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Blair Mundell
Blair Mundell

Jubilee Training Centre has been going since 2001. Based in Maidstone, Kent in the UK it offers a novel approach to the whole concept of discipleship. Heather Bellamy caught up with Blair Mundell who with his wife Sylvie oversee the "Year of Training" (YOT) programme.

Heather: There are many Bible Colleges and Training Academy's in the UK, what makes the Jubilee Training Centre stand out?

Blair: I believe this question is answered by question two's answer, which describes our core values. We are not a theological school that presents the students with a degree (although we offer a degree program). Everything we teach in the classroom is then done practically! We believe in solid practical equipping, from preaching to reaching those in poverty. For example when we teach on reaching the homeless and those less fortunate; the students spend a week living in the bush in self-made shelters and then move to the streets of London to be with the homeless, as homeless themselves. We then serve in a homeless shelter so that the students are able to really empathise with the people they have to minister to.

A Year Out With A Difference

Heather: What are the core values within JTC?

Blair: Kingdom - From start to finish, the focus of Jesus' teaching was on the Kingdom. Even before His ascension He taught once again on the Kingdom. Luke 4:43

Sonship - Jesus came to reveal the Father to us, and He did this by living as a "son". Our desire is to see the 'sons of the Kingdom' sown into the nations. Matt 13:38

Character - It is not our gifting that causes us to fall out of ministry or relationship with God, it is our character. We focus on the character development of the students, not the gifting!

Heather: Give us a brief overview of what you offer and who your courses are aimed at?

Blair: Year of Training (YOT): This course establishes a solid foundation within the student so that they are equipped for life. The students leave the year with a Biblical World View with which to judge their life decisions from. The course is very practical in nature and lays down a solid foundation in both character and biblical understanding.

A Year Out With A Difference

The Worship Academy: Once again character is at the forefront of the students' equipping, but the focus is also on the theoretical and practical side of music and instrumentation. The students make use of the onsite recording studio and practice facilities. Students will write, record, produce and design their own CD on the year!

Saturation School of Missions: The primary focus is on missions. Its content, to mention a small portion, covers Cross Cultural Communication, understanding world religions, and continues in the character development of students. They study both urban and rural missions.

School of the Word: During the course of the year, the students will read through the Bible exploring, discovering, analysing and evaluating the text as it is. Each of the 66 books will be looked at afresh, with the aim to form a holistic view to the Bible! You will have the opportunity to write your own commentary on the Bible.

Heather: What's an average day like for one of your students?

Blair: We try to keep the program as dynamic as possible. No two years are the same. We evaluate the group every week, looking at their strengths and weakness. We then adjust the program to suit their growth best.