alec

I saw several pockets of small fires
across Europe
The fires of wicked men
and organisations
And the Lord said "Holland"
Holland was very strong
then France
and then Spain and Italy
then the Lord said "And to the North"
it was very clear
and the Holy Spirit's voice
was insistent and very strong

the North - the North"
and I had no clear understanding at all
what the Lord meant
and then I sensed a circle
and heard the Holy Spirit say
"North London - Northern England
Northern Europe"
and then I heard "North Africa"
this was the circle
and the circle seemed to me to be
linked in some way.

These fires,
God said were kindling fires
they were very small
hardly noticeable on the map
but they burned furiously
and had fiercely burning blue flames
and then I saw that
some kind of NET was being loosed
from the heavenlies down to earth
and I heard the Lord say
and I saw a great angelic host
the warring host of Heaven
being dispatched across Great Britain
and Europe
and other Northern-most and
Middle-Eastern parts of the earth
with swords that glistened
like flaming fires
And the Lord said
"As in the ancient of times
so as My people humble themselves
and pray
a great and mighty roar of battle
shall be unleashed from the heavenlies
and My mighty warring angels
shall go forth
for I shall send them from the North
and from the South."
God was saying these were the fires
of wicked men and organisations
across Great Britain and
Europe and beyond.

Then I saw prayer start to rise - first
from small pockets of intercessors across
the British Isles - these were not just
prayer movements and organisations
but they were the heartfelt prayers
of the saints from towns and villages
all across Great Britain
these were the praying mothers
and grandmothers and grandfathers
these were the prayers
of the intercessors across great Britain
and yes - they were mostly women
in their homes
and in tiny prayer and home groups
fallen on their knees and on their faces -
and I could see that
they had the full attention of the Lord
and then I saw the men
and the men were the ministers of God
and the pastors and the ministers from
all across Britain rose
and joined their prayers in the Spirit
with the prayers of the handmaidens
and the prophets started to prophesy
and join with the apostles
and the intercessors
and then they were joined
by the praying saints
from across pockets in Europe
and then from
the North, East, South and West
and I saw a great hand arise
from the North and the South
and the East and the West
And the Lord said
"Because of the heartfelt prayers
of My saints
I shall send my Angelic Host
and the sound of their battle cry
shall resound through
the four corners of the earth
as they prepare to meet
the Princes of Darkness
For I tell you My children
A great and terrible darkness
has been unleashed upon the earth
in these days
BUT I am raising up an army
I am raising up a mighty army
of My people
who will gird themselves up for battle
and as the sound of their voices
rises up to me
and as the sound of their prayers
of their supplications
comes before my throne
so in turn
My mighty warring angels be
unleashed to do battle in the heavenlies.

"And through the prayers of my saints
in Great Britain
through the prayers of My saints
in Great Britain
through the prayers of the saints
and My followers in Great Britain
the stupor and the slumber
and the secular humanistic spirits
that have bound My people
in this nation
shall start to uproot
for my Church has had
an outward semblance of power
yet its sound has been a whisper
even as My children
have raised their voice in the streets
of Great Britain,
so the spirits of secularism
and humanism
have bound the mouths of My saints
but I tell you my children
there dawns another day
says the Lord
there dawns a different hour
and I call you Oh Church
I call you My saints
This is the day and this is
the hour to arise"
says the Lord
"This is the hour to stir yourselves
even as the mighty men of old
lift your voices and your hearts
up to my throne
for this is the day and the hour
of supplication."

Then as the saints rose
and started to pray
not with lip service
but fervent heartfelt
prayer from the heart
I saw another fire
with fierce white and orange
living flames
start to burn
the prayers of the Church in Britain
and although it too started in pockets
this was the most incredible fire
in the way that it spread
across the nation
It was so fierce that as it took on power
it seemed that nothing
could stop its path
but the people who created the fire
were fallen on their knees
and God said "Penitent hearts"
and I knew somehow
that these praying saints
were repenting on behalf of Britain
for the sins of the nation
and for the sins of omission
of the church in Great Britain.

And these prayers
gave the angels much strength
and the Snare of the Lord
fell like a net across
the dark hidden places of the earth
and I saw
the terrifying whirlwind of the Lord
like a fierce black whirlwind
literally chase
some of the evil blue pockets down
the winnowing whirlwind
of the Lord of Hosts.

Then the Lord showed me a large lion
and He said
"This lion represents
the nation of Great Britain"
And it was a shocking sight
for where the lion should have been
filled out and sleek and gleaming
it was almost a skeleton
and its mane was barely visible
and its coat was covered in mange
and its roar which should have shaken
the nations in its power
and in its ferocity
was strangled and barely audible.
And the Lord said
"This represents both
the glory of this nation at present
and the state of My church as a whole
in Great Britain.
And I saw in great letters
the words

And the Lord said
"Bring back My glory
Bring back My glory
that your nation may once more
walk in the glory of its destiny
and the Church may
show forth My glory"
And the Lord showed me huge
a green flourishing green tree
that was planted
in the European mainland -
its huge trunk seemed to be planted
in Brussels
and the foliage had grown so dense
that the trees branches and foliage
had grown over the English channel
and covered Britain
in a great dark shadow
and thousands of smaller offshoots
and branches had taken
deep root in Great Britain
and I saw the roots tangled
and grown into London
and then through the British Isles
up all the way to Scotland.

The Lord said
"These are the deep roots
of secularism and humanism
that have taken deep root in this nation
these are the roots
that are eroding this nation's faith!
And I saw thousands upon thousands
of people bowing in obedience
to this tree
and the roots were tightly twisted
around their ankles
but they seemed totally unaware of this
that they were bound
and so they rejected
the faith of their fathers
and I saw a great scoffing
and a great decline in the traditions
and the foundations of the past
and this mass of people
was divided into two camps
the first huge mass of people
whose ankles were bound
by the gnarling roots
of the green tree from Europe
were younger and seemed
more modern in their approach
and I saw written over their head
and the foliage and green leaves
seemed to shadow their heads
and I sensed that they were being
attacked at a cerebral level.

But the second group seemed to be
those whose roots and foundations
were from the established traditional
denominations of Britain
yet they were just as affected
as this first group
but I saw written over their head
and I sensed that the roots
around their ankles
had bound them in a different manner
that even if they heard the call
of the Spirit in these days
that the spiritual forces had them
so bound that they could not move
with the tide and the times of God
and I saw the green foliage
literally cover and shadow
their foreheads and eyes
and I saw the word blinding.

And I said to the Lord,
"Father what does this mean?"
And He said
"The spirits that led Europe
into post Christian decline
have invaded Great Britain
over these past decades
and have infiltrated and overshadowed
the nation with the same humanism
and paganism and secularism
and yet Britain is still so blinded
by her roots and her foundations
that she is still declaring herself
a Christian nation"
but the Lord says
"That she has been shackled
by the enemy."
And I said
"Lord what can break the shackles?"

And the Lord spoke and said
"The prayers and fervent supplications
of my saints in Great Britain
the repentance for the sins
of commission and omission
on behalf of the governments
of Great Britain
on behalf of the people of Great Britain."
Then I asked the Lord
about the Church
and He showed me
thousands of people all belonging
to different denominations
with divisions and literally multitudes
and somehow it seemed that
the people's opinion was all
more important in their eyes
than Gods opinion
and I heard Him say:
"Until their opinions become
My opinion
the Church will continue to be divided
among itself and be weak and underfed
and lack the true POWER of GOD
Oh yes," says the lord
"There are many meetings
there are many committees
there are many opinions
but it is not the opinion
and the thoughts of men's hearts
that will change the destiny
of Great Britain
but the opinion and the thoughts
and intents of the word
of the Living God
Humble yourselves
Humble yourselves and put aside
your opinions and press into me
the Living God for a living Word"
And the Lord said
"A humble and penitent heart
I will not despise"
and I saw the words written

Then as people dropped to their knees
all over Britain from every walk of life
and denomination
the lion started to change
and He grew strong and sleek
and his roar grew stronger.
And I saw written in the spirit
"Create in me a clean heart O God
and renew a right spirit within me".
And as the people started to seek the
face of the Lord I saw the word
'COURAGE' - and I knew that in
the spirit realm that Great Britain
had been endowed from the beginning
of time with the mantle
and the Lord said 'LIONHEART'

And God said Britain has yet to move
into her end time destiny in the
nations And I saw again in great
the words
And the lion's roar by now had gained strength.

And then the Lord said
"Manchester Newcastle
then Birmingham London
Edinburgh Glasgow
Southampton Bournemouth."
And I heard Him say
not airlines but airports
shopping centres"
that He was urging the saints
to pray a higher protection over these places
and over these things
and I felt Him go back
once again to around Manchester
again I do not understand why.
And then he started to speak of
Great Britain's destiny.

(to be continued.) CR

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