Whatever God's done in your life, however big or small, if you share it, it may really help someone else. Also, it's a great way of saying a big thank you to God. It's pleasing to His heart to have won us to the point we declare Him and His works to everyone else. We love you God!

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Baby Bliss

A lady in our church has wanted a baby for about 17 years and she had lots of misscarragies. When she told us that she was having a baby we really prayed for her. There was a problem with the baby but we carried on praying and thankfully God healed the baby. She gave birth to a baby boy 6 pounds 9. Thanks be to God!!!!!

Submitted by Daniel Miles on 15 Jul 2002


i became a Christian when i was 7 but i didn't understand how powerful God was until i was about 10.the night my granda suddenly fell ill, i ran upstairs and grabbed my bible, i lay on my bed prayed read God's word and cried.I read verses which showed me just how powerful he was.the next morning my granda died, but he was a christian and i knew God would take care of him.it was then i realised just how strong and powerful and loving God is.My granda died nearly 4 years ago and i know God has helped me through to this day, i still miss him loads but God has helpd me.Psalm 75 helped me a lot.

Submitted by dani on 26 Jun 2002

My mate had Cancer

Tim, my mate was told he had cancer in February, and after a lot of prayers, he has been cured, yes, not healed, but God saved him, the doctors said it was unlikly he would make it through!!!

Submitted by Sarah Sherratt on 24 Jun 2002

By Mike Pritzl of the Violet Burning

I received a letter from a friend, reminding me of one of my favorite stories in the Bible. And the story reminded me of a time in my life when I first found faith. As a teenager I would spend hours reading, my parents (thank God) had the good wisdom to only allow television watching for certain times and certain programs. Which was mostly slim and none. So, I would sit and read for hours every night. I would check out lots of books at the library, read nightly till 11 or so, and I discovered this world that was so wonderful, right there inside of my mind. One night I ran out of stuff to read. It was too late to head to the library. So I pulled out a bible and began to read. Now you must remember being raised as a catholic, I had lots of training on what is right and wrong. How to pray, who to pray too, what to say, etc... but that night that I started to read the bible, I found the stories coming to life. The first story I read was about a blind man wanting to receive his sight. "have mercy on me.." he asked to Jesus. I remember reading about Jesus healing this man of this awful tragedy that had paralyzed him for most of his life, and I was fascinated. You see, I went to a Catholic school we had religion class, heck we had studies on all sorts of religions, and as I studied them all I can remember feeling as though they all required these things of me, that I could not achieve. And then suddenly I am reading this Bible that I have never read, and I find this story of a man named Jesus reaching out to a poor blind man, who is on the side of the road shouting, because he cannot see Jesus, "Lord Jesus, have mercy on me" all he knows is Jesus is on the road somewhere, moving through the crowds of people. I can remember my big brother walking in the room and asking me, "what are you reading" " the bible", I replied sheepishly, quite embarrassed. "why are you reading that?" he asked, completely puzzled. "I don't know, but there are all these cool stories about this 'Jesus' guy.." 'This Jesus guy', it is pretty funny that I would refer to God that way, but I truly was amazed that after 15 years of being taught this religion, that suddenly this religion was coming to life as I read the stories in the Bible. My family has through the years gone through their bouts with illness, I have been told numerous times that my father had only so many months to live. Then I have had the joy of watching God have mercy and grace on him and our family by keeping him here with us through all these years. I know that I have needed him here. I have also admired my mother's care for him and for each of us kids through these years. It seems that somewhere along the way through these years, some in the church have lost their faith as to whether or not God can really heal someone. Some outside of the church wonder if Christianity is real. America Online recently ran an article about spirituality and 'what heaven is like'. They even went so far as to purposely list Christianity far back in the list of different religions, behind Buddhism, Hinduism, and even Paganism. All ideas that we Americans have that America is some sort of 'Christian' country are not accurate. In America Christians are mocked on TV and on Radio and in the press In my own life I have found that God is alive and powerful. That He is forgiving, healing, and changing lives every day. Sure I have been embarrassed by the television preachers, and the "better than thou's" types of people. But they are not Jesus, and nor is Buddha, nor is any Hindu god. There is only one savior, one Jesus Christ, all roads do not lead to heaven, just as certainly not all roads lead you to work or school. But whatever road or freeway I find myself on today, I know that if I cry out like that blind man, "Jesus, have mercy on me…", I know He will be there with me, watching over me, loving me and accepting me, just as I am. With all the dirt, all the insecurities, all the hopes all the failures, and all the rock and roll love. michael mpx formerly known as dex

Submitted by Mike Pritzl on 18 Jun 2002

Mother was Healed

Several weeks ago my mother was told that she had a spot on one of her lungs---I went on the net and found every prayer group/ site , people all over this globe where praying...Praise be to God our heavenly father--He heard all the prayers, and when my Mom had her secound batch of tests, they showed no sign of any spots, or that there had been any spots on either of her lungs...God Healed my Mom...Praise be to His Holy name Now and forever Amen...

Submitted by Gina Gentry on 13 Jun 2002

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