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What On Earth Are We Building?
Nick Welford reflects on the reasons why Jesus tore down the temple and how we should look at the way we doing things today. [24.01.20]
Player Agency
Nick Welford grapples with the issue of free will. [07.06.19]
The Parable Of The Talents
Nick Welford considers a different interpretation. [02.11.18]
Changing Society
Nick Welford exhorts us to live as Jesus did, changing and challenging the systems and structures of the day. [16.02.18]
Following Jesus' Example Of Friendship
Nick Welford reflects on the nature of relationship with God, and our own need to deal with superiority. [23.06.17]
Creating Chasms Rather Than Building Bridges Of Relationship
Nick Welford reflects on the story of Lazarus and the rich man. [16.12.16]
Is God Good All The Time?
Nick Welford challenges our understanding of God's goodness. [01.07.16]
What Does Mercy Look Like?
Nick Welford reflects on how Jesus gets in the dirt with us and asks us to do the same for others. [04.03.16]
Crouching Sin, Hidden Welford
Nick Welford considers the nature of sin. [04.09.15]
Following The Expert
Nick Welford comments on the need to be teachable and humble [02.04.15]

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