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Final Reflection: John Smith - Modern culture
Australian apologist John Smith ponders what precisely draws people in to the secular dance music scene. [01.04.00]
John Smith: Final Reflection - The star thrower incident
Australian apologist JOHN SMITH explains how a famous incident concerning washed up starfish shows us a great deal. [01.06.98]
John Smith: Final Reflection - Rationalism and post-modernism
Australian apologist JOHN SMITH looks at the deficiencies of both scientific rationalism and post-modernism. [01.12.97]
Final Reflection: John Smith - Independence Day
Australian apologist JOHN SMITH looks at the message behind cinema blockbuster Independence Day. [01.10.97]
Final Reflection: John Smith - Recent scientific developments
Australian apologist John Smith finds that even in the rarefied world of science God seems to be making a return. [01.08.97]
John Smith: Final Reflection - The Wesleyan Revival
Australian apologist JOHN SMITH suggests that a culture as sick as ours should remember the Wesleyan Revival. [01.06.97]
John Smith: Final Reflection - The harrowing story of a Vietnamese refugee
Australian Christian apologist JOHN SMITH ponders on the harrowing story of a Vietnamese refugee. [01.04.97]
John Smith: Final Reflection - Rich nations ignoring the poor
Bible teacher JOHN SMITH queries how nations can pursue wealth while ignoring the poor. [01.02.97]
John Smith: Final Reflection - The politics of addiction
Bible teacher John Smith looks at the politics of addiction. [01.12.96]
John Smith: Final Reflection - A "tear jerking" recent movie
Australian JOHN SMITH reflects on how a recent movie shows the potential power of a dedicated teacher. [01.08.96]

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