Have you known the pain of someone you love dying from drugs, or being a Jekyll & Hyde personality through drugs & alcohol? Are you being tempted into trying drugs yourself or do you binge drink to dull the pain & memories? If you do, please pray for yourself here or for the person you know who you want to protect. Our God is so strong & powerful, turn to Him & fight for yourself & your loved ones.

If you or someone you know wants to break free of addictions, you can contact Gilead Foundations rehab.

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set free

i am asking people to pray for me i have been living a habitual lifestyle for a long time,. i have had support from my church and have made myself accountable to somone i can trust. i keep repeating the same sin which is an addiction i don't seem to be able to break free. i am at my wits end with this situation please pray for me that i will do the right thing and honour god with my lifestyle . i need to realise how damaging this is to me and my eternal desitiny i do not want to go to hell. please pray that i will find this addiction abhorhent and will turn my back on it and walk away .

Submitted by martin on 26 Apr 2009

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victory over the chains

I know being a Christian is not just a Sunday thing but a lifestyle. God wants me to be holy, and yet, I am not. The sad part is, I know that I am doing my sin over and over again, repeating it. I am unrepentful. I do not want Satan to win because God has overcame the world. Please pray for me.

Submitted by Kevin on 20 Apr 2009

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My Friend

My best friend Dougie has had a heart attack due to his archeries being blocked from smoking. The doctors said his heart was very healthy. He has cancer as well. He is also a heavy drinker. I ask you all to pray that he will give up these addictions to live for a few more years.

Submitted by nicola on 18 Mar 2009

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a secret battle

i can't tell anyone about this, i pray to God but am very ashamed. Am asking for prayer here because i don't feel i can go to anyone at church about it- its too shameful. i say to God i won't do it again but then i do.... sometimes i can stop for a while but then it comes back- its like a compulsion and i have lost many hours over doing it...a whole day can almost be gone and i don't get my work done....i feel i need help. please can someone pray for me? i have reached the point where i want to stop- but then sometimes i will just give in to temptation again. i don't want anything between me and God. as well as the thing above i have just mentioned, i am still battling feelings of same-sex attraction. i don't believe that i am truly bisexual but i have been through some very hurtful things in my life and feel i have to "latch on" to older women in ways that aren't appropriate. please pray.

Submitted by C on 10 Mar 2009

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lust in friends life

Lord i pray for K, who is worried about lustful feelings she still has for her ex-boyfriend and another man she likes. I pray that You will set her free totally from all sexual captivity in Jesus's Precious Name. Amen

Submitted by C on 10 Mar 2009

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Break power of alcohol in Marek's life

Please stand in the gap with me to intercede for Marek, a young Polish man, who has been addicted to alcohol since 5 years' old. He has a blood alcohol level higher than his doctor has ever seen. He gave his life to Jesus 8 years ago, has been baptised and speaks in tongues, yet he has never become free of alcohol addiction. He was homeless when he met Jesus, but he came to church regularly, received prophecies about how God wants to use him to reach others in the same situation and started to turn his life around. However, he was publically excommunicated out of his church because he came drunk to services. His heart has been broken through that experience and he has now lost all hope in ever getting free and has stopped following the Lord. One problem has been language and giving him proper teaching. He lives in Brussels and only speaks limited French. The only local Polish evangelical church also rejected him. I'm sure in U.K. there are Christian resources to help someone like this, but there is nothing in Belgium. Please pray for God's mercy and grace, that the Lord will intervene again in Marek's life, that he will again seek the Lord and have a life-changing encounter with Him, that the Lord might bring him into contact with someone who could help him get free.

Submitted by Lois on 27 Feb 2009

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please pray for my daughters Angela and Bianca. They are twins that have been caught up in the opiate rampage. Ange began using for recreational use. She has stated she has been clean for 15 months. She is thin again...my mind wanders. Bianca began using percocet for back pain caused from epiderals used during the labor process of her daughter. She was put on opiates over 2 years ago. She is still using them. My prayer is that these two beautiful young woman have the strenght to walk away from this drug that is robbing them of their lives. In Jesus name Amen

Submitted by carla on 18 Feb 2009

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going back to bad memories that hurt me

please pray for me- am not sure why i do this, but i keep going back to old ways that hurt me....looking at things that trigger memories of abuse and self-injurious behaviour. i hated being abused so i don't know why i do this- it doesn't make sense. i want to please God, but its as if i feel like i can't let go. I want to accept God's love but keep pushing Him away. i feel afraid, because i feel am sabotaging my walk with God. i am almost in tears as i write this- God has been so good to me- He rescued me from something so terrible it almost killed my body and my soul was dead for a long time. God is worthy of my praise and i feel am just a spoilt ungrateful brat.

Submitted by C on 2 Feb 2009

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think may be addicted to internet

Please pray for me- i am not on drugs but i think i may be addicted to the internet. I often don't pray or study because am on the internet instead. i have never been into drugs, but there have been issues in my life with food, spending and relationships, plus issues with OCD and diagnosis of personality disorder which could be reason why i find it hard to set boundaries. But whatever is at the root of these obsessions, i believe only God can deliver me.

Submitted by C on 14 Jan 2009

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GOD LOVES YOU! Regardless of how far down that road of sin with drugs and alcohol that you have gone. GOD LOVES YOU. i am the auther of the song Pretty Little Girl. i know from my own expierence that if you will reach out for the hand that your GOD extends to you to SAVE YOU from your world. GOD Will help you come UP & OUT of the confusion and misery to a MUCH BETTER WAY OF LIFE THROUGH JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD. HAVE FAITH THAT GOD WILL HELP YOU IF YOU WILL ONLY ASK HIM TO. MAY GOD BLESS YOU....

Submitted by Reeba on 20 Dec 2008

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