Romans 10:17, John 16:24, Isaiah 6:8

Mike Davies on being prepared to hear and listen to what God is saying to us.

Mike Davies
Mike Davies

We've all felt the pain of being ignored. That moment when we take a brave step and share the passion of our heart only to be followed by the realisation we have not been heard.

To feel you do not have a voice can be upsetting. If you have ever been in any kind of relationship this will have happened to you and normally not intentionally. It is through enthusiasm or not being in a place to listen to others that we don't receive the words spoken and equally others don't hear us.

Then there is that moment of not wanting to say something when you are anxious of displeasing someone. Then you go home and there is the uneasiness of wishing you had only spoken up and now it will be even harder.

Imagine how God feels? He speaks and often through the busyness of life we are not able to hear Him. I can easily be inattentive, so I put in steps to ensure I pay attention either in a one-to-one meeting or a larger group setting.

Some years ago, I was with a friend in a car. I was driving and I was totally unaware that they had pondered over many hours how they were going to tell me about a difficult situation in their life. At the time I was very focused about a meeting I was about to attend. They took the bold step and told me and I missed it! This really caused them a lot of hurt which I am pleased to say we resolved in the days that followed.

There was no excuse. From then on I tried to make sure I was in a position to listen to people. Also, to ensure that when I spoke to people about major issues in my life they were actually in a position to hear.

The author Stephen R Covey once wrote, "Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply."

We are surrounded by items that can distract us. Mobile phones are such a great tool but also a great source of distraction. I am guilty as much as the next. We try to listen to a friend speak and at the same time looking at something totally unrelated on social media. Then believing we can do both and not have missed any part of what was spoken.

Hearing a word prepared, preached or taught should stir our faith. It should build our faith. I've often wondered what would happen on a Sunday morning if I asked the church to remind me of what was shared the previous week? Do we receive a word and then ponder and pray it through or do we just move on with the day and week?

At what stage in the day do I put myself in a position to hear from God? A question I regularly ask myself.

In Romans 10:17, we read: Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.

Faith comes from hearing. The devil attacks our faith because he knows the damage that it may inflict on him and his plans if just one Christian has faith.

So, we need to learn to listen to God.

Is today just today? Or is today a turning point day when the Holy Spirit brings a defining word into your heart? If it is such a day then make sure you don't miss the voice of God because you are too busy with 'things'.