This is a training room for what the Bible calls 'prophecy'. It's a place for you to practice speaking what you feel God is saying.

Do you feel God has spoken to you His now word? Is it right to let other people know? Then have a go and share your words in this room. Everybody else will need to decide for themselves whether they think what you're saying is from God or not.

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I feel that the Lord is giving us the revelation that in this hour, worship is the most powerful weapon of our warfare.Because the war is raging so stong.The more it is raging, the more we need to worship the Lord,in spirit and in truth.I feel that it is a matter of survival. Worship is a good warship.Let's worship Him! i Love you. Monique!

Submitted by Monique. on 11 Nov 2007

this age

I feel a strong urgency for the youth today that are not saved, I feel gods voice saying "reach out to whom you can as often as you can to espeacially the youth of today as time is drawing near to the finish of this age as we know it - and they are the next generation and the enemy has been using alcohol and drugs to not only steer them away from god but to take them to hell, the young people of today are in danger, but god has a great plan in the last days, praise god almighty in heaven....

Submitted by Amanda on 9 Sep 2007

The word as living water.

As I pondered on Romans 2 v7 I felt this srong impression comming out of the word. Jesus's has was reaching out of my open Bible. His hand was translusant and irridesent with rainbow colours. A symble of light. I waited then his hand was reaching out to me to come into his waters. Oooooh such cool waters cooling soothing on my hurting bones. Wow Thanking you ALWAYS. Forgiving you for the rest of my life." My word is like a soothing cooling lake come and swim and swim and swim in it" I felt a cooling refreshing sensation go right through my body. Over and over very gentle. Peaceful i was once more.

Submitted by Fiona on 15 Jul 2007

Are you hungry for the Presence of God and for the

Shalom to all readers.. as i went to update my profile on myspace. the Spirit of the Lord stirred my heart and i believe, that His Heart is longing for His People.. Are you hungry for the Presence of God and for the Anointing? We have to become a Clay in the Potters Hand and allow HIM to mold us, into bendable Vessels.. A Vessel to bring Honor to the King, a Holy and empty Vessel, so the HE can fill you and me, with the´unquenchable Fire of God! Rember Esther? what is your reqeust? but , my Beloved, there is a crucial prinicipale: wich is called " Preaparation!! Are you willing to soak in HIs Presence? Am i willing to get up early in the Morning and seeking HiS face? Are we so despearte, that our Hearts cannot be at rest, until we have found, what He, our Lover , desires so much- the deep, deep intimicy with His Beloved!1 Oh, my Beloved, come and lets meet togther- come out from the Cleft, and let me look at your beautyful Face! Let me embrace you and hide you in my Presence.. For IAm like a thirsty Lover for my Beloved. come away with me, come, come come.. waht has hinderd your staying away from me? Is th efood , that this world gives you so tasty? Is this love , what this World offers to you, more sweeter, than the Love your Lover and Bridegroom has prepared and giving to you? I love you , Daughter I love you , Son rember: We shall be toghter, only, if you despearte enough, to stand firm and bathed in my Word!! For I have giving much! It is ALL FINSIHD1 I AM WHO I AM AND I DONT CHANGE ! Rember Esther? So, what is your reqeust? I am truly amazed , how our God is so in Love with us! Togther fro His Kingdom from Germany Mita

Submitted by Mita on 21 Apr 2007


I got the sense of Gods spirit stirring in the north, specifically Liverpool. Winds will come soon and when they do the spirit will move into the houses - pray for open hearts and people to be open to receive the word and power of God.

Submitted by Em on 4 Apr 2007

relationships and the children

To all my brothers and sisters, Please take the utmost Christian care for each other, especially in your relationship with God and the person you are getting to know or the one you have a developing personal relationship with. The children watch your every move, your every expression and statement to or about your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. I encourage you to seek God's word to understand the attitude you should have about the one you say you hold dear to your heart. The children are watching you. Decide to dress properly, speak properly, and replace what you know is a bad habit for a good habit. The children are listening to you. God knows if you are working to have a clean heart. This is an effort that must be worked on everyday, every moment. The children's thoughts are preceeded by what they know of you. Last of all, if you are seeing, and/or talking to several people, God and the children know and save this memory of your behavior. The children will follow your sinful ways, which will lead to the same result you have encountered, no fruit for the bad seed you planted. God will not abandon you but your path will never lead to the vast amount of riches he can supply you with. Don't use each other for a stepping stone. Seek God's instruction for all things, but most of all for the children's sake and the one who has love for you. May the blessings of God heal your mind, your body and your spirit. In His Love, Modest Saint

Submitted by Joe on 26 Mar 2007

The worldwide persecutions

Do not focus on all the sad things that happen. The devil is like a snake and hypnotize you with pain, hunger and death. You will get anxious and depressed. Look up to Jesus. Look in the spiritual realm, that He is King and has the victory. Those persecutions give His beloved children a bigger crown and their names are written in the book of God. What is negative on earth will be positive in heaven. The end will be glory for Jesus! Nobody can part us from the love of God.

Submitted by josine on 27 Feb 2007

God is putting a crown over his country, its been removed for a while but now God is placing it back on this place. The country has deteriorated in many ways but now its God turn to start stepping in. Watch the country, its time things started shifting up a notch.

Submitted by Em on 23 Feb 2007


I AM, I AM LOVE, nothing less. Love is the only Truth. The only Truth is ONE. I AM GOD the creator of All Nothing else is there I AM There cannot be divisions of humanity There cannot be blood shed in My name There cannot be words uttered LOVE is simple You are within ME I AM within you Listen deep I AM there Never cause pain in the name of religion Never cause pain in the name of politics Never cause pain in the name of money There is ONE GOD I AM all there IS Pain, it is not MY Gift to You I AM within you YOu need nothing else for I will provide for you TRUST I AM ALL ALL THERE IS I AM TRUTH I AM LOVE I AM GOD within

Submitted by joy on 8 Nov 2006


hear the WORD of the LORD.the mantles of moses and elijah,shall come and rest upon those sanctified,consecrated-set-apart,chosen by CHRIST,and the HOLY- SPIRIT.a shift is started.a remnant SEED,is deposited,in the BODY of CHRIST,worldwide.HOLINESS,is a must .a BLUE-FLAME,will burn all the chaff, and the impurities,out of the body,of the church.we cant serve two masters anymore.we must choose this day whom we shall serve.television entertainment,must be burned ,out of us.if we have any sin or iniquities,when HE comes,HE will say DEPART FROM ME-I-NEVER is the TRUMPET,sounding.prepare yourselves,the hour is LATE.let go of ALL OFFENCES-FORGIVE-ONE-ANOTHER.LOVE one-another,as I have LOVED you.FAST,FAST and PRAY -HUMBLE-turn from every wicked ,way,.SEEK ME while I may be FOUND.concentrate,on your relationship in ME.wash your GARMENTS.LOVE AS I LOVE.......

Submitted by raymond on 20 Oct 2006

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