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This kind of radical music ministry wouldn't simply bring people out to a show and get them to a place where they have a few goosebumps down the spine but instead it would fire them up and prepare them for living out their faith in the real world.

These days there are no real models of this kind of ministry. A few do a limited version of this. But we have sucked on the milky breast of entertainment for too long and for this revolution to succeed, we will need to eat the meat of a mature faith. We have settled for the fat comfort of showbiz and been distracted by taking on the world's ways in our music marketing. We have allowed our artists to be hyped instead of praying that they would be humbled and truly raised up by God.

Artists and songwriters seem to have their focus on their careers rather than on ministry. We have imitated the world and let loose a generation of immature teenage artists rather than encouraging maturity and ministry and we are weaker for it. We have valued the music in terms of commercial sales and award ceremonies rather than the spiritual fruit and we are weaker for it.

Whatever happened to music ministry? It got watered down into something else. But isn't now the time that we want a new generation of men and women to emerge as songwriters and musicians ready to take up a new challenge? It probably won't make you rich, at least not this side of the pearly gates. But it could enrich the life of the Church and help a generation of world changers and spiritually mature believers to emerge who, instead of being continually obsessed about their own lives being sorted out by God, are aware that God sorts us out so that we can dive back in and help others reach maturity.

There is a bigger destiny to emerge. Imagine a generation of music ministry that is radical and delivers the church from the religious and the nice into the world changing and the radical. Imagine a destiny that delivers musicians from the unimaginative manipulation of industry and media to the freedom of ministry. For the last decade we have seen a fresh worship movement watered down from something powerful into album releases that seem to be like photocopies going through a printer, the image fading every time as the ink slowly runs out.

It is time for a new type of music ministry to emerge that truly makes an impact. Many of us have become discouraged by our experiences but I am still full of hope. Even for me, I can make a difference and encourage this new generation to emerge.

What about you? Are you with me? CR

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