Want to know God? Want a relationship with Him? God so wants those phone lines between us and Him open, He's made it extremely simple to do. If you will align yourself with Him to the point of confessing out loud to Him and others that Jesus is Lord and if you genuinely believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead that's it, the phone line's open. He's an awesome God who sees the heart and He hears our words.

So are you ready to become a Christian?

All you need to do is say this prayer, believing it in your heart (and then let someone else know what you've done). You could also add your own prayer here so you're saying it in your own words too if you want to. God wants to hear you!

"Jesus I so believe in you, that you are real, that you lived on earth and were crucified and then God raised you from the dead which was totally awesome.
It's just amazing that you died for me because of my sins. Please forgive me. I know I do and say things wrong. Wrong thoughts are even in my head too. I need your forgiveness and I really want a relationship with you. Please talk to me from today. Please guide me in my life. I'm handing over control to you as you're Lord. I want to live the amazing life you've got for me. I can't wait to get to know you. Amen."

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despearate loss of faith

I have been that true faith can never be lost, but I believe that I did, and it hurt because it made me feel so alone. I'm facing one of the most challenging phases of my life so far and am finding it hard to reach out to those around me to get me the help that I need, but don't feel I deserve. :( I have not really ever done anything fundamentally wrong in my life so far, noting serious anyway, but I live with a massive cloud above my head, which somehow makes me feel likeI'm suffocating. I am not here for attention but for understanding and guidance. I will admit that as selfish as the concept stands, I'm feeling suicidal, more intensely than ever, yet I can't seem to figure it out, why I can't shake this feeling that swamps my life. I know that this hurts the people that care for me, but this seems like the only option I have to remove this emotional pain, the feeling of total helplessness, dread, mind-numbing sorrow... the list goes on. I have previously reached out to professionals, yet they have never been able to truly reach me, so this is why I am re-assessing my faith. I believe it is the only thing left to do, so, to those of you that hear my cry, please don't resent my plea. I'm scared, even though I believe in a higher power, I no longer feel worthy of his/her support, maybe I never was worthy...

Submitted by natasha on 1 Jan 2009

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these last 4 months

i back sled and i went back to drugs and booz um and i just came back to Jesus this week i just got sick of it all so i came back to him i gess i need prayer that God can still use me and i can spend more time with him

Submitted by ben erickson on 24 Sep 2008

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My God and Lord please look after me on Tuesday when I go to see the Cancer Consultant, and I pray for a good report. Thank you lord for looking after me for 3 years.

Submitted by Debbie on 23 Aug 2008

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please pray for my finances and for god too bless my life and for my grandaughter this and samuel and daniel and for thier salvtion and for god too bless all enemies and for well being and good health and hygiene for all and insights and wisdom around them and for perfect peace and good mentall well ebing and compassion and for grace and mercy and for help and for no bullies and good freidns and for thier personal safeties and this for me

Submitted by debbie on 24 May 2008

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Lord, I wonder if I'm talking to myself when I pray, if I'm just facing life better psychologically because I've taken time to be still and order my thinking. I swhat I feel is you really just me? Creation declares God is real to me but doubt is interferring with my sense of your indwelling spirit and personal connection. I want to be sure I'm hearing a voice which is not just my own. How I long for you. Please help. Amen

Submitted by Gill on 3 May 2008

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prayer for healing

i have pains in my body and i am so tried of hurting i am going thru testing to make sure it is nothing seriously wrong so far i have a good praise report but i still hurt. i am suppose to have an outpatient surgery on tuesday 2/19/08, but i need $500.00 and i don't have it because i live from paycheck to paycheck. and i am a single parent. so i also need a finanical breakthrough. because i am really tired of living like this. please send a special blessing on me. i just want to live happy and be happy. for me and my daughter. i want her to be the best in life at whatever she decides to do. after she graduates from school and college. in the name of jesus. i am praying that my fiance gives up smoking and drinking. he is not a drunk but we are trying to get our lives straight with god. in the name of jesus. amen

Submitted by gloria on 13 Feb 2008

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I want contact. I want to believe. I want to find a church. Please direct me.

Submitted by Kendra on 29 Jun 2007

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finding peace

Finally getting to grips with the realisation that jesus died for my sins and is real for five years i have tried and struggled to come to terms with this even though there has always been evidence in front of me.not any more for the peace i have craved for has taken a hold because i have stopped tryin to fight and doubt his power it wont always be easy but finally knowing and wanting jesus in my life is the most upsetting and wonderful feeling experienced...I will look to praise him for the rest of my life as i look to him for my inspiration amen

Submitted by mark on 15 Jun 2007

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dear god i was a christian about 1 year ago i have been a christian for bout 2 years and all of a sudden i stopped beliving that you exist but i dont know what to belive know will u tell me please ciaron brookhouse culcheth

Submitted by ciaron on 24 Apr 2007

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God pls come to the heart of my man an many he believing in you.many he becoming a christian. many he believing that you died of him

Submitted by chinenye on 13 Mar 2007

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