Paul Calvert speaks to CEO Gordon Robertson, about the role of CBN, and his opinions on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

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Paul: Has God got a plan for Israel today?

Gordon: Absolutely, God always has a plan for Israel, it's the apple of His eye. You know just today I was with a group and they were all these laughing children and I just thought about the prophecy over Jerusalem "once again children will laugh in your streets." So we have seen it come to pass, I have seen it come to pass in my lifetime, where things that were considered absolutely impossible became possible where Jerusalem was reunified. It is the absolute fulfillment of words written down 2000 years ago, 2500 years ago and 3000 years ago. So to say "does God have a plan for Israel," absolutely!

Paul: Your ministry has been running for many years, you must have seen God do amazing things?

Gordon: We have seen all kinds of miracles in all kinds of places. CBN has been around now for 58 years and I am always astounded at what God is able to do.

Paul: Why do you do what you do?

Gordon: It's a calling. I encourage anyone if you are looking to get into ministry make sure it's a calling because there will be opposition and difficult days. Will there be joy? Yes, but you have to know that you are called and that this is the purpose of your life.

Paul: What is your prayer for Israel and the Palestinians?

Gordon: Peace, my prayer continually is for the peace, the peace of Jerusalem. A blessing on the Palestinian people, as Christians we need to recognise Jesus died for them and if you look back through biblical history, the Palestinians and the Jews are actually brothers. Wouldn't it be wonderful for brothers to dwell together in unity? CR

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