Whatever God's done in your life, however big or small, if you share it, it may really help someone else. Also, it's a great way of saying a big thank you to God. It's pleasing to His heart to have won us to the point we declare Him and His works to everyone else. We love you God!

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What to do in life?

I have come to an important cross roads in my life. I'm 17 and so need to make a decision about whether to go to uni or out to work. I have never been academic but have always been good with people, but it was only recently that I understood what god has planned for me. I became a christian about a year ago. I spent so long questioning how I felt about God. I dismissed him and would often blame him for everything that I wasn't. But every time I was got angry, I felt his love more. Every time I felt alone in the world, I found he was there with me. But it wasn't until about 6 months ago that I really realised that I fully accepted that I should live my life for God. I then decided to start work in a nursing home. I saw an advertisment and next thing I knew, I had accepted the job without a second thought. The strength of some of the people that I have worked with was just so amazing. I have now realised that God wants me to help others. I've never been someone who will find a cure for cancer, or lead others to greatness but God has tought me that that isn't what living for him is. It's about doing what is right for you to do and in his name. Because of this, I have applied to several Universities to do Paediatric Nursing. I'm really scared about leaving home, about getting the grades and about what lies ahead in my future. But I know that God is guiding me. I know that God has given me a purpose. God is good.

Submitted by Will on 15 Sep 2007


I walked away from my daughter in 1986 to feed my addiction to drugs.I have played that day over and over for many years...her tiny face in the screen door...tears falling.She said No Daddy...she just kept saying No. She was 2. Well on July 25 2002 I took my last drug...and I was saved by the love of God as He showed His face in AA. Soon to follow was Jesus, and I am now very much Christian.I was baptized just last month.....but I received him in Aug.2002. I wasn't looking for Jesus,but I had such a revolation it layed me down in a park for an hour. Lets move to this month, I offered a loft to my wonderful Christian friend and her Daughter,but it seemed a little small for them both.So I prayed and God said...give her daughter a room in your house...free.Her own room. Ok, so I offered......and I told her.This is for me too,maybe I need to make amends to my own daughter through yours. She accepted, and they are moving here sept. 1.. But thats not it, on Sat. I was on the web and I started a facebook account.As usual I hunted for my daughter.She is 22 now. Well I found her. I wrote her..it took 4 hrs to write 2 lines...I am your Father.I Love You and I am Sorry. I Prayed,I wept.I could hardly breath.I called my friends to pray. I went to a AA meeting and when I got home she had replied.It is her. Well she just graduated from the University of Toronto, with distintions in psycology...and she recieved a Medal for her high achievements in that field.She was very cautios but,she sent me pictures and I am hopeful. God had cared for her as I could not. He knows my heart...and you know I am seeing His too John

Submitted by John on 9 Jul 2007


I gave my life to Christ as a young boy under my parents awesome guidance but by the age of 13 lost interest and began drinking, smoking and then taking designer drugs. I was running with my 'crew' on the street committing petty crime and fighting with everybody and anybody. I was arrogant, aggressive and angry with a bad attitude to boot. I hated authority and particularly the police. A short time later I started selling drugs for a local dealer. I had a non existent relationship with my parents and lost touch my with elder brother while also getting lost in sexual relationships with local girls. Despite all this God (I wasn't aware of Him tho) somehow got me through school, despite many expulsion threats, and got me a job near home. However the mess my life had become continued until the age of 18. Having had acne since I was 13 and never been bothered by it I finally woke up one day and really saw myself, and I hated it. My arrogance and pride crumbled and I caved in. Wanting to withdraw from the world I stopped taking drugs and the smoking was taken away by a bout of illness. I stepped back from my 'crew' and spent much time alone in 'the great depression'. My sinful relationship ended heartbreakingly and with my family links destroyed by my own hand I was alone, or so I thought. This darkness covered me until I was 21 and many a night I cried myself to sleep holding the knife at my wrist wishing to die. The drugs I used to take had made me very paranoid and insecure and I could see no worth in myself. With hindsight God did a wonderful work in me through those long days as I wrestled with Him and my 'old faith'. God anwered many questions in my mind about Him and by 21/22 there was light at the end of the tunnel. Through going to my brothers amazing wedding where the love of Gods people towards me touched me incredibly I realised that I wanted what they had and could never go back to my old life again. I asked Christ into my life when I got home and felt as if the heaviest back pack of all time had been lifted from my weary back. I returned to church for the first time in along time, to the delight of my family, and with Gods grace they welcomed me back with open arms. Everything slowly improved in my life and within a short time God led me to a promotion in work and a move to a new area where I could really develop and break the old ties with the culture I had previously lived in. My relationship with my parents and brother began to be repaired and within a year I met a wonderful Godly woman - who would later become my wife. 3 years later I felt Gods undeniable call to use the abilities he had given me and join the police - the organisation I had so hated when I was young! God has a sense of humour! With Gods grace and power I sailed through months of entrance tests, then my probationery period and during that time got married. After doing so well in the police I am now in a postition to be promoted to Sergeant with an exciting career ahead. I went to a healing ministry at my church last year and was cured of acne and through the same church we are now members of my wife and I's group of wonderful Christian friends our age group has been increased from 0 to about 25. We are planning a family and have been so blessed by God financially. With Gods hand upon me I believe I can do anything he wants me to do as I look ahead ... praise God. I'll finish with these wonderful words that are so apt for me ... Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see. To God be the glory.

Submitted by John on 22 Jun 2007


After 2 years of trying for a child I was told by the hospital I could get pregnant. I had too many cysts around my ovaries for any eggs to get out. I prayed and prayed for another 3yrs thanking God that if it was in his will I would become pregnant and he could do that mircale within me. So after 5 years of praying I conceived a baby girl and she is now eight. I was told last year that I had no cysts on my ovaries. Never give up, God does care and he can work those miracles. God bless

Submitted by Alison Cooper on 8 Jun 2007


12 months ago I had a car crash and injured my back. Over the months I received physiotherapy/Osteopath but to name a few and being on pain killers every 4 hours. I went to see Craig Marsh, received prayer. The next day my pains were gone. I can now do daily things which others take for granted eg cleaning the house. Its wonderful, praise God.

Submitted by Alison Cooper on 8 Jun 2007

Were God has taken me

Hi Aaron here God has taken me to MAster's Comtion and it's change my life it a 9 mouth desipale ship pragram and we cant date for the first year and a hafe. It a great place to get great christian disaplen. God has taken me this year in this program is my second year here to a deaper place. I am total changed. I when from being a christian that was not realy strong to a on friere christan and now God has called me to be a pastor to pasters and now I love to share my faith. we go all over the would sharring our faith and doing drams and pouring into people and just being jesus to eveyone. We whent to help with the katrean vitomes and it was so cool to feed 300 and meal. we didn't even shar christ we just were chirst by our actions. actions will mean more to a person and getting to a realy realstionship maters the most. God bless aaron

Submitted by Aaron on 16 Apr 2007

Again, He provided!

I would like to testify that prayer is the most important thing, and without it we will not have victory. Our congregation prayed a lot (since December 2006) for a building to have church in, and now, during March 2007, God provided !! He is truly awesome and I love Him with all my heart. I would like to encourage you, to Please don't stop praying for whatever need you may have. God will answer. Sometimes it may take time, but dont ever give up! Patience is the word... God also freed me from nicotine addiction. Yes! He did! God Bless !

Submitted by Elaine on 4 Apr 2007

God has really helped me since becoming a Christian. I gave me life to Jesus about what maybe a good year ago now and if u knew me before that I have really changed and for the better! I was never a strong Christian never knew what I Believed. Had a hard upbringing threw divorces and bullying hard time and never easy ones but that changed and for the better. 12 years old and at secondary school. That Sunday I meet Michael he gave me a grate opportunity that night to meet the guys up at infusion. Well what do I say about them there amazing all of them even the ones that maybe sometime really get on you nerves but I love them all and they all love me I think. Two weeks later we where here derby road the monthly circuit youth event. Two amazing hours with people form different church’s and if it was not for the nice people here I would not have meet David Binks as we call him the crazy new youth worker it was that Sunday night that changed my life he showed me the way I was supposed to be goingthat God loved me and wanted to forgive for all the wrong I had done that night that week I committed my life to Christ! Now nearly a half a year one I got the option to show people again who I was and what I did for Christ. Membership into Hasland Methodist church Confirmation!! Well what can I say I’m truly blessed with the most amazing friends, leaders the chance to talk to people outside of my church and true best friend Jesus.

Submitted by Laura on 25 Nov 2006

A beautiful change

God has done so much for me in the short time that I've been a Christian. I gave my life to Jesus on 1st March 2006 and have never looked back. Before then, I was in a bad and unhealthy relationship with a guy for three years, had practically non exsistent relationships with my parents. Was hanging around with the wrong type of friends, getting drunk most nights, smoking and was generally not a nice person. I was living on my own, in a house that caught fire a week after I moved in. I couldn't afford the rent and didn't know where I was going to move to when my tenancy agreement ran out. I met a guy called Andrew at my then place of work. he told me that I was a sinner and that I needed Jesus, I agreed with him and he led me to Christ. The night I was saved, I prayed about my life and God spoke to me. He told me to end my relationship, he told me that Andrew and I were meant to be together and he showed me in dreams how lovely it would be if we were together, and got married. I ended my relationship and felt such a huge weight off my shoulders. A month later, Andrew and I were together and he proposed. We are to be married on 30th September 2006 - 4 weeks away!! I'm so excited at the thought of sharing my life with an amazing godly man. I have an awesome new job and a spiritual mum and dad. Things have just got so much better. Praise God!

Submitted by Amy on 1 Sep 2006

he Lords everlasting faithfulness

Lord thank You for your faithfullness to all of your loved ones. when I was 14 I started to smoke, drink and take drugs, and within a year it was every day. By the time I was 19 I had had a breakdown, been told by doctors that I could never work, drive or come off from the medication that I was taking from the mentall illness that all the drugs i had taken had caused. I was truly hopeless. Nobody could reach me, when I had the breakdown the medication I was given turned me into a vegetable for two weeks and I thought that I would never come through it. thank you Lord that You know better. When I was 21 (still on the medecation and having regular psyciatric treatment) I met a guy doing street evangelism in town and he told me all about Jesus. I asked Jesus to forgive my sins and come into my heart and change my life forever, wow. I now have been totally off of medecation for three years, am working full time and a member of my local church. I have been healed of my mentall illness and also of hayfever that i suffered with each summer, (Ask Him to heal yours too). the Lord Knows the plan He has for you, Last year the Lord lead me to work in a local supermarket. The Lord gave me a heart to share Jesus with a Young lady, and after five months she gave her life to Jesus to, which was amazing, she was totally born-again and started a new life with God. We grew closer together over time and found that we both had feelings for eachother. we both felt the Lord confirmed we were the right ones for eachother. Anyhow I proposed on Wed17/05/06 and guess what, she said YES, were looking at getting married. At the same time The Lord has just provided me with a well paid and life time career, and there is soo much more I could say about His constant faithfullness to me even when I've slipped and sinned. Thank You Lord for being soo good to me through all my life, Andrew

Submitted by andrew on 19 May 2006

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