Christians in lockdown stand with persecuted church on Sunday

Release International
Release International

Christians in lockdown across the UK are being invited to stand in solidarity with the persecuted church around the world this Sunday (May 24), in an event called All Out for God.

Release International has long been calling on UK believers to hold open-air services in May to support Christians under pressure. 'This year, lockdown gives us the opportunity to take our identification with the persecuted church to the next level,' says Paul Robinson of Release.

Recent UK government research has confirmed that Christians are the most persecuted faith group in the world. 'They face opposition from governments, terror groups and bigotry alike,' says Release CEO Paul Robinson.

Generations in lockdown

In North Korea, the church has been in lockdown for four generations, as Christians who are caught face imprisonment in labour and concentration camps. 30,000 Christians in North Korea are imprisoned in such camps.

'Around the world, persecutors have been trying to lock down Christians for years,' adds Paul Robinson. 'They've driven them from their churches and homes and denied them basic freedom of faith. Yet, since the days of the Book of Acts, the Church has always thrived under pressure, and today it continues to grow.

'Now Christians in the UK have had a taste of lockdown, let's stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters. Let's pray for them, provide for them, and learn what it is to have a faith that can overcome every hardship.