Wandered away from God? Followed your own desires and suddenly found yourself at a distance? Or totally rebelled and turned your back on God? Ready to come back? Forgiveness, acceptance, love, hope, compassion, mercy. This is your God. His eyes are on you, His arms are open, always hoping, always waiting for you. Limp or run, crawl or stagger, your God ALWAYS wants you back.

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I have been so far from you recently and I miss being in communion with you. Please take me back and strengthen me in my faith. Take the glory from my life, be exalted higher than the heavens. Please receive me and make me yours.

Submitted by Richard on 23 Sep 2006

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I want to come home

Dear Lord i've experienced life without you and i realise how sad, lonely and lost i've become. I miss that constant warmth i used to feel knowing that you and i were a team. It's hard because i know you've never stopped loving me and that i turned away from you thinking that i could live my life alone doing the things i wanted but i know that was the biggest mistake of my life. You blessed me so much recently giving me an amazingly sweet and loving husband and providing me with a fantastic house and i've ignored you throughout all of this. I am SO sorry and i'm desperate to come home to you. My husband hasn't been saved yet but i can feel him crying out at times for something more in his life and i just pray Lord that you can touch him and help him to feel your love. It's hard for us and especially him because his parents are so anti-Christian the it's all aoften mocked by them. I need you in my life again Lord, i need your help, compassion, guidance and most of all your overwhelming love. Let me come home again Lord, i'm tired and empty.

Submitted by debbie on 10 Sep 2006

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Spiritual Occupation

I don't know what to do. I don't know what to pray, or think, or even what's truly going on behind this mirage we call "Life", but I think I'm being called back to the "Spiritual Occupation" God has made me for. Things were much simpler when I didn't move. He's hidden me in the cleft so long that now, now that He is beginning to remove His Hand to let me see again, I don't know what to do. I used to. But it's been so long and so much has happened. But I think I'm being the hardest on myself. He doesn't condemn us; we condemn ourselves and eachother. We squabble and bicker and lick our wounds as we ignore His peace and healing. So what happens? Our quarrels and wounds stay active and infectious. We need to become Marys again and stop the urgent, sit our butts down, and listen to the only Important One who matters. Please pray that I remember to do so as well.

Submitted by Deborah on 6 Sep 2006

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longing to come home to you

Dear Jesus My heart aches with longing to come home to you. You know how badly I have let you down. My attitudes suck and I have caused so much hurt to my family and neglected my friends because of my worries. Please pour out your help and healing on them by the bucket load they need it so much. Lord you know my heart and all my fears worries selfishness but also heart longings to reach the broken. Please bring good out of this whole situation. Please take me back and let me know your peace, acceptance and comfort again. You make life worth living. Use me to mend the broken and help me to mend the broken relationships in my life. Thank you for your amazing faithfulness and bring me back to your cross so that I have the courage and love to let go of my fears and live for you. Thank you!

Submitted by caroline on 4 Sep 2006

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back in fellowship with God and his people

please agree with me that my heart will be free once again to worship and praise the Lord and to be in fellowship with Him and his people. I married a man who is not a believer and i havent been in church in about two years. im so dry and weary cant go much longer on my own strength. im afraid because people really judged me when i married this man. His name is Ray and he is a good man just not saved. he doesnt prevent me from going to church or anything like that its just every day life working almost 50 hours a week and being so tired to even go any where. so its mostly my choices also. thank you . I really need to hear His voice and direction once again. I know He said he would never leave me or forsake me . Im the one who moved away. thank you .

Submitted by JANET on 26 Aug 2006

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forgive me

Heavenly father, you have seen the way i lived, the sins that i commit, i am so sorry for walking away. Im empty and i don't like it. everyday i feel eager to come closer to you, to feel your presence fill up in me. i think of you everyday and every hour...there is no one else that make me feel as safe. Lord no one else can save me but you, everyday i feel my time is almost up and not knowing where i will go. Save me God from going to the gates of hell...let me be your child again. Don't reject me father, never leave me, hold my hand. I feel unclean without you, Holy Spirit please heal me, clean me till my body and soul is white. Im so hungry for you, feed me with more of your words....make me more on fire for you like i use to be. Forgive me for doing what i did, touch me Jesus! I lift my hands up to you father, i surrender Lord. I give my life to you, i want to follow you and help save those whose goin through same thing as i did. Holy father forgive me for i am a sinner, i believe that your son Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us from our sins and is now risen again. take me as your daughter now. Save my soul. In Jesus name amen!

Submitted by Jeng on 25 Aug 2006

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Father, you have seen my past and what i have done. I know what i done was wrong. Sorry for walking away and not believing in you. Help me Lord, i feel so empty. Everyday and every hour i think of you. I read the Bible and take in your word, yet i feel theres still weigth holding me down. I do believe that you are real but i want to feel you are here with me. Let me feel your presence father, you are the only one who i really need. I feel so eager to know you and be with you. Everyday i feel like my time is almost up. Save me God from going to the gates of hell. I want to be with you forever, because when i read your word that is the only time i feel so safe. Bring me comfort wherever i go, Heal me my Glorious God, clean me till my body and soul is white. Take me father into your arms. Do not let me turn back, hold my hand tight and don't let me go. I am truly sorry...forgive me for i am a sinner, i recieve you now as my Lord and Saviour. I do believe you died on the cross to save us, thank you for always loving us. In Jesus name! Amen

Submitted by Jeng on 24 Aug 2006

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bac again.. and in HIS purpose

Lord I come to you with my heart full of desperation. the last months i often wondered if you really care for me, if you are really standing by your church, your people, if you see all this mess in my life and the world around. but i am empty now. i´m desperate for you. all my human wisdom cannot explain the questions i want to ask. no one of my friends is able to fill my thoughts with good words and encouragement. only you jesus, holy father i hope you are. i´ve been knowing you since i am a teen. and i know your good thoughts, your purpose for my ife. i want to come back, turn away from thinking to much and not let you be the answer. i turn away from false theology and judging the church and your folks . i pray for a friend, jesus, who knows this struggling withscience and faith, struggling between the critism and things i learned at university and the gooood experiences with your holy spirit. father i pray that you may push me back in your church, in passion for prayer and 24-7. give me a new coat where i can hide from the storm and dont let the lier touch my few trust. in jesus name. thanks. love ......mo

Submitted by mo on 24 Aug 2006

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children in care

Dear Lord Jesus, I prey that my children will return to me O Lord, I love them very much, please continue to help me in all areas of my life and to focus on what needs to be done in order for this to happen. I prey that Stuart will want to see his brother and sister on the 4Sept 2006 as they miss him a lot in Jesus name I ask it amen.................

Submitted by ann pearson on 15 Aug 2006

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God i know i'v strayed from you but i need you in my life so much. you say you love me no matter what yet i find that hard to believe sometimes yet deep down i know its true. god help me to stay strong when i feel weak and show me reminders that you are there for me through out the day.

Submitted by Hannah on 9 Aug 2006

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