Be genuine and real. This is a place to worship God by giving up in prayer the sin and struggles, attitudes and apathy that are in your life. Put them in the incinerator to be burnt to ashes by God.

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food addiction, gluttony

im sick of this addiction to food, this compulsive urge to relieve difficult feelings or give my mood a lift by stuffing myself....i feel empty without it and yet i know it is wrong and i hate it...sometimes i eat until i feel so full i want to pass out yet it is hard to stop. i spend so much money compulsively shopping for food to fill this void, but there shouldn't be a void as i am yours, Jesus. help me break this cycle

Submitted by carmen on 25 Mar 2016

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no more lukewarm in my life

No more lukewarm in my life Lord. I mean it. I don't want to be lukewarm. Help me find my passion again. I can't do it alone. All my striving is not enough. YOU are the fire, the passion, the drive. More of you Lord, please. And a heart in me to obey You

Submitted by C on 18 Oct 2015

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Lord make me whole

make me sick of my failures

Submitted by C on 16 Apr 2015

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God, i need peace, in my life, i need ear your voice, in the middle of the storm, about my life

Submitted by Dave on 21 Nov 2014

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Dear Lord

Dear Lord Please stay with us as i thank you for everything that you are doing You are still the always..This is why i ask you to grant me strengh to face the upcoming days May thy mercy and thy presence manifest itself in my life And God thanks to you for everything you're doing Amen

Submitted by Francis on 9 Jun 2014

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God, why? Why can't I have children? I feel I have a kingdom of love and support to give to a little life but, after years of trying "naturally" and years of devastating IVF failures My husband and I have realised we will never be parents. Never.I almost feel that there is something else for me to give my love and time to but I haven't found it yet. Is that right? Am I not supposed to have children so I can do somethig else?I am devastated that i can't have children Lord. Why?

Submitted by Claire on 8 May 2014

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Holy Spirit of Discerning Fire, I am releasing the plans that I have built to accompany my supposed unconditional surrender to your call. I am unable to dig these spinning logistics and contingencies out of my own mind. Teach me a new way to wait on you. Burn up the second guessing and critics commentary which runs in the background of all my worship and release. Take me at my word. Please direct M and me in sync and in your good timing. I will wait. I will go. I will stay. I will move or remain. I will sell or rent. I will do whatever you help me understand. I believe You are bigger than my own inside voice. Please use Yours to direct me.

Submitted by dawn on 23 Mar 2014

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Dear Lord, I cannot fathom what I have been through. My husband and my parents did not understand me and took control of the whole of my life. I submitted and let them have their way. Now the whole of our married life is in jepody. Please stop this, it is too painful to bare. I love him so much lord, it pains me to see how unhappy he is, to see that all our trust is broken and to see our life in tatters. Please help us to pull it back together again and be able to work through what has happened and start loving one another fully again. Please heal both of us and all those who have been touched by our struggles. Help us to step out of this spiral and to move forwards together. Forgive me for all I have done, for all the hurt, pain and damage I have caused. Please help me to let people back in, to break down the walsl and stop being so defensive. Please mend the hurt. Please help those around me to be able to understand so that they may find calm and peacefullness. Please help me to speak and act in ways that others do understand. Just please help; I lift this and my whole life to you. I don't know, you do. I trust in you, please help me to be the change. Amen.

Submitted by Kimberley on 31 Jan 2014

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shutting the lions mouths

LORD JESUS please respond to our cries. We have been rejected as lepers in the churchs because of being autistic! The churches who have special needs groups are run by social workers who turn you in to govnt. programs, take your child and put them in institutions and take all you have SO you can live in govnt housing and you do it or go to jail for abuse of your child. Father please forever close the lions mouth as you did for Daniel! We choose to forgive them they do not understand or cannot relate to our plight. Our christian family has turned us into cps because of our special needs.We are an embarrassment to family and church, sorry sorry Lord. Please help us be like others, heal us, give us favor Lord Jesus! Our only kindness has come though JWs and gay persons who seem to understand we need love and acceptance too! We pray and love them! I am thinking of the story of LUKE1030....left for dead. We are on our own.....please heal us, we will embrace your ministry! We cry out for some fellowship and friends...we remain Anne Frank`s diary of living in the walls to hide from from the nazis...we struggle on....please remember us and families like us Lord! Thank YOU JESUS for Sy Rogers for us coming to INDY years back, please...there is not enough of him to go around! -qt

Submitted by qt on 23 Mar 2013

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Sinful Attitudes

Thank You Lord for giving me a safe place to bear my soul before you. I cannot carry this around in my heart anymore. I know I'm going through a season of testing. You are bringing the dross to the surface. And it hurts. I have hatred and resentment in my heart for my husband who is also my brother in Christ. Its been there for 14 years. You are the one who joined the two of us together. You've proven and confirmed it numerous times. Yet I find myself resenting the life you've given to me. It seems the closer I get to you, the greater my desire for you, the more he interferes and puts my fire out. Your Word says that we can't serve two masters. We will end up loving one, and hating the other. Well, that's exactly what's happening here. We don't share the same heart. We don't speak the same language. I'm angry, and I want out of the marriage. I know how bad this is. Because you also said, What you have joined together, let no man put asunder, when you stood as witness to our wedding vows. I love you. And no matter how I feel, I will honor you with my whole heart and life. I know that you are greater than all of my angry thoughts, sinful attitudes, and rebellious ways. I ask you to cut me deep, that the poison of these sins may drain from within me, and fill me with your undying love and a purified soul. Thank you for your throne of grace and mercy. I need you so desperately. Amen

Submitted by Rhonda Fox on 20 Feb 2013

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