Want to know God? Want a relationship with Him? God so wants those phone lines between us and Him open, He's made it extremely simple to do. If you will align yourself with Him to the point of confessing out loud to Him and others that Jesus is Lord and if you genuinely believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead that's it, the phone line's open. He's an awesome God who sees the heart and He hears our words.

So are you ready to become a Christian?

All you need to do is say this prayer, believing it in your heart (and then let someone else know what you've done). You could also add your own prayer here so you're saying it in your own words too if you want to. God wants to hear you!

"Jesus I so believe in you, that you are real, that you lived on earth and were crucified and then God raised you from the dead which was totally awesome.
It's just amazing that you died for me because of my sins. Please forgive me. I know I do and say things wrong. Wrong thoughts are even in my head too. I need your forgiveness and I really want a relationship with you. Please talk to me from today. Please guide me in my life. I'm handing over control to you as you're Lord. I want to live the amazing life you've got for me. I can't wait to get to know you. Amen."

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to god to be in my houes and in me too

Submitted by chinenye on 13 Mar 2007

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Dear God

Dear God I am just a man and I beleive in you and I am sure you know it because there is no seperation between us never was or is I have no secret from you and you have none from me so thanks for being here there and everywhere because without i am nothing and of all there is you are the only dependable truth and love that I rely on thankyou for all the faith you give me as with all things that are Good your child in Christ George

Submitted by George on 8 Mar 2007

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Lord, Help me be a better Man, I hate some of the things I do - i honestly don't feel like a deserve your unfailingly love, its far too good to someone as week as me, but i know that to reject you would be harsh on you - its unfair when you've gone sooo so far just for me. Now I feel bad because I'm always like this after I do things I regret - and its like "oh its ok, all i have to do its write down what ive done its all ok - but ill do it again, i cant promise you i wont - id love to say i could be better - but things happen - im only human! like Help me and show me soon that things can be better, im just confused so please shine a bit of love somewhere over here, Amen

Submitted by Sam on 1 Mar 2007

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New Christian

Dear Lord, I give you M who has just become a Christian a month ago but hasn't been that interested in coming along to Church or youth group since. I pray that you would fan that small spark into a burning furnace and fill her with passion for you! Deal with any problems of shyness or insecurity. Give her confidence! Would you please give her your peace as well during her exams and give her a clear head, helping her to figure out the answers. But most of all, draw her to you Lord and give me wisdom to know when to mention your name, and what to say. Thanks Lord. Thanks that we can chat like this! Amen!

Submitted by rosie on 13 Dec 2006

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my birth mother

If you all that reads this could please pray for my birth mother she has a abusive, controlling husband and I just pray that she will wake up from this hard life that she is living in and realize that this is not want God wants in her life.

Submitted by Janessa on 8 Nov 2006

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Lord.. my Heavenly Father. Thank you for whatever blessings yu gave to everyone of us. Thank you for giving your son Jesus Christ to die for us, so that we would be saved. So i pray for those who commit their life to you.. give them guidence, wisdom and understanding of your word and love. Show us all on how we should walk so that we could be more like Jesus. Give us strength so that we will not give up on you. Fill us with your love and make us hungry for you everyday. Bless us all so that we can bless those who do not know you, so we can share your Gosple, the truth, your love. Without you Lord we are nothing, without you there would be no love. So let your grace and mercy shine upon us all. Tell us all our purpose... what we can do for you. Help us to serve you for the rest of our days. Give us the drive to finish strong. and i remeber you said " Have faith in me".. help us all Lord, help our faith to be strong. I love you.. we all do. Thank you! Amen

Submitted by Jeng on 28 Oct 2006

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God, i love you!

dear lord i just wanna say how amazing i think and know you are! Since you came into my life i have felt your loving presence in so many different ways each as exciting as the next! i used to have doubts but now i dont think im capable of ever doubting you! you gave us your only son jesus christ and he committed the ultimate sacrifice for US! he gave his life to cleanse us of all our sins as he loves us! HE LOVES US! this is just a prayer to tell you how glad i am you are in my life and how much i love you! GOD I LOVE YOU!!!! and THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME!!!!! to my lord and saviour the ever holy, ever almighty, Jesus christ my lord MY GOD!!!!

Submitted by Jo on 18 Sep 2006

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Our heavenly father, touch those who are reaching out to you. Lead them your way Lord and teach them your word. Help them to understand you and your love for them. Save their souls Father becuase you are the only who can do. You are great! Praise your name. We love you father! Amen

Submitted by Jeng on 1 Sep 2006

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Lord, i just thank you for all the Great things you have done for me, i just pray that you will lead me to let go of the rest of my ballons so i can truly be gided to you more. i just thank you for camp and the fact i felt your very pressance as i read my poems and threw others testimonies made me realise alot more about you and what i need to consintrate on. i just pray lord that this year i will finally get baptised lord and that it will glorify you in your name Lord i love you and may your spirt lead me on amen...

Submitted by alison on 27 Aug 2006

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a friend

Please prey 4 my friend Victoria she has a lot of stuff that only God can sort out Issues that need to be sorted she is only 14 please save her Lord Jesus Amen

Submitted by annpearson on 24 Aug 2006

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