Psalm 34: 8, Romans 12: 2

Sean Smith
Sean Smith

You know one of the most frustrating things about being a Christian is when somebody who isn't one says to you "You're throwing your life away". Why is it that people think that? They seem to think that going to work from 8-5 Monday to Friday and then going to get drunk every night over the weekend is what life is really all about!! Well! Have we got some news for them.But I'll let you deal with them, let's have a look at a bit more of God today for ourselves.

Psalm 34: 8
'Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.'

When was the last time that you tasted and saw for yourself just how good God really is?

Have you found that, as you get older your taste buds change? And those things you never used to like you suddenly love! Sprouts for example, no child likes sprouts, but amazingly at around 17 you realise that they are very useful to you (especially in the wind department). Anyway, when I was about 10 I sat down to one of my favourite meals with my family in front of the television watching the "Dukes of Hazzard" (and it wasn't the repeats). Well, there I was just about to eat my first mouthful of Shepherds pie when I noticed a "PEA" staring up at me! What was I to do? I hated them, they were worse than being kissed on the lips by your Granny without her false teeth in! So like all good sons I slowly looked around the room to see if anybody was looking, but they were all too engrossed in Daisy Dukes shorts (I have 2 older brothers)(and a sister who was just eating) to notice what I was doing. So I slowly picked up the pea, even though I thought my hand was going to shrivel up by just touching the thing, and flicked the pea aiming for the open fire, BUT my aim was a bit off and it landed on the wall near my fathers head!!!! Needless to say that it didn't go down very well and I ended up wearing my shepherds pie. Now however I love peas and loads of other stuff I didn't when I was young (still can't do liver or celery though).

As we get further down the way on our walk with God, we can find that our thinking and our attitudes towards other things change. This is because as we discover more about God, He changes us gradually into what He wants us to be (Romans 12: 2). As we spend time reading our Bible, praying and being alone in God's presence, things that seemed important to us last year are no longer important and vice versa. We can see a little more of His character and just how much He longs to be a bigger part of our lives than we let Him.

Today let Him mould you into the person He was willing to let His son die to help you become. CR

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