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A lot of people are waiting for some magic day when they can do ministry and what they don't realise is that the greatest gifts that you're ever going to give to anyone are already in your possession. Most people have two arms and hands that they can give someone a hug, most people have two ears so that they can listen to someone, most people have a mouth where they can say an encouraging word, most people have a phone where they can ask are you alive? Are you ok? Those very simple acts alone are free and the greatest ministry that anyone can ever do, it's the greatest form of evangelism, it's the greatest way to win people's hearts, just simple acts of love.

Paul: It must be a real spiritual battle when you are doing this type of work and ministering to people on the streets?

Dave: Yes, our place is in the centre of 200 plus sexual businesses, brothels, porn video's, books and magazines; that's just the sexual business not to mention the casino's, the gambling, the drug trade and the human trade; our place is in the very centre of it. The old bus station area of Tel Aviv is one of the darkest areas of the entire country and I can tell you that the battle rages. When I first started this I was pretty naïve, but as I have watched story after story of supernatural incidences and you can really see the finger of evil doing things that cannot be explained, God really started to wake me up and said "Dave do you really understand what you are fighting" and that's it I have had to learn a real lot; for example, just to open our door in the morning it's a minimum of 2 hours of prayer as a team not to mention 8-10 chapters of reading the Bible out loud every day and then my own spiritual prayer life. My day starts at 4am in the morning just to get up and pray, then go and meet the team and then pray and then at lunchtime having another prayer time and so that's why I said before, our greatest need is people to pray for us, the prayer support. We are winning. Once you learn the rules of the game, Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy, "any person that competes in athletics has to compete according to the rules," once you know the rules of the game and play by them, then you will find that you win and so we see that we are gaining ground.

Paul: You spoke about human trafficking, is there a big human trafficking problem here in the land of Israel?

Dave: Yes, until just a few years ago Israel was one of the top countries in the world with human trafficking, but pressure has come from the US and other countries and so they have kind of dropped it down a bit, but there is still quite a bit of a problem here.

Paul: What sort of countries are these people coming from?

Dave: A lot of girls are coming from Moldavia and Eastern European countries, Ukraine and Russia.

Paul: What's your prayer for the people that you minister to on the street?

Dave: Isaiah 61 says the Spirit of the Lord is upon me and he talks about healing the blind and the broken hearted and that's our prayer. We pray for the opening of the prison doors. These girls are in something that they don't want to be in, they didn't choose this life; they chose the path that leads them to this life, but any of these women would give anything to get out of it. They're captured and so I have to think what are they captured by? What are the spiritual elements that are holding them in bondage? Once I understand that I can pray for chains to be broken off, I can pray for blinded spiritual eyes to be opened and deaf and spiritual ears to be set free and pray God bind up the demonic spiritual forces that are keeping this person in a place where they can't even receive the gospel. We want to see these women free from bondage.

Paul: Are many of these women angry at God because of the bondage that they are in?

Dave: Yes of course. When I speak to them I say "you have made choices, when you started smoking, I use myself as an example, when I started drinking with my Dad at 12 years of age and my Dad gave me that cup of whisky, I didn't turn to God and say "God do you want me to drink this whisky with my Dad"? I thought, I'm going to be a man and drink with my Dad and when my Mam started pushing joints and pills and stuff on me at 13 I didn't ask God if it was ok to smoke grass with my Mum. My life changed when I realised that and realised that everything that I want is bad, I only know how to destroy myself, so I turned to God and said "God if you can do something good with me, then please take my life and use it, maybe you can do better with Dave than I'm doing with Dave and that same thing is what I tell to them. God doesn't want you to be in this bondage; if you'll turn to God and say can you use me like these drugs are using me, but you really have to surrender to God, it's always a better choice to serve God than to serve the drugs.

Paul: Is this lifestyle also among the Orthodox religious community?

Dave: Yes. The facts are about 30-40% of traffic in that neighbourhood is religious men. There are reasons behind it but I feel that it's really heartbreaking. One of the great damages it does to us is when I go to a girl and I want to tell her about the love of God and her last client was a Rabbi it sends a very confusing signal to her. All this evil creates so much damage in the life of these girls. How do you tell them about love when they've been with all these religious guys?

Paul: What's your website for those who would like to know about the ministry that you are doing here in Israel?

Dave: Our website is I encourage you to go to the site and see all that is there. CR

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