This is a training room for what the Bible calls 'prophecy'. It's a place for you to practice speaking what you feel God is saying.

Do you feel God has spoken to you His now word? Is it right to let other people know? Then have a go and share your words in this room. Everybody else will need to decide for themselves whether they think what you're saying is from God or not.

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The Generation Rising

I believe the Holy spirit spoke to my heart and said. There is a generation rising up that will not follow the previous generation, but will proceed them in Godliness and Holiness.

Submitted by Gareth on 18 Oct 2006

We can all be lights in this dark world

I saw loads of burning fir cones falling down into a dark wood made up of many trees. Soon the whole forest was ablaze. God said to me 'I will use the weak to convict the strong.' I think this means that however inadequate we think we are God can still use us to accomplish great things and bring many people back to Him.

Submitted by Naomi on 25 May 2006

I don't really know...

What then should I say to those who burn incense before the alter of the most high, yet whose hearts burn with selfish envy, who give only to receive who pour out praises upon those they seek to influence, yet speak insults and lies in dark corners. Know then that these are whom I speak of, empty wine jars, who seek their own favour, yet I know their hearts, I know what vile deeds are done an spoken, know that they are wretched to my sight, for I shall not be mocked by those who seek division within the kingdom. Rejoice you O Israel for the time is at hand, you who rejected the very line of Abraham, you who where given a double portion, from your barren wastelands arose the mighty branch, barring fruit for all nations, O you who wait for that which is already with you, know this then Israel, that though you rejected I, I shall carry your Burdon, for your redemption shall surely come, for the Son you gave birth to, yet rejected shall come soon and wounds which where opened shall be healed. Know then that I came to bring peace, yet peace was not the order of the day, I came to bring light yet they chose darkness for it hid their sins which where many, rejected, despised I was for they sought the royal and mighty yet missed the humble servant, yet know it is the humble servant who now commands the throne and raises the sword, for even the blackest night cannot defeat the light for I am the light. For know this then It is I who broke the chains of death, not by force but by love, a love that the world has not understood, a love that spanned the Ancients throne to the very depths of blackness and beyond, Rejoice then you O Israel for know this that if this love can break the chains of death, what shall it be for you who have understood, for I am love, I am. See then I have given them a pillar of fire, yet this pillar of fire remains hidden from the eyes yet visible to the heart, for surely then those who seek a sign shall not be disappointed. So then what gift is fitting to repay a generation who bath in the wretched flesh of the dammed, yet to their nostrils his flesh smells sweet. O foolish foolish generation who bow down before silver and gold, who build temples only to worship each other, know this then that as surely as day follows night, this generation, idolatrous clouds, blowing wherever the wind sends them. And to you o noble nation who have long forgotten I, should then I forget you, for if it where not for those precious few to whom I am known and then to I they are known, would I not swell up the waters around them and wash away that vile blemish, yet for a pinch of gold grains amonst a mountain of sand, they shall be given a doorway a bridge on which to escape. Understand this then I hand is upon the door, which shall close at my will. O blessed blessed little children who come before I and granted suffering no more, o blessed little ones snatched from their mothers breast surely now you are fed, and mothers who weep bitterly for the dead, dry your tears for would I forsake one so precious, blessed little one truly for a day shall come when all these little ones shall dance around my throne, for what is precious to I this generation spoils and to those who pluck these flowers I thoughts shall remain till then for time alone shall not hide your deeds nor the worlds judgement free you guilt. Yet see though the blackness a light shall come and the glory of days past shall descend upon you, on this day truth shall descend upon you, on this day truth shall again dwell on earth and the truth that man rejected shall come to some a refreshing breeze yet to others like a sword cutting them in two for this shall be the second death, for I am that which was before the very dawn of the Word spoken, that which was, is and shall surely be, for know this I am truth. And know that I shall come to swing the balance of judgement upon all to grant life to some and death to others, and then to you child know that before that great day of final reconciliation, the day of truth, you shall see the great riches of my throne, the pleasure of my heart poured out upon that nation and beyond, for the key to the eternal city is at hand and to you who trust great measures shall be given. And then to you O people, if you have a measure of wisdom know this, you have received the smallest part of that which I have given, see the vision I have placed before you is without limits, yet your wisdom becomes misguided and limits the vision, O precious ones you move only in that which you understand, that which your mind reasons, yet this is but a fragment of the picture I place before you, your order has become your bondage. For this then I speak, that you might hear, yet if hearing is your only response, what should I say, for if I speak, it is as I give, which is what you receive, and reason this, even the consul acknowledges the new age which I shall bring, yet he commits fornication with the very vision I have given, only to deny I authority over all, he rapes the minds of those I have born, so know this I am against those who turn purity into lust, who defile the very word spoken. To this then I shall bring the sword and truth shall slice away the lie’s, for you then people shall wield this sword for whoever refuses to wield is on the cutting edge for there are only two kingdoms, that of light and that of darkness and on that day the light chooses He shall swallow up the darkness in fire and light, no more, then shall people hide their faces at the vileness of their deeds. So then you who profess the truth must live in the truth and you who proclaim the light should denounce the darkness for a servant cannot serve two masters for he who yields to both pleases non, for that man has two minds. Be of one mind and live in truth, walk in the light and surely you will see, walk in darkness and you shall become lost, know this then that the double minded man is like the kingdom divided, so surly to fall. For know then that as the truth comes so the consul of deception shall rise up and steal the crowns of the weak, know that this time shall come, but to you then who trust in I the deception shall not fall, rejoice then for those who overcome shall find a light in the wilderness, a fountain of fresh water in the desert, see then I come.

Submitted by AndyR on 18 May 2006

urgency for today

Last year, I saw a beach, and on it lots of Timex (I ask you Timex not Rolex) watches dancing up and down. Confused, I asked the Lord to explain. He seemed to say "Time and tide wait for no man!" And then recently, I saw the same picture, and was ready to say to God, 'yes, I know, Time and Tide wait for no man' And He seemed to say "No, you need to know that the sands of time are running out!"

Submitted by les on 23 Mar 2006


I saw a picture. Mankind had been given swords (the authority given to man on earth). With their swords men were slashing at one another and wounding each other. Men were also trying to slash out at God with their swords (but they couldn't touch him - their swords didn't connect with anything, just passed meaninglessly through the air). A man came before God on his knees and, holding the blade, gave the sword back to God - handle first. This was the man's repentance. In his repentance he expected God to strike him and hurt him but maybe let him go free. But God took the sword and turnde it around so that the blade faced himself. Then God stabbed himself through the heart before the man and died. The man was stunned. God had not just let the man off but ascribed such worth to the man that he himself would die. As God died the death in the man died and as God rose alive again the man knew he too would rise again for eternity. But the man cried out, "What can I do now for the other men with their swords?" God told him to stand amongst them as they slashed their swords. As the men slashed wildly with the swords the forgiven man just stood amongst them. As they fought one another and as they tried to fight God they caught the forgiven man. Some even targetted the forgiven man and struck him with their swrods. But the man was strengthened and sustained by God. As he stood amongst them he was a testimony to them of God. When the men tired, when they had been beaten enough they stopped. And the forgiven man was standing there before them. He had been hurt but he was still standing before them. They saw that something else had strengthened this man who hadn't been fighting. Then the men came before God with their swords - holding them out handle first to God. They too would see God stab his own heart for them. I think that God is telling us to stand amongst the people of Britain who are thrashing around with their lives - angry at something. We don't fight like they fight. We stand amongst them in peace - no sword drawn. We will get beaten and hurt and then we call out to God and he will sustain us. When the people around us tire we bear testimony to them that God is there. And when they stop thrashing around and stop they will see.

Submitted by James on 13 Feb 2006

today know my child: that I have called you by name; that you are mine. I have held you in the palm of my hand. Will I not bring you through another day? Come to me and learn of me, I long for you to come deeper. I yearn for intimacy with you, for this is what I have made you for. I love you. Do not stand distant, draw close to me. Take of me, for my burden is easy, my yoke is so light. Cast your cares on me for I am willing and able, cast your life into my hands and you will look back and be utterly amazed at where I take you. For my arms of love are outstreched to you today. Know my child that I the Lord your God, I will go before you.

Submitted by Aaron on 2 Feb 2006

An Army

I believe that God's building up and army of young people, intercessors. We're going to go out with the fire of God and we're going to shake the demons from their cosy little homes. So get ready cos the world's gunna shake with the worship of God cos the young people are going to stamp their feet and yell their praise and NOTHING is going to stop them, not even the gates of hell. No, nothing can stop this army they're invincible and they're with God. Get ready for the shake up of your life.

Submitted by Imi on 19 Dec 2005

Kingdom of God?

I beleive God spoke to me through a dream: I was the keeper of a lodge - a small house, a 2 up 2 down afair - nothing special. Across the road was a large beautiful building - kind of like a monastary or country mansion. Inside were rooms, ornate and amazingly beatuiful, each one was unique in design and colour scheme. On this particular day, I remembered that I had to collect some folk from the local train station. As we arrived back at the lodge I began to wonder what I was supposed to do with these guys - then I realised - I was meant to show them around the 'building' - I was to be their tour guide! This made me panic a little as I wondered, did I know enough about the place and could I find my way around without getting us all lost! I beleive God was saying this - that the lodge was earth and the beautiful building was the kingdom of heaven. That if we think earth is beautiful, we aint seen nothing yet! That each of us need to get to know the Kingdom of Heaven so that we can "show others around" and introduce them to the beauty of His Kingdom and ultimately to the Father as we humbly approach through His outer courts, inner courts and ultimately His throne room. It's only through experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven for yourself that you will gain a passion for introducing it to other people.

Submitted by Andrew on 2 Nov 2005



Submitted by ROGER on 1 Nov 2005


A man came running out of some trees towards me, and paused, out of breath. He spoke hurriedly and said "Preach of the Almighty Christ, the Word of Jesus." Then disappeares

Submitted by Mush on 20 May 2005

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