Whatever God's done in your life, however big or small, if you share it, it may really help someone else. Also, it's a great way of saying a big thank you to God. It's pleasing to His heart to have won us to the point we declare Him and His works to everyone else. We love you God!

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From rape to Restoration

Last year i was raped on our church grounds, after spending hours with the police my first reaction was i want to go to church, although i was still in shock i think that mornin was probaly one of the first i spent in really deep questioning prayer. Afterwards i found out i was pregnant and i became so angry with God, but i was soo confused knowing God has a plan for us all that meant i couldnt be angry with him soo it must be me. I went to new wine and was just praying for someone to talk with, not knowing what to do, then 1 nite a lady got up and gave her testimony she'd been in a similar situation, i thanked god so much it was a prayer answered and this women saved me from near depression. At 4 months i had a miscarriage, i took this as a loss but thinking about it i know i proably couldnt have coped. God must have had a plan and he did. Because of circumstances i changed church to somewhere i'm so much closer to God, whereas before i was stationary in my faith. God has helped my talked to others and also give testimony to those non christian that say 'but if there is a God why does he let ppl suffer'. He has healed me and although i'll always have the scarred, God has been there constantly with his healing touch. it's been a slow progress but he's helping me, and give me the strenght to face society and forgive those men. God is AMAZING and INCREDIBLE, without him i would not have survived and i owe him everything, for he is my Lord, my FRIEND and my SAVIOUR! Thank you father for you have saved me.

Submitted by hanna on 22 Apr 2006

Thank you to an amazing God

My Chridtian journey has had many ups and downs. Since August 1998 I have met some very special people who have helped me to believe that Christ is with me what ever the problem. I stayed with a methodist lay preacher, as her carer from December 1998 until December 2002, in that time I watch my friend go through full immersion baptism, and then have a massive stroke, which took her speach and most of the movement in her left side. I learnt to pray for her out loud and in front of others through her encougement. I then was abled to go through my own immersion baptism myself in January 1999. From that day until I moved down to look after my mother on 28th Dec. 2002, My faith never faltered. I even prayed outloud for my father on his death bed in Epsom hospital, with a methodist minister who I only met in and around the hospital. My father died on 15th Jan 2003, having asked me if I would look after my mother when he was gone. Which I promised I would do. I continued to go to Church on a sunday morning, but was unable to join in anything else because my Mother would not allow me to leave her. In october 2004 I stopped going to church because Mum would deflate me as soon as I came home. Mum spent 15 weeks in hospital at the end of last year (2005) and I had freedom to go to christian meetings and different services.Last Sunday there were a number of visions shared by people at the praise service in the evening which I can now get to because mother has live in carers there for her now. This Vision was of a rose whose petals had shrivilled on the outside but the centre was trying to blossom in a difficult place. I realised this was for me and it described how I had been feeling for the last three years, not being able to live the full life of a believing Christian. What a relief to know that I had been given the insight of what someone had seen about me. Yes I was shrivelled up from mums ability to degrade what I loved to do on a Sunday morning meet with Christians to pray and praise our awsome God an Father Jesus Christ. I cannot thank my friends enough at the church who have prayed weekly for those who give on going care. Mum has alziemahs and this was her problem she does not understand the hurt she inflicks on those she loves by debrading everything they do. One verse has stuck in my mind all the way through that from Isaiah 49: "I have held you in the palm of my hand and will not forsake you" What a verse to carry through alll the trials of this modern world. YES WE ARE NEVER ALONE, HE HAS OUR NAMES ENGRAVED ON HIS HAND AND HAS HELD US FROM BEFORE WE WER BORN UNTIL WE DIE. Thank you our most awsome and amazing Christ the love of my life and work amen.

Submitted by graniedeb on 2 Mar 2006

a healing God!

i started getting painful knees before the summer and thought nothing of it, jus that it was a sports injury! but it got a lot worse while i was on holiday - so much so that it was painful to walk! i returned to uni after the summer an the pain continued an got continully worse so i decided to get it checked out with a doctor. i was told it was a common condition in females my age an it could continue for a few months or maybe a few years. there was nothing they could do an i was told to take paracetemol and ibuprofen. i then went to church on the following sunday, an struggled to stand up after the first song because of the pain! so i got one of the couples in the church to pray for me an for the rest of the day i had no pain! since then i have had no pain what so ever in my knees! how amazing!!!! what a truely amazing God we have!!!!!

Submitted by bec on 7 Feb 2006

music is ur gift 2 me

god, i luv u 4 music - it is the best thing uve eva dun 4 me. it is my souls expression - and sumthin im really gud at!!!!! i luv u 4 givin me music in all its types - noises that we hear everyday... 2 a clementi sonata played on piano!!! music helps me feel beta, express how im feelin it is also a gr8 base of praise and prayer. i talk 2u the easiest thru my music. thanku SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! in the name of the father son and holy gost AMEN

Submitted by jasmine on 13 Dec 2005

i did help

This summer i went to new wine at summerset and there i was in club one which is ages 11-13 and i went to this think where called born again babes and i you could ask any think and i had a non chistion boyfriend at the time and i ask how i can help him with this faith and i feel like when they talk about it a feet like i had my head bitan off , they just said that that he would bring the devle in to me and then all thowu that week god was tell me that it was that i was lieing to my self about all my non chistion boyfriend i had. and one night i had been crying in faith and one of the leaders said that they had a vishion about , that she saw me then god but there was a brivck wall but there was no sirment in the bicks and after the week of crying out for i was all right , i was not going out with him nevery more and now i find it really hard to be good for god and that i find it hard to find a chistion boyfriend that will have me , please pray that i will find hope in god about this and to remember that he as a plan for me and trhat i will find someone soon and if i have all ready find him to help to be with him.

Submitted by Patsy on 2 Dec 2005


A few friends and i joined 40 days of prayer and fasting based @ CFAN, but from Belles house...we are praying for salvation, healing, deliverance and prodigals. We started to see a difference in our families two prodigals had returned to the Lord, someone who depended on tranquilisers was suddenly free of them..niggly problems were being dealt with also..some times we had unscheduled prayer meetings different sets of threes turning up all at the same time..we experienced a sense of God's presence, miracle touches but the well was getting deeper as we prayed and worshipped. Each one of us felt of no account and we celebrated God who was gracious and merciful. i hv had problems in employment and today went for a work's medical..the lord revealed to me that someone has been spreading nasty rumours about me for years which was affecting my life in ways i cannot share here and you cannot imagine. When i shared it with my friends and family they marvelled that God had brought it out into the open..apparently it is so serious that it could've affected me and my family for years to come (but no one will tell me exactly what it is) and we were recommended to see a family counsellor for the very unique and persistent harrassment we have endured for about ten years. GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE... You can still take part in 40 days to 31/10 by logging onto www.generals.org. You can also log onto settingcaptivesfree for their free addiction beating courses, i found it very effective with overeating and graduated from phase 1 and 2 of The Lords Table. they also serve you if your addiction is gambling, sex, drink and drugs and offer other Jesus focused on line courses..be careful out there!

Submitted by fran on 20 Oct 2005

Halleluyah were getting closer to heaven

I was very thrown in getting to speak live on air tonight. I did not know who I was talking to and then I started to hear myself on the radio. I was just so thrilled to know I am not alone in the midnight hour. I believe the Lord is calling the church to pray through these hours. I have been doing several evening prayer vigils 10 -5 over the last year for 3 evenings in succession. The Lord has revealed much to me and kept me more blessed in things the eye can not see than I could ever of dreamed of. Strategic prayer in focussed agendas. This is the higher life I believe the Lord is saying come higher eagles.

Submitted by Tina on 6 Nov 2004

God ...

God has helped me to find the valuable lesson that everything that happens has hidden inside - sometimes shalowly, so you can find easily, but sometimes deeply, so you have to dig and dig until you get that precious lesson. Praise God! ALLELUIAH!!

Submitted by Jasmine on 15 Oct 2004

Thank You

Father I would like to thank you. Back in 92 my daughter was killed in a road accident. I could not understand why at the time and cried out to you. A year later I was pregnant again with my third child. At 30 weeks pregnant I was rushed into hospital with pre-eclampsia. That Friday night you spoke to me and told me to tell the nurses that the baby had not moved. I followed your instructions, and was rushed round for an emergency C. section. My daughter was born weighing 2lbs 8oz. Now I have a beautiful girl 10 years of age. Had you not spoken to me my second daughter would not have made it and I would have been seriously ill. Even though being a Christian is not easy, I thank you that I know you are helping me and holding me every moment of the day. Thank you for calling me into being part of a Church Plant Team and being able to help others going through the same situations. Amen.

Submitted by Nicola on 23 Feb 2004


Who ever I can be a witness to and be brought to JESUS CHRIST and HE has spoken it will be done. I am here for the purpose of GOD'S calling and satan, that hethen will not get in the way of GOD'S work that HE want's me to do which is in the process of leading souls to CHRIST for salvation and eternal peace.

Submitted by Reggie on 21 Nov 2003

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