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Reach music!

My brothers and sisters I will not forget what ya'll need for prayer, at the same time I'm pronouncing that everyone that is reading this please pray that the Lord will answer my prayer and make something happen that will make the two or more radio stations come up in Colorado Springs, Colorado where I live at, and all over the U.S. country and around the world if GOD wills it, and it will be up and running by me and the christian folk or other humble servants for GOD . The first will be Holy hip Hop and the second one White(holy) hard rock, there may be more its up to HIM. Please PRAY for this cause because some people that are now listening to GODly music appreciate what they are being presented and have converted. Please pray for this. I'm posting on all the chat rooms so please help me and others reach the peps.

Submitted by Deonte Camacho on 9 Oct 2008


My stories goes like this... We are seven in the family my Mom, my Dad and my 4 brothers. I'm 2nd to the youngest of the 5 siblings. My story began when I was 6 years old. I've been blessed by a loving parents, they shared the story of Jesus and how he loved and took good care of me when I was at the young age. But sad to say because of the freewill that God given to each of us, I am one of them that chooses the wrong side. My father was a seaman and also a pastor, a chief cook on a ship that assigned to route on Europe. Because of his work He manage and really sustain our financial needs until one day we encountered an incident that would change our whole life. My father that soon to live our country for his final years in abroad and after that preferred to resigned and be with us while receiving his pension. Until one hot morning with all the laughters in our small house. I still recall how we celebrate that night, Its my youngest brother accomplishement, for finally he finished his elementary level and about to enter his high school days. One of our neighbour told us that our Father had been in a accident and was severely hurt and they check him in a hospital and his loosing his grip. I couldn't believe everything that I have heard and it seems to me that it was just a big joke that ends into a nightmare. My father after the accident never again can work abroad because of his physical condition. Half of his body was ruined many bones of his ribs was broken and and the doctor told us that he will never again regain his strength and will be useless forever. But thanks to our God for He is a God of wonders and He heald my father. But sad to say because of financial uncertainties. I alone have finished college. That was 6 years ago. All of us still enduring so many bad things. I was nine years od when I heard and see in a vision that I was picking grapes on a very large vineyard, Were almost everyone is doing the same thing, but I had been challenge to pick the grape that was almost on the sky and as I go up I see different races of people, the black, the white and everything. And God spoke in to my heart that He is going to use me as a pastor and will harvest the souls of the world But I was to young then to understand exactly the vision that shown me. But I neglect His calling for I seeing how my father was been a great bearer and vessel of God's work and doing the ministry of Jesus as a good testimony and a bible study minister a pastor here and also outside our country. But after the accident change in to a very scary monster... I've already forgiven my father as he severly and brutally hurt each of us as well as my mom. During those years of anguish and painful memories and shattered dream that was full of dreadful desicions to each of us. During our most darkest hours and I thought wasted days of ourlives were most of our days we suffer hunger and ate almost nothing. Going on school without anything on our pockets, and hatred and pain drives each of us to continue that one day when everything is done I'm going to say to God that "now look so this is it!!! and then die" Wasting all my days in the comfort of lust and wickedness that I've been holding in my heart for almost half of my life. And I thought that was it. Full of confusing days but God still did not took us for granted even when the times we thought He's not there. I'm testifying to you that now I'm serving MY LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST and Im not ashamed to win souls back to Him no matter what happens. Now I know that God is not limited by the things that we have been through. We all have dark stories to tell and we thought that no one will really going to understand us we become so bitter to admit that we need someone to make us understand that we need someone who can pull us out on that dark areas of our life and I want you to know that JESUS can. I know that they are my family given by god but in the same way we are sons of God. Pilgrims in this world were we live and destined to procalim Him to every tongues tribes and nations. And I cannot change anything now. I couldnn't bring back the life that have been cut by my brothers, nor the Other Earthly Brothers and Pastor whom I thought will understand me. And I thought that my life is wasted now and nothing will work and God abandoned me. But the Love Of God is so powerful and it reaches beyond the grave in which I thought will be my home till He rescued and pick me again. I like to thank all the pastor and my closest friend who trust me again and encourage me to give my all to JESUS. And I thank God that He restores me back to His loving arms. Pray for me still for now I am about to take heed on the greatest challenge of my life to take heed for the call of OUR LORD and Saviour to go on as a missionary to proclaim the news about our Lord Jesus who love the world so much as he before ascending tell the great comission to " go ye in to all the world baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit... Mark 16:15 yours truly "MAN OF GOD" Z

Submitted by on 31 Jul 2008

God & me

Untill 18 months, Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit meant nothing. To be honest, I was quite anti faith of any description. I was in a very very unhappy state, mentally, physically, and spiritualy, although at the time I didnt know I needed God. I was in a company that treated me very badly. The pressure was so undiscribable. It just kept on getting worse and worse. I had been looking for a new job for 6 months, but still no job appeared. I was quick tempered, irratable, not a nice man to be around. To put it mildly, I was nast. I look back now and can't believe what I put my wife through. I was restless, something was missing in my life. But what? I couoldn't pin point it. My wife had been asked by our neighbour if she wanted to help out at the Church's kids holiday club during the easter break. On the Good Friday morning She asked if I would go with her to the service that and see what the kids had been upto. After much persuading, I agreed. I found the people there so friendly and NICE. They didn't start to preach at me. I started to attend the services on a regular basis. But had know connection with God. I just went because it was an escape from work and life. Well after about 3-4 months, during the sunday service, The Alpha Course was mentioned. What was this? A course about Christanity. Well!!!! Free food!!! I'm there I said to my wife. Well to cut a very short story even shorter. During one of the seesions of prayer, I had a great experience. Jesus Christ came into my life in style. I was praying to Jesus, "Lord Jesus, i'm so so sorry for all the bad things I have done. O Lord Jesus come into my life and to guide me." From that exact moment, the feeling of great peace overwhelmed me. It was as if I had no worries in the world. My body went through every single emotion possible. Hot, cold, Sad, happy, but mostly I didnt have the missing thing in my life anymore. From then on. My life has been so so comletley different. The Alpha Course has been the 2nd best thing I have done in my life. THE BEST THING I'VE DONE IS, COME TO FAITH THROUGH JESUS CHRIST.

Submitted by Chris on 31 Jan 2008


i havent changed Jesus has always looked after me and flooded me with love and care. i cant really witness because He does so much on a daily basis i wouldnt know where to begin.He is just Wonderful doesnt change and always perfect.

Submitted by margaret on 21 Oct 2007

God is here for everyone

He will meet all your needs all you have to do is pray and ask God for it. I have left a long term relationship and was not sure I could make it. So I prayed God please help me step forward and always move forward in life to Happyness and Peace. One step for each way of each day I prayed and keep going listening to God's messages and little pushing from God You can do all Things Threw Jesus Christ our God!!! Now 3 years latter I have my own place and Job and my kids are grown and are still in my life. All the good will stay and the bad will go away with prayer and the on ward going steps in a Life with walking with God by my side Trust me God will lead you in the right directions threw prayer and going forward step by step walking with God Love you All Love the person Hate the sin and all is forgiven Dana

Submitted by Dana on 16 Oct 2007

God Down Under

In 2006, God sent me to the other end of the world- Australia- to get close to me.... I left Germany in January 2006 to spend 9 months on the Gold Coast as an exchange student. I was hoping for a brilliant time there, not knowing how mind- blowing the trip would be!!! At the age of 2 I was baptized in Catholic Church but had never really grown up in church. None of my friends or family (except Mum and cousins) are Christians so I led a life not knowing God, partying and drinking. In my early teens my cousins introduced me to Christianity more and more. It got my attention but I was no where near giving my life to Jesus... Last year, while in Australia, I went to a Christian School, lived with a Christian host family and went to church and Youth a lot. I had never experienced Church in such a fun and exciting way and was amazed right from the start. I had so much fun and saw that all the people arround me were soooo happy. I was longing for this happiness, too, and gave my life to Jesus after a few months. Since then my life has changed radically! I cannot imagine not living in relationship with God anymore...I came back to Germany a totally new, re-born person and can't stop shining Jesus' light... Europe is really really hungry for God even though they're not aware of it. I can't wait to spread the Gospel more and more and to win people for God's Kingdom. God really is AWESOME (I can't even describe Him in 1 word)- but he really has mind- blowing things in store for every single person on earth and deeply longs for real, non- religious, loving relationship with us!!! He even had to send me Down Under to reach my heart!!!

Submitted by Carolin on 4 May 2007

being set free

Greetings. Yes indeed Jesus said Arise and Stop Crying I Arose into a New creation Blessings upon you please keep intouch here is my testimony giving GOD the Glory. . I AM ENCLOSING MY TESTIMONY TO YOU . I PRAY YOU UNDERSTAND MY SITUATION. Testimony Of Truth This testimony is the truth of why I am in this situation at the age of twelve I was shot with a 4/10 single barreled shot gun that was august the 22nd 1956 at 4/15 PM. then at the age of 14/years of age I received my first broken ankle.. Since the age of seven I received continual beatings from both my parents I kept running away from home then at the age of sixteen I had the courage to leave home only to live a life of suffering and pain. For I joined fairgrounds doing different jobs where I finished up with a broken nose.. Then whilst working on buildings sites out in the rain I caught Pneumonia and finished up in hospital only to find no job when I had recovered to go back to so I traveled the country only working at jobs for a short time this went on for years during which I had always worked enthusiastically only to finish up with ill health then in 1977 I joined the merchant service. And I was flown out after taking my EDH certificate to join the Chemical Tanker the La/Selva after a short while on the ship I noticed that the rubber seal around the door of the safety locker was porous allowing the sea water in to destroy the breathing apparatus and overalls, gloves Wellingtons etc! Plus the crew of young junior seamen was smoking marijuana obtained from Carta Gena. In Columbia thus not allowing them to do there job properly which to me was very disgusting the Captain was not bothered. What sort of company was this to allow these things to go on still I had to carry on some how as I could not leave the ship in the Caribbean Even the Bo's was a drunkard his eyes were always bloodshot with drugs and drink etc" during my duties I was asked to go down the tank on the port side which was number Six this tank had contained Tallow and I was to clean it out because the Butterworth Cleaning system had not got the thick off the Bulkheads I had to scrape it off using whatever means I had BUT to my surprise these were not good enough so I went back to the Bo’ sun and explained the situation he got a bit upset because he wanted the job done quickly then He said I know what will shift the Tallow Here you are use this I said what is it He said XYLENE so there I was Stuck down no/6 port side tank climbing on the pipes which were used to keep the different kinds of cargo heated IT was not long before I was overcome by the Fumes off the XYLENE these caused my body to feel numb and I felt very DIZZY I kept going aft to tell the Bo ‘sun but he just Kept telling me to get on with the job So I finished up with my SINUSES blasted away by the fumes giving me Rhinitis Sinusitis .. And I was Forced to leave the Merchant service in 1980 in August I have tried to work doing different jobs BUT due to My health which was continuing to deteriorate I was UNABLE TO KEEP A JOB FOR LONG this created a DEVASTATING effect not only to my BODY but also MENTALLY IT is now 2004 and I have only worked about TWO YEARS out of 24 because of the TRAGIC EFFECTS FROM THE XYLENE off the LA/ SELVA. Which as YOU know may take many YEARS to destroy the SYSTEM of the human body THE XYLENE has dried my JOINTS making WALKING very hard due to pain in the feet ankles knees and hips... I did try to Page two Claim COMPENSATION through the Law Society but they did not give me very long and the solicitor I had was USELESS I think some just want money and do not care about the needs of the client SO HERE I AM UNFIT FOR WORK the Social Security have sent me many times for medical examinations but now the doctor at my last examination told me due to the prostrate and urethra problems and continual suffering I am exempt from medical examinations. So here I am Facing what little time I have left in life having suffered pneumonia FOUR times having a crane hook fall 10 feet onto my head splitting it open AND FRACTURING MY SKULL then going back only to receive the sack from Wimpy in London having also many broken bones and having many operations for different things like peritonitis, The removal of polyp's and cartilage from my nose which had been created by the XYLENE fumes WHAT ELSE IS THERE IN LIFE FOR ME TO DO BUT TO PLACE ALL MY FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST AND HELP THOSE WHO HAVE ALSO SUFFERED MY FAITH IS SO STRONG IN CHRIST THAT I HAVE NOW THE GIFT OF HEALING THROUGH THE LAYING OF HANDS AND THROUGH THIS MIRACLES HAVE HAPPENED,, TAKE FOR INSTANCE WHILST IN THE MANOR HOSPITAL IN 1991 WITH PNEUMONIA THERE TWO BEDS FROM ME LAY AN ELDERLY FELLOW WITH SEVERE PAINS IN HIS TUMMY AND HE HAD EATEN NO FOOD FOR THREE DAYS I LAID MY HANDS ON HIS TUMMY THEN NEXT MORNING THE VERY SAME MAN ATE THREE SAUSAGES THREE RASHERS OF BACON TWO EGGS WITH FRIED BREAD ETC" THE DOCTORS WERE AMAZED AT HIS RECOVERY AND PLACED HIM ON A BODY SCANNER ONLY TO FIND NOTHING WRONG WITH HIM THAT GENTLEMEN IS THE POWER OF JESUS CHRIST ... HIS POWER IS IN US ALL IF WE LIVE ACCORDING TO HIS WORD WE WILL FIND THESE HIDDEN POWERS IF WE SEARCH FOR THEM AND STUDY THE BIBLE FOR GUIDANCE THROUGH LIFE IT MAY TAKE YEARS AND YEARS BUT LET ME SAY THE TRUTH IS WORTH KNOWING FOR FAITH MOVES MOUNTAINS AND THE LOVE OF CHRIST LASTS FOR EVER PRAISE THE LORD MONEY HAVE I NONE BUT WHAT I HAVE I SHARE WITH YOU AND THAT IS THE LOVE AND BLESSINGS FROM THE LORD JESUS TO YOU FROM MY HEART I GO THROUGH LIFE SHARING WHAT LITTLE I HAVE WITH THE POOR AND THOSE IN NEED WHICH IS ONLY INCOME SUPPORT... THUS I SAY UNTO THEE SAYETH THE LORD IN THE SCRIPTURES IN ISIAH 58 verse 10 feed yea the HUNGRY AND CARE FOR THE AFFLICTED AND THY LIGHT WILL SHINE FOR ALL TO SEE AND IN 1 TIMOTHY 4 VERSE 14 NEGLECT NOT THE GIFT OF LAYING THY HANDS ON THE AFFLICTED WHICH WAS GIVEN TO THEE THROUGH PROPHESY OF COURSE BRETHREN THERE ARE MANY MORE BUT THAT WOULD TAKE ME A WHILE TO EXPLAIN I HAVE TYPED THIS LETTER OUT ON THE COMPUTER AT THE WALSALL DAY CARE CENTRE WHERE I GO TWO OR THREE TIMES A WEEK WHEN MY HEALTH ALLOWS PLEASE PRAY FOR ME AS I CONTINUE TO SERVE THOSE IN NEED THROUGH THE GRACE OF JESUS CHRIST. THE SERVICE OF HEALING THROUGH CHRIST TO THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SUFFERING AS I CONTINUE IN FAITH. THE LORD ONCE AGAIN BLESS YOU IN ALL THINGS I REMAIN YOUR FAITHFUL SERVANT IN JESUS CHRIST YOURS FAITHFULLY HENRY CHARLES TAPPENDEN

Submitted by Henry on 15 Feb 2007

my mum brought me up as a born-again since my dad died which was 10years ago..but i was never seriously committed to God. at the age of 14 i was introduce to a gang/triad watever yu want to call it...and i was influence into smoking ciggerettes and taking weed, shop lifting, dating which then led me to breaking my 'V..i was so disrepectful to myself and my family and the church...and also God. and then split with the group and then had diff b/f who treated me like garbage. i was smoking for 6years...i am now 19. 3months ago God called me and show me how my life would be if i carried on living like this..i was smoking when he appeared and had a chat with me. i mediatly through away the ciggerette and hadn't smoked from that day, I ask God for his forgivness and to save me and he did...he is leading me the right way and i have not regreted giving my life to would you. so i encourage any of you that wat ever you got goin through in your life turn to Jesus. He died for your that you can be saved. He will not fail you! i promise...he can make miracles happen in your life if you just believe in him.

Submitted by Jeng on 5 Oct 2006

I was born into a christian family thirteen years ago,and go to church every week, but I never really understood what being a christian was all about. My parents did pay for me to go to a summer camp called Chequer Tree,which was really fun, but when I got home I just went back to all of my old ways again.A few weeks ago I got back from the best place ever- Masada, a youth camp run by a local church. It was really fun, but at the same time I found God, I got filled with the holy spirit for the first time, and learned to speak tongues- all in one week! It really has changed my life for the better. I really advise 13-18 year olds to go, because it really helps you to get to know God and it gives you a really good time!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Jojo on 16 Sep 2006

John 19: 28-30

about 5 years ago, I was involved in a car accident. One of them which shakes your life and you don't know what to do. You have no one to look to, no one to talk to about it. I have found that since that day there was one guy which i could talk to. God. When my nan died, he came and sat next to me and said "Mark, IT IS FINISHED". God showed me that what he did on the cross saved my life and it saved millions of other lives, it was my decision whether i accepted that God was saying that it is finished or whether i forget about it and go a completly differnt way. I went to a massive summer conference called 'AUDACIOUS'. It was the year when it was at keele uni. An amazing dude, who says he is english but i say he is an aussie spoke on the first night about the revolution of jesus christ. The truth was it was a growing revolution and that night God took my life and he took the old stuff which he didn't want and gave me a clensed life with oppurtunities and also something to live for. Now i am a youth leader and God is continueing to work in stoke on trent every days.

Submitted by Mark on 14 Jun 2006

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