Wandered away from God? Followed your own desires and suddenly found yourself at a distance? Or totally rebelled and turned your back on God? Ready to come back? Forgiveness, acceptance, love, hope, compassion, mercy. This is your God. His eyes are on you, His arms are open, always hoping, always waiting for you. Limp or run, crawl or stagger, your God ALWAYS wants you back.

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I am sorry

I am so sorry God that I have turned away from you in recent years. I never stopped believing you were there for me, but I did not bother to try and listen to you and to communicate my thoughts with you, or let you guide me. Remember when I used to sit down and you used to inspire me with words of comfort? I miss those days, and it is all my own fault. I am so sorry God, I know I would not be feeling half the heavy heart I am feeling right now if it were not for my unwillingness and chat and the way I naturally easily get distracted. Please please forgive me God, I so want to feel you close to me again, my heart is heavy now and I know it is aching for you to fill it up again, so I pray that you will break through my shell and do just that. I want to feel close to you again and I am ready to turn back to your family, who I have not been a part of for years. Please come back to me God, and please except this lost sheep back into your fold again - I miss my daddy.

Submitted by Claire on 10 Oct 2007

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im sorry

Im sorry Lord, thats all i can say. im sorry that this is the first time ive really spoken to you since my fathers death. its been 6months now. im ashamed, please forgive me Lord. as im writing this im finding it hard to say the right words. you know my heart Lord. i want to give you my all. but im affraid. affraid of what, i dont know. commiting myself i surpose. im living a double life. im a christian in church but with my friends and work mates, im jack the lad.....i want you to shine yourself through me Lord. i need to show your love through me. so i can witness to others. i need to do this Lord. so please help me...give me the strenght. so i can stand up and be counted. that people will know that im a good man, a christian ( christ like man ), that people can see how wonderful you are. and that you can help and change peoples lifes. fill me anew Lord. send a fire deep within my heart again. may i feel the same when i first meet you and commited my life to you. i ask this in your name. Amen

Submitted by gareth-wyn on 8 Oct 2007

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Lord I need your guidance in my life, I feel you have led me to a few who need you so badly and I won,t give up on them. But please never let me fall in the same trap, but may I have a balance of friends, but also spend time with christians around me. Help me get more confident chatting to people in church. Also may I be a light to these people and not just to follow them into a party scene where being ruled by drink and having a good time

Submitted by A on 5 Oct 2007

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can't surrender to you yet

please God, wait for me; you know that i am waiting for an answer to my questions before i can fully surrender my all to you. Lord, you have brought so much healing into my life, but i am concerned that if i don't let go of the things that are holding me in bondage, then i will start to become imbalanced in my mind again. i still have a lot of strange images and ideations in my head, but i know taking a higher dose of meds isn't the answer right now, becos i can function reasonably well, and do my studies and socialise etc, if i don't keep thinking that i'm not surrendering enough of my self to you. i want to get well, but i can't do it on my own, God. i feel as tho' i'm on a tightrope; i don't want to lose my relationship with you, cos you are good to me. its just that i am stubborn and weak right now. Help!

Submitted by C on 4 Oct 2007

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rescue me

Lord i will give it all up if you would only just come in my heart this night and save me bring balance in my life and hope teach me how to be saved all over again

Submitted by Lolechia on 18 Sep 2007

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I am a youth Minister at my Church and I keepfalling into my old way of living and I am tired of it, I need help! I prayed for forgiveness, which I know He forgave me, but dont want to keep doing this, I will beat it and with your prayers I will be OK, Please pray for me in my choice of rededication to The Lord! I need to be the one that these youth look up to and if they have the same prob. I can tell them that I know what they are going through and that they can beat it with prayer and Gods help!

Submitted by Adam on 14 Sep 2007

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i really dont know

ohh lord right now i dont know what to do im fallin apart and i need you....i was once wit you ..and now fallin because the devil keepz pullin bak to what he want...god i want you to make me stronget then never before..i think i dont have enought faith and i need to gain that dear lord....i love you w/ all my heart...because only have been their for me when i cried out... i kno im not perfect no one is in this world ecept you... i really dont want you to push me aside...because if your still knockin im going to open up..and i need you to be their for me my mighty lord to whach me not fall ...to keep me next to you ...to hold me in your armsss....my lord you dont kno the pain i been thru ever sine i forgotton you...now everything is hard w/ out you.. that why i need you to reconnect me w/ you ..i need your help... because i kno you will responde bak...because if your sad all dance till my feet come off ..because i kno you my lord will give me new pair of feet...ohhh lord i love you..i love you my lord... my faid and most presuce lord... the honor and glory be with you..recice dear lord because ill promise i wont let you down ..amen

Submitted by santa on 28 Aug 2007

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lord, I have wondered away, I have claimed myself as a christian, and tryed to show it on the outside, but inside I am at a distance, lord please take out the rubbish in my life that is tearing me away from you, give me a fresh revelation of you, and help me to act, live, and think like jesus. Amen

Submitted by chris on 21 Aug 2007

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Lord I am so confused, I have been so hurt by don, his addiction and alcohol have so hurt me deeply, i thought you didnt want me to bein his life, yet this week i feel it is and i feel so scared , scared hes going to hurt me again, please lord, its his birthday and i have a present to give him, fears of him over doing it or insulting me stop me feeling your peace, will you guide me in this? I really need to hear from you today as Im so stressed out, lord i lift him to you and ask you comfort him in all his pain, that causes him to coninue to abuse drugs drink. pleaselord help metoday to know your will to hear your voice asi feel so torn. amen guide me when to go or ring, protect me fromt he enemy and bind satan. bind the devilfrom having a go at me and take this stress away please. lord when i go for prayer for healing saturday please touch my heart.please speak direct to me. i cant hear what your saying and i want to hear your lading especiallyinthis

Submitted by t on 29 Jul 2007

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Lord, I struggle and fall away from you from time to time. When I should be `on fire` for you I tend to shy away, I want to give my all yet it feels like I`m holding back and there`s nothing I`m able to do about it. Lord, I ask you to take me, shake me and make me anew. Lord, make me a servant for you.

Submitted by Gords on 15 Jul 2007

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