Whatever God's done in your life, however big or small, if you share it, it may really help someone else. Also, it's a great way of saying a big thank you to God. It's pleasing to His heart to have won us to the point we declare Him and His works to everyone else. We love you God!

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God let me do What I was born to do

For years and years my deep down passion ihas been to write songs and express the love of god in someway, I feel I am in a job that I have little passion for , and feel I can't move forward In what I really want to do. I released a new album @ Fathers Hand @ last month and I am hoping it will be a start for my music ministry to take off from . Please look at my new web site and help my dreams take off. In Jesus name. www.chrisalderdice.com or contact me through www.geocities.com/christopheralderdice

Submitted by Chris on 1 Aug 2003

A Death for a Life

I became a Christian when I was 10. I was on one of the 'Evangelical Movement of Wales' Camps and it was great I felt God rush through me and all the hairs on the back of my neck pricked up, it was amazing. I came home telling everyone about my wonderful experience, when I came home though, my auntie became critically ill. My Auntie was a wonderful Christian, she went out and told everyone about Jesus and Christianity she had a faith that was mind-blowing. But she was critically ill in hospital with breast cancer. My uncle read words to her from the Psalms about the wonderful place which she was going to in a few hours. They wept and laughed. Then on the 22 November 2000, my auntie died. It was so sad. I think it was a miracle that she died, for she died so quickly that the doctors were really surprised, she died while my uncle was reading a certain Psalm, was it considence? But I was thankful that I knew she was definately going to heaven and that she had seen me saved.

Submitted by Dan on 21 Jul 2003

answered pray

A few months ago i out a prayer request on the board about my mum and the fact she had been signed of work. well God heard the cry of my heart and althouugh she is still off she is going to be studying for a year on a paid sabatical which at one point didnt look possible so God does answer pray and he does hear the cry of your heart evn when we dont think he does. Thank you Lord Amen KEEP THE FAITH

Submitted by jon on 24 Mar 2003

one set of footprints

My brother pass away on the 1st nov. without the Lord I would went to pieices. I could not cope so He carried me. It is a very sad moment in my life and I am missing my brother more then I ever new I would. I still get amazed of His love for me. I would feel down then the phone would ring, they would say I feel the Lord as ask me to ring and I would be lifted The Lords words are true, He said He would never leave me or forsake me. Praise God

Submitted by Sydney on 26 Nov 2002

Thankyou for Your gift of healing

Father i want to thankyou for the wonderful healing you are doing in me. You know the pain i have experienced through this split with the one i loved most in this world, and you know how i feel each morning and each lonely night. Lord I give thanks to you for healing me so powerfully and continuing to heal me powerfully, and protecting me when satan tempts me to despair. Thankyou Jesus for your healing mercy, thankyou brother for taking and forgiving any of my sin in that relationship. Glory to you Lord for helping me to move on in Your will with conviction and peace. PRaise be to God! :)

Submitted by Christian on 31 Oct 2002

Glorifying the name of God at all time.

I'm giving this testimony to the glory of GOD alone for He has been protecting my life from every danger and the evil plans of the enemies. Most especially when the devil want to use me against my younger sister by using a knife to threating her that i'll kill her because of the stupid behaviours and the nascent things she does most times whereby it makes me to dislike her more often and i say i'm a disciple of christ jesus. Therfore i'm using this opportunity to thank and glorify the name of the Lord for his mercies alone has help me out in such situations. PRAISE BE TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST.

Submitted by Abiodun on 10 Oct 2002


It's been about 5yrs ago, I was not saved, but I knew who Jesus was, But I was not ready for that move. One day while I was at work I had a accident with my forklift. Well I just new that I was going to lose my job. But I remebered what my wife had said to me. In the hour of need who ever shall call upon him in his name he shall answer your prayer. So I called upon Jesus and ask him to save my job. Becasue I was at the bottom of my rope, I said Lord if you save my job, I'll give up all my sins for you! In that moement I felt a warm soft light came down upon me and such a peace within me. I turned around and my boss was their, he said Guy you need to take a drug test. I said ok and went. I stop by my home on the way and explain to my wife what had happen and what I did. She looked at me with a puzzled look. I asked her if we could pray once more. You see she had told me that God word also said that where two or three shall gather in his name and agree on any given thing he shall be in the mist. So we prayed and I went to take my drug test. Well about a week went by I asked my foreman about the test and he said if they didn't tell you anything by now don't worry. You see my wife was a back slayder and I wasn't save. But Jesus Hear a cry from a person that day who needed his love and grace. I should have fail that test. I use to do drugs everyday and drink alchol, my did too. But that day I was saved and all those sins were taken away. My job was spared. Now I have a job that GOD BLESS me with. It requires 2yrs of college and I only have a GED. THANK YOU JESUS!!!! I've been saved now for 5yrs!God is real

Submitted by GUY on 30 Sep 2002

Healing powers

i met a man the other day who had been told to leave the army because of a severe back problem he had to have an operation to pin his spine. on a day to day basis he was in pain hardly able to stand up let alone walk hid doctors were a bit troubled thinking that his spine might collapse or something so they intended to do more examinations on his back at his next examination. well he asked for prayer in lots of places and when he went back to the hospitall there was no trace of the metal pin and his spine was normal. hallelujah he was cured!

Submitted by liz on 31 Aug 2002

Prayer really does work!

I have been going to church all my life and always knew who God was. I started going to a christian camp in summer. My first camp was good as i wasn't really bothered about things but when i went back to camp for the second time i felt God speaking to me. I knew i had to make a choice to follow him. i stayed after the service and prayed with one of the leaders. i felt so releived when i became one of God's deciples. Once i became a christian i prayed a lot to god as one of my friends were seriously ill. Everyone was sure she wasn't going to make it through her illness but she did and it was all thanks to God. Recently i started doing bible study notes and on one of the days it said pray for a friend. I was praying for one of my pals to become a christian and she did. I want to thank God for that. i went back to camp this year and i really went with a hunger for him. i felt that god really spoke to me and i have grown as a better person since then.

Submitted by Vikki on 30 Aug 2002

Girl of God (only 14 and so much has happened)

I would love everyone to know how much I love the Lord for who He is, and how much He loves us! I live on an Island where we have these really cool youth festivals called Firestarter every summer. This summer (2002) it was the second time I went, and it was AMAZING! So many people were changed, and me being one of them, I KNEW God loved me, and I also knew I could never make out how much. I am so glad to be a girl of God, and I have a wonderful life in Jesus, and my passion for being a Christian will never die. I love the Lord with all I have, and for all of you out there who think God won't move in your life, BELIEVE differently! He WILL. I have seen a change in one of my friends believing something wouldn't happen and it did! Love the Lord

Submitted by Bryony on 28 Aug 2002

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