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Glenn Kaiser: Talking Straight - 'Leadership And Trends'
Resurrection Band frontman and pastor GLENN KAISER looks at attitudes to church growth. [01.02.99]
John Smith: Final Reflection - Euthanasia
Euthanasia is very much in the news. Australian apologist JOHN SMITH gives his view on the issue. [01.10.98]
Glenn Kaiser: Talking Straight: Rooted And Grounded
What does it mean to be rooted in Jesus? The issue is pondered by Chicago pastor and Resurrection Band founder GLENN KAISER. [01.10.98]
John Smith: Final Reflection - On society's view of success
Australian apologist JOHN SMITH looks at how our society's view of success is often a concept built on sand. [01.08.98]
John SmithJohn Smith: Final Reflection - The star thrower incident
Australian apologist JOHN SMITH explains how a famous incident concerning washed up starfish shows us a great deal. [01.06.98]
Glenn KaiserGlenn Kaiser: Talking Straight - Widows And Orphans
The nature of prejudice is pondered by Chicago pastor and Resurrection Band frontman GLENN KAISER. [01.06.98]
Tony FitzgeraldTony Fitzgerald: Vision Of Youth
One of the world's most respected Bible teachers, Tony Fitzgerald brings a personal perspective as to what God is doing among young people today. [01.06.98]
Tony CummingsThe Eden Project: Christians locating to a notorious Manchester estate
A year ago World Wide Message Tribe's organisation Message To Schools began THE EDEN PROJECT where Christians relocate to Manchester's notorious Wythenshawe Estate. Tony Cummings and photographer Ian Homer went there to check out a unique vision in inner city renewal. [01.06.98]
Chris Cole FRSAChris Cole: Two Way Traffic Doesn't Operate On A Way Street
CHRIS COLE looks at the renaissance in Christian arts and media. [01.06.98]
John Smith: Final Reflection - Wisdom and truths
Australian apologist JOHN SMITH remembers the wisdom and truths contained in many of the old maxims that used to be quoted by his grandparents. [01.04.98]

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