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Articles by John Cheek
Such Unprecedented Times
John Cheek reports from some new horizons [30.07.20]
'Corona' A Crown'Corona' A Crown
John Cheek ponders on the coronavirus [30.04.20]
Down In The Tube Station At Late Afternoon
John Cheek wonders how much we value life, over human rights [21.04.20]
Bringing A Christian Voice Into The Public DomainBringing A Christian Voice Into The Public Domain
John Cheek talks about finding opportunities to communicate a Christian viewpoint in a public domain. [16.07.19]
The Pitfalls Of Being Middle Class
John Cheek suggests that false gods are close to home. [27.06.19]
Is There A Right Way To Pray?
John Cheek wonders at the upside-down nature of God's kingdom. [02.05.19]
Do We Care About Alleviating Poverty?
John Cheek reflects upon what this world values highly. [04.04.19]
Banking On The Church Banking On The Church
John Cheek argues that when it comes to the crunch, it's Christians who step up to the plate. [12.03.19]
Creating The Right ImpressionCreating The Right Impression
John Cheek speaks with an actor keen to challenge our pre-conceptions on the nature of God. [14.02.19]
Reflections And Lessons From The Life And Murder Of Annette McGaviganReflections And Lessons From The Life And Murder Of Annette McGavigan
John Cheek looks back at the life and murder of Annette McGavigan, reflecting on the troubles in Northern Ireland, and the need for truth and forgiveness. [04.12.18]

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