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Trust In The Lord
Mike Davies looks at how Covid-19 has changed our lives and what lessons we may learn from it and take into future with us. [19.06.20]
Speech Is Powerful!
Mike Davies on being prepared to hear and listen to what God is saying to us. [25.10.19]
The Love Of God - The Perfect Father
Mike Davies considers the importance of fathering. [23.04.18]
You Are Better Than You Think
Mike Davies exhorts us to live our God given destiny. [25.08.17]
Expect The Unexpected
Mike Davies reflects on how God often does the unexpected. [24.02.17]
The Power Of Words
Mike Davies considers the importance of speaking positively. [02.09.16]
What Is Christmas?
Mike Davies considers the real meaning of Christmas. [18.12.15]
The Mountains Of The Kingdom
Mike Davies considers how change will only come in society by everyday Christians doing extra-ordinary things and believing and accepting that God has a purpose for their life. [26.06.15]
The Righteousness Of God Revealed By Faith
Mike Davies considers the impact of the life of Martin Luther [23.01.15]
Stopping Your Past Influencing Your Future
Mike Davies considers the power our thoughts have to shape our lives [08.08.14]

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