This is a training room for what the Bible calls 'prophecy'. It's a place for you to practice speaking what you feel God is saying.

Do you feel God has spoken to you His now word? Is it right to let other people know? Then have a go and share your words in this room. Everybody else will need to decide for themselves whether they think what you're saying is from God or not.

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I Had A Dream

Hello there, I'm not sure how often this page is updated, but I would like to share about a dream I had recently. I'm not normally one who remembers dreams, however, I have had a number dreams over the past few years, two of which were warnings which I believe God was showing me to pray into a certain situation; since then I try to endeavour to journal/write down any dream I remember. So this is what I wrote on the morning of July 07th 2022: 'Last night I had a dream. I was standing in an enclosed space with an open top. And there were people starting to gather around to look at the phenomenon And when I looked at this phenomenon myself, it was this Massive whitish streak coming down out of the clouds like a waterfall. I remember wondering what this meant: at first I thought was it God pouring out His Holy Spirit, ye know like a waterfall, which equals refreshment (like a revival or something)? but then I thought no, I think maybe it could be God sending down legions of His angels (at high speed) to help deal with the darkness around about the earth at this present moment - cause there were like dark gloomy clouds (in the dream) which helped make the white streak stand out and it was hitting the the earth with impact. And there were one or two people taking photos with their phones and so, I tried to get a photo however the view would become obscured or something would get in the way and that kind of made me bit anxious to get the photo quickly before it faded, that I wouldn't miss the moment...' Then, I woke up. Prayer: Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit show me the significance of this (if any), I ask for Godly wisdom and discernment in Jesus Name. (Afterthought: while I pondered this later in the morning, I thought of Jacob's dream of the ladder with the 'angels of God ascending and descending' in Genesis 28:12) So, I hope this makes some sort of sense for folk; I was thinking perhaps God would have us to partner with His heavenly angels by declaring His Word and Truth over our circumstances every day instead to just declaring the circumstances which we see all around us...? Thanks for reading. Hope it helps encourage

Submitted by Theresa on 21 Jul 2022

The chair that didn't belong

I had a dream about a large scaled home that was extravagant and had lavish furniture. I went there with a male (couldn't make out the face) It was a home of a celebrity and the male and I were given a tour of the home. Afterwards I retreated to seperate part of the home that was considered the breakfast nook. within the breakfast nook was a beautiful table w/ matching chairs (all but one that was black w/ dry wall dust all over it) . I went to the realtor and asked if the owners were working on the breakfast nook and why did they have the black chair at the table, which didn't belong. Of course the realtor didn't know. When I awoke I told a friend and she said my dream was confirmation that God wanted her to downsize from the large home she couldn't afford and move to a smaller one that fit her budget. The extra money would go towards a ministry God wanted her to start. Wow who would've guessed, that my dream would be her confirmation. I am still stunned.

Submitted by ladypoet on 4 Nov 2010


Hi greetings to all, I feel that Gordon Brown will win the election. On May 6th 2010. You heard it here first.

Submitted by RACHEL on 30 Apr 2010

spiritual darkness

Hi I would just like to share with you some of the things that God has impressed upon my heart for 2010. I feel that we will continue to experience deeper recession and that food and crops will become scarce. I feel that many businesses will close down and that many homes will be repossesed. I feel that there will be stealth taxes and major fraud with the euro currency. I feel that there will be no govermental change in may/june 2010. I feel that we will suffer under the hands of a very cold and harsh governmental regime. I feel that this leader will not relate to the needs of women, families, sick, disabled,elderly and the poor. I feel that his interest is for power and greater control over the lives of the people. Many of the rights and liberties that we take for granted will be lost. I feel that after he has won the election, he will bear teeth and reveal his strong iron fist as a type of dictactor I feel that spiritual darkness is increasing and many churches are in a backslidden condition. They are being lured away by the agendas of government and political correctness. The church is being enticed into accepting Homosexuality, liberal attitudes, keeping secrets on incest and paedophilia, which has been committed by those within the clergy. I feel that God has had enough of the over intellectualising and embarassing waffle from those in high places called as Bishops, Elders,Deacons, Archbishops Cannons Priests, Pastors and lofty minded Theologians. Many in the house of God serve in positions of spiritual influence in the Priesthood and at the altar, yet they have never recieved Jesus Christ as their personal saviour, nor have they recieved water baptism or sanctification through the Holy Ghost. They are more interested in dressing up in robes for the theatrical imagery rather than for true worship and reverance. They seem to be more concerned with the lighting of wax candles and burning of incense, than igniting the souls of the lost. It is important that Ministers do not allow themselves to be seduced by Government and secular influences at the cost of their faith in Jesus Christ and the truth written in the Bible. I feel that we are in the end times of Tribulation and Temptation and that many are falling, do not lose sight of Jesus Christ who is our hope. Please pray For the Soldiers. God Bless You All.

Submitted by sister precious on 11 Jan 2010


Dear sir, my first dream was that was walking, byside of the road. l saw a lady getting birth beside of the road. and the baby was difficult to come out from her, then lwent to her and l askeed her do you know that Jesus can heal you just naw then she looked at me and said yes . emmedietly the bababy came out the it was in the morning one anothe day l was sleeping ldreamed that l was in the water annd when l look at my hands was full of small fishess and it was more . then one day l was sleeping , l dreamed that l was walking in a big water and when a look down in this water l saw many roses flawers under it God bless you. sister mary

Submitted by mary matas nobis on 27 Nov 2009

finding the lost

There is a spiritual battle going on and it is very strong. My dream was of a huge battle where loads of people were being slaughterd. Hundreds were dying. It was really awful. I, along with other christians that i knew, had to go and save the people, hunt them out of the rubble and bring them to safety. It was very sad indeed and once again, like all the dreams the Lord sends me i felt very sad for a while. I asked for discernement and he showed me that the world is been torn by this ongoing battle. Millions of his peolple are being destroyed. But we need to go out and find the lost and hurt and bring them to him. Only then can we stop the battle. So go forth and be proud to speak up for Jesus, hunt out those in need, pray for them and lead them to their God.

Submitted by Lee on 6 Jul 2009


Hi greetings in the worthy name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I feel that the prophetic word that is impressed upon my heart is the state of the last days backsliden church. I feel that many of the churches have lost their way and have turned aside to fables and heretical preaching. They have strayed away from the truth and Godly principles. The church has become more interested in building funds and raising large offerings for their own lavish and greedy lifestyles. Many of the church services hold no anionting or even the slightest presence of the Holy Spirit. I have found that most of the churches are interested in gospel entertainment and glamorous concerts of which they expect the congregation to foot the flight tickets and Hotel Accomodation of the guest hosts, which is no less than, first class. Many have become drunk in their own pride and gloss. Many preachers seduce us into buying their old and out of date books and tapes, enticing the last cheques and coins out of the congregation before they return to their dead and cold churches overseas. Many of the ministers have lost their aniontings and are blocking up the move of God. They have lost all their prophetic abilities, discernment and healing gifts, which has only left them with the ability of the devil to be gifted at regularly fleecing the flock every week. The church has not woken up to this type of fraud and robbery from their ministers because their eyes have been blinded from the truth. You can only get yourself out of debt by living a righteous and a holy life before God, not by being bribed to give the next six months mortgage payment to God. We can expect more financial recession and crisis. This is the time for true christian faith and service. Please, Please do not let these celebrity style ministers con you out of true obedience to God. England has become cocooned within witchcraft and pagan practices inside the churches. Many so called Christians are contented to live a worldly and immoral life, they drink, smoke and fornicate and still attend church services with no real conviction for Jesus Christ. I feel that the time of the antichrist is now and we are in the last days and many shall be lost. Do not put your trust in politicians and princes as they too will fail you. Please seek those things that are above. It is important that as individuals that we seek God for ourselves, we cannot rely upon churches that are walking hand in hand with the devil , be aware of the seducing spirit of Inter Faith, multi faith and Global Religion which is orchestrated by the devil himself and endorsed by those in power. May God Bless You All Peace

Submitted by princess rose on 6 Jul 2009

Jesus' Return

Seven times i have dreamt the passage from Matthew 24 28-30. The first time i dreamt this, i had never seen that passage--i happened to fall upon it a few weeks later. (you can imagine how i felt when i saw that----goose pimples galore) Exactly how this passage is is written, I have witnessed it all. Stars falling. No moon, sun. Firebolts hitting the earth. People running for cover. Volcanoes erupting and a huge earth quake which epicenters from Jerusalem and hits the whole world. It's almost like something from a movie. Very vivid and very scary. Each time i witness and take part in running with the thousands, i begin to pray, repent and try to warn people. When i have woken up though i have not known what to do with this vision. So i have prayed about it, and even, this last time, i have spent the last 3 days fasting. Also another friend gave me her conclusion. i believe that both she and myself have been told this. Take shelter under Jesus. Repent of your sins and ask for forgiveness. He is coming very soon.

Submitted by Richard on 7 May 2009


I dreamt that i was in Israel. We were walking down a highstreet that was dark and gloomy. A vast river was running parallel to the street. This river was flowing but the water was unclean. It was thick, soup-like. We were swimming in this river, but i wanted to get out because i was feeling emotional. I got out and had a heavy feeling in my heart. Afterwards we were walking in another street. This time it was christmas, but nobody was celebrating because the jews did not believe in Jesus. I became extremely upset and started to cry uncontrollably. At the same time i was hearing in my heart that 'they have rejected me' they had rejected Jesus; i repeated this over and over again, unitil i woke up. When i had woken i felt my face because i was sure that it was wet from my crying. Throughout the morning i felt very sad and could not shake off the pain from my heart that Jesus had been rejected and still is rejected. Isn't it time that we pray for Israel and pray that the Jewish people will finally hear their father's voice and come to the cross for salvation?

Submitted by Lee on 25 Mar 2009


Lord, i heard your words and i saw your visions last night. Lord, the sheep that i saw been herded and the words 'Go tend my flock' have shown me where i must go and what i must do. Father, i know there are those out there who have the gift of speaking your truth, though they are afraid to do so, for fear they are not good enough. to all of you who have heard the call, do not be afraid of it, for it is God who calls you. no harm will come to you as God will be right beside you always. He will give you the strength to stand and preach the Gospel. walk in faith my brothers and sisters in Christ. God bless you all. Amen.

Submitted by nic on 14 Mar 2009

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