Having spent most of his life ministering and being a peace negotiator in the Middle East, a world that is almost unrecognisable to readers in the comfortable West. Jeff Short chats with Andrew about his new daily meditation book.

A Year With Andrew White

Jeff: I'm really pleased to be able to talk with you, not least because as well as the many calls on your life and your ministry, you've managed to find time to write another book. I've read some of the other ones that you've written and wonderful testimonies they are but this is a bit different.

Andrew: It is and I think this is actually the best. Because this is meditations from my life on different passages from scripture. So it's what God is saying today.

Jeff: For people who don't know you, you have a remarkable ministry and the backdrop to it, is you have personal ill health.

Andrew: I do, yes, but it never stops me. I always say I might have MS but MS doesn't have me.

Jeff: That's wonderful. And I suppose there's a scriptural basis for that because very often the bible talks about when we are weak then God can be strong through us.

Andrew: And that is what I have experienced. That is the reality of my life. Despite seemingly being in the natural weak, in the spiritual I am strong and filled with the glory of God. This book is not just an encouragement to me; it should be an encouragement to all of us.

Jeff: It's called A Year With Andrew White and I think some of the topics you cover like freedom and forgiveness and brokenness are relevant for anyone at any time. I found it very moving in places. You were given the title The Vicar of Baghdad because you were out there.

Andrew: I used to be.

Jeff: But life has moved on since then. What are you doing now, Andrew?

Andrew: I am still maintaining care of the Iraqi refugees who have left Iraq and are mainly in Jordan. We have a school, a clinic and a major relief work. But the really key thing that I'm doing is sharing God's glory with people all over the world, mainly in England but I go off to Singapore on Tuesday and then to Bethel, Reading the following week. So I'm literally going all over the world.

Jeff: For someone not in church circles or not a committed Christian what does 'God's glory' mean for them?

Andrew: God's glory means the supernatural power of Heaven come to Earth. That is the reality of the nature of my work. We are seeing continually God's presence touching us in our midst in remarkable ways. And whenever God's glory comes to Earth, things happen; miracles, signs, wonders. This has been the story of my life.

Jeff: I've heard you speak on a couple of occasions and never been disappointed by your testimony and you do it in almost a relaxed, chilled way. I can recall you talking about when you were in Iraq when God miraculously provided masses of meat.

Andrew: Yes, he did. And masses of miracles. That was one of the most incredible times of my life. But the same glory is still with me now. There we saw God's provision, God's healing, resurrections, a multitude of miraculous things happening. And we are also seeing those things happening here.