This is a training room for what the Bible calls 'prophecy'. It's a place for you to practice speaking what you feel God is saying.

Do you feel God has spoken to you His now word? Is it right to let other people know? Then have a go and share your words in this room. Everybody else will need to decide for themselves whether they think what you're saying is from God or not.

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The church

young people you are not the church of tomorrow you are the church of today! Don't let any one tell you any different. You are never too young for God to use you. And if It is God will you will do mighty things.

Submitted by alice on 8 Dec 2004

Word and Vision For England

Word and Vision for England July 20, 2004 An enlarged aerial view of England was before me. I was standing in mid air and I began to see fireballs falling from the sky toward the land. As they fell, the part of the fireball facing the ground suddenly changed into an arrowhead, almost resembling a flaming arrow. As the fireball/arrow approaches the ground, their form begins to change into black crows that begin to descend over the buildings below into what is now a darkened land. Then I heard the Lord herald from heaven, "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and heal their land." A shield then appeared over the nation and blocked the crows from descending. But as time progressed, the shield began to fade. I sensed that this was because people had stopped praying. As the shield disappeared, more of the crows descended over the land again but this time in greater magnitude. Again I heard the Lord admonish his people to pray. As the people began to pray again I saw in the darkened sky another fire that was approaching. From far off this fire looked white and glimmering, but as the fire approached it turned into a violent red fire as it swept through the land, the black birds were scattered. The clouds overhead began to disperse as it gave way to rain clouds and it only took a few moments before it started raining. I then heard the Lord say, "I am coming down to this land as the former and the latter rain and the glory and the reformation it shall experience shall be greater than the former." Interpretation I believe the darkened skies and the crows represented the attack of the enemy on this land and the spiritual atmosphere it has created. I believe that as a nation we shall turn to God, if we ourselves pray and seek His face and turn from our own wicked ways. I believe also with regards to prayer, we should be persistent in prayer even though we see a breakthrough or whether the opposite occurs. I am reminded of the story of when Elisha the prophet was about to die and King Jehoash of Israel requested that their enemies be defeated. Elisha asked the King to strike the ground with the arrows which would represent their enemy's defeat. The King was reprimanded by Elisha for striking only three times instead of 5 or more hits. `You should have struck five or six times; then you would have defeated Aram utterly; as it is, you will strike Aram three times and no more." 2 Kings 13:19 What we should do Pray as the Spirit leads. I realise that this will predominantly apply mainly for those who live in this nation and those to whom the Lord impresses and puts a burden on to pray.

Submitted by Musa on 28 Jul 2004

Be Ready For Power

I AM stirring up enemies of the world's system. The powers over your nation [the United Kingdom] shall be shaken and dislodged. The god's of mammon and greed will be destroyed, as their kingdom proves empty and futile. Only those who trust in ME shall know my peace and joy. Others will be unsettled and unable to rest. I AM coming in power forcefully upon the earth and my people will see my hand at work for them magnified and exalted as I come to fix the mess. In speaking out boldly I AM will release My power, at the direction of My trusted servants. Be ready to command the power that I AM clothing you with. Be ready to declare My salvation to neighbours and friends with whom you speak and expect the moment of salvation to come quickly. I AM redefining the boundaries, rewriting the "rule book". The now season is upon you, when those things that have seemed to take ages to occur will suddenly take place. Be ready and walk close beside me, this is not a moment to hold back or sit back, but to strike out and capture the lost ground. The joy of my Gospel will be known again, not the boring Gospel or the irrelevant Gospel, but the Living Word imparting life, health, wealth, wisdom and healing … breaking the hold of sin and releasing the captive souls… bringing the lost into the walls of salvation and life. Forgive and be forgiven and know the fragrant love of MY forgiveness as never before… "FREE… FREE!… FREE !!! " Enjoying the life within and seeing the power of MY kingship extended across the earth.

Submitted by Geoff on 28 Jul 2004

Hear His Voice And Obey

October 8, 2000 In these days I am calling many into my service from all walks of life in your land. Many in the church will receive prophetic understanding of their call and role. They will not walk in the counsel of men but by my Spirit. I am going to shake the land and awake my people. The work is not for groups or denomination, but will be a divine awakening across the land. From every church group and people group will arise servants who hear His voice and obey me. I will bring about a shaking of denominational spirit of saying " we are the church and of back biting. I [will be] the glory of these days, it will not be a day of favour for a special group of believers. For those who continue to be marshland dwellers [living in yesterday's move of God] there will be silence in heaven. They shall not witness the flow of the river of life being poured out everywhere. I will stir up bold apostles who will defy the spirit of the age - of drugs, of pornography and feeding off television. They are the destructive forces that rob communities of a generation of workers and turn righteousness to one side. The apostles of my choosing will be women and children, teenagers as well as men who understand the power of my protection and who will take their stand at my call. Awaken people of God your destiny is the kingdom of God and all the power of My Spirit. Who is wise let him drink in my words. Hearing my voice and turning others back from the wrong path. Who is wise enough to stand firm against those who walk in the wisdom of society; those who say there is nothing that can be done about the drugs problem. I AM sends those who will rise above these sayings of the enemy sown in men's hearts and I will vindicate those who rise up and do MY will, and conquer these strongholds. My power is greater than the hold of the enemy and my reviving power will turn men from dust into vessels of gold. Pray for those who seize the ground in the war against drugs for politicians from all sides, who take a stand against these devices of ruin that afflict communities with great harm. MY time is now, come into my presence and believe me and trust me. The realities of this present age shall be overturned as I reform society around you. I will conform my people to be children of my kingdom. Those who fight for me and who tear down the enemy strongholds. The fight is not a game, but a work that will reap a harvest of souls from the traps of the enemy. Take time to draw near to me. The way is open to you and to all others who call upon my name for salvation and who trust My Son. Denominationalism is as the power of witchcraft a means to divide that withholds the blessing. As you learn to value and see me in all disciples of the true true light then the shackles that cause the blessing to be withheld are broken. Fear O' enemies of the Word, your time has come. When the people of the Holy covenant arise, they will arise until you're crushed beneath their feet. This is the promise to mankind from Genesis to Revelation. HE who overcomes will walk in great power and anointing. The day of darkness shall flee before those who stand and call down the walls of the enemy. The Jericho walls. But they shouted together, as they walked together and this unity under my command shall succeed where individual initiatives have failed. Learn from me and trust in My Spirit and Word to guide. When you trust in my spirit He will reveal my Word in ways that you could never fathom. His calling is upon you, His Word is in your heart and His Spirit causes you to say " Father in Heaven we worship you as the fragrance of Divine love is poured out for many."

Submitted by Geoff on 28 Jul 2004

Call to Prayer

God said to me, "Andy, I want you to pray.... If Christians knew the power of prayer, then they would not stop praying..." It's time to get excited, it's time to believe that God hears us, it's time to start changing the world... it's time to pray.

Submitted by Andy on 21 Jun 2004


i had this vishon of a black cloud breackin up over England and iv then saw the fire of the holy sprit goin through england. a few days latter i saw like doors all round england and like water buldin up dehind them and then the doors burstin open. i think this is tryin to say that reval is commin soon but its gonna b hard to get into plp hards but satens runin away god bless hannah

Submitted by hannah on 21 Jun 2004

The army is broken

A while ago I was watching a Film in Hatfield Cinema, it was a war film. I began to feel the pain of God as each bullet hit the people and the tears of God fell down my face. I thought of all the pain that the Father feels as we destroy each other with our words and with our actions. Not only was there fire from the enemy but also mixed messages were causing people to shoot their own … As I walked home to St. Albans after the film, the Lord showed me a battle where there were so many wounded that it was impossible for the medics to see to their wounds. The medics would run to one person and try and fix him up the best that he could and then run to the next. But every time they tried to get up they would be shot again and the process would go on and on. The medics were exhausted and could not continue to minister to the wounded… I believe that the Lord was showing me a picture of the Church in the UK, and that there is panic in the camp of God, we are running around trying to save everyone and heal everyone but we are not waiting till they are strong, we are running to others to help before the others are healed and prepared to enter into the battle field. They get up to fight and no sooner than they are up they are down again. And this is happening over and over. Ministers are overwhelmed by the number of casualties and have almost lost their hope; they are over worked and under rested. The Body is in a state and we need to call on the Lord to raise us up again. We are afflicted and wounded in the Heart and with out the Grace of God and His intervention we will loose the battle for England. | I fear that we have to simple a view of the Church and what we are hear to do and we are not awake to the Spirit’s Voice, the Balm of Gilead needs to be applied, we need Healing as a Body and we need to repair the walls of the Church. Let us pray for our leaders and strengthen each other and encourage each other while it is called today!

Submitted by Mathew on 7 May 2004

Love can't continue as a dream any more..

..there's a miracle in this world that is the GREATEST gift of all. The miracle of LOvE will take away your pain. Love is stronger than death. LOve covers a multitude of sins. Faith worketh by LOVE...out of prophecy, knowledge, faith, and hope,...without LOVe you are nothing. Love your enemies _ yes, you fight not them, but the spirits that have captured them. Remember that you were once captured.Time is beautiful with love. Love will make a giant come down to His will make a hurricane into a breeze..Oh, sweet and Holy love is LIGHT. Light came ito the world and darkness comprehended it not..God is LOVE. And we are the imagebearer of God. Truly we are the lightbearers today. They loved not there lives even unto death. That is LOVE. You Soldiers of love always.Perfect love casteth out fear for fear has torment..doesn't it. I love you my sweetest brothers and sisters of good Christ Jesus. We've already won. Didn't you know...(hug)

Submitted by Desiree on 15 Jan 2004

Messenger from GOD

All those who are TOO YOUNG to realize their fault, are already seated in the HEAVENLY REALM with GOD.(IT IS DONE!)

Submitted by Reginald on 18 Nov 2003

taking care of the community

I felt god say that we need to be more aware of our neighbours, not to walk out of our front doors with our heads bowed down full of burdens but get ready to lift our heads up to share with our community giving out positive things that are happening and show how we care about them in general by getting involved with our neighbours instead of our busy busy lives! God so much loves to take care of us more when we concentrate on the ones he loves too like our neighbours.

Submitted by Sally on 23 Jul 2003

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