Wandered away from God? Followed your own desires and suddenly found yourself at a distance? Or totally rebelled and turned your back on God? Ready to come back? Forgiveness, acceptance, love, hope, compassion, mercy. This is your God. His eyes are on you, His arms are open, always hoping, always waiting for you. Limp or run, crawl or stagger, your God ALWAYS wants you back.

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Dear lord, Thank you for loving me the way that you do. Please can u help me come closer to you. I dont feel i deserve it as u no how much i have sinned, i have wandered from you. Please Please help to draw close to you and learn more about you. Please help me to be able to be like you. amen

Submitted by lauren on 19 Apr 2008

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for debbie and all families and freidns and enemies too and our new baby too be and its saf delivery and for peace makers for all and for simon all this and a husband for debbie im a lonely single girl and for perfect peace for all and good mental well being too

Submitted by debbie on 14 Apr 2008

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praying for strenghth

Lord i ask of you to help me wtih strenth to turn away ffom all that is wrong in my life i'm trying to pray better this i find difficuilt ..Ifeel sometimes that you are there although i keep trying to ignore what i know you would like for my life my trouble is letting your power help me this is why i ask for your guidance in abundance to feel your presence in my struggle with things i have no interest in anymore please lord ......

Submitted by mark on 13 Apr 2008

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Lord, anyone ? I know I'm not the.. best Christian, but lately things have gone wrong, and I've realized how distant i have been with you, And I've realized that i need you in my life, to guide me and to help me, I need you to stop me from doing something i will regret, Please help me become a better person, friend and Christian, I care for you Lord. Please forgive me for all my sins, and let me forgive others who have hurt me, or upset me, I need you father..

Submitted by Sophh on 17 Mar 2008

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My life

I cannot believe how much sin I have gone and filled my life with. I have rejected God so much over the last few months, my none-christian friends have not been a great encouragement. But now, starting college, meeting new Christians who arnt afraid of You, who You are and what You do for them has really strengthened me Lord. Thank you so much for letting me meet these fab people, and as I move through my life please help me and also help me to help others not only in their Christian lives but also to help me encourage new people into our family. Lord I DO love you no matter what mistakes I make please guide me through them and be in my heart forever. Please never leave my side... I need you Father!

Submitted by Emma on 23 Feb 2008

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Father God thankyou that you love me so much, lord i come back to you right now, and i completly surrender to you and your will and plan for my life, i am sorry for doing the stupid i have done wrong and i ask you to forgive me right now, holy spirit come and fill me afresh right now that i would know beyond all knowing that i am loved and completly filled by you! in Jesus name.Amen

Submitted by rachel on 1 Feb 2008

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Thank You For loving me!

Father, I Thank you for loving me and forgiving me. I am sorry I ran from you instead of turning to you, but you waited and picked me up in your loving hands I thank you and love you lord. xxx

Submitted by Denise on 31 Dec 2007

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You were most definately with us in the begining, good things were going to come of it, but things have changed and I'm gutted. I've been naive in thinking i was doing the right thing by you. God you have been lost in the efforts to keep this relationship alive. And now it has to end. God, because of this, hurt will be caused. I want to come back to you, to be with you, but I'm going to have to hurt him. I'm scared of what he'll think of me, after all that was said and done. God please give me the strength and courage to be with you. You are the only person I want to live for, you have plans for me that I cannot even comprehend. I love you and I'm sorry. your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Submitted by alice on 31 Dec 2007

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Please take me home

Dear Lord Jesus, You have been so good to me. I have missed You so much over this last year. I got so hurt by people and did so many stupid things. I'm sorry Lord. I was so confused. Now i'm in a very confusing place as You know and i'm the only one to blame. Lord please forgive me and have mercy. my life is so broken at the moment and my heart is in bits. i'm so numb and i've stopped caring about life. Please help Lord and change me. i'm ready to come back. Please take me back. Thank You gracious Lord. Please change everything! Amen

Submitted by Sammi on 10 Nov 2007

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Lord Forgive Me

Lord I thank you for seeing something in me that is usable for the upbuilding of your kingdom because these days I haven't been living a life pleasing to you. I sometimes wonder why you even chose me to minister to your people. I have been rebelling against you every since I left my husband. I have allowed anger to cause me to do things that I know make you angry and are against your will for me and your word. Please help me to get myself together and realize that I cannot find happines in sex and men and that it's not even about happiness, it's about joy unspeakable. I am so sorry for the many sins that I have committed within these past months and thank you for the person that you placed in my life that caused me to realize that I needed to come back to you so that you could teach me to love and respect myself again as the virtuous woman that you created me to be. I also pray that you give me the strength to forgive my husband for the many things that he has done against me both before and after we were seperated. I ask that these things be granted to me in the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

Submitted by Tamika on 26 Oct 2007

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