Have you known the pain of someone you love dying from drugs, or being a Jekyll & Hyde personality through drugs & alcohol? Are you being tempted into trying drugs yourself or do you binge drink to dull the pain & memories? If you do, please pray for yourself here or for the person you know who you want to protect. Our God is so strong & powerful, turn to Him & fight for yourself & your loved ones.

If you or someone you know wants to break free of addictions, you can contact Gilead Foundations rehab.

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jimmy in rehab

Lord, i pray for Jimmy- he is in Rehab right now, needing to be delivered from crack. His mum took it when she was pregnant with him, and so he has always had the craving. Only a miracle can heal him. In your Name, Jesus, I pray for Jimmy's deliverance from crack. AMEN

Submitted by C on 9 Mar 2008

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pray for stepeehn hes addicted too amphetemine and cigarettes hes got drug induced sczhiophrenia and self neglect and for his families freidns and enemeis too and for me his carer and he wants work and family contacts and for us not too be home less

Submitted by debbie on 5 Mar 2008

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I have had M.E. for 14 years, since I was 11 and am finding it increasingly hard to accept and deal with. I feel my life has been stolen from me and that I am useless. My dreams are so far from my reach. I have had problems with depression on and off for years. I am on medication for it, but it's getting worse. I have used drink as an escape for a long time now and feel it is really becoming a big problem. I know it is not the answer. No one knows, as I hide it well. I am also starting to develop a very unhealthy attitude to food, and am eating in secret. My nan has been very ill and I am trying to care for her which is very difficult. I've just found out my first boyfriend (the only man I have ever loved is engaged) and am heartbroken. I feel I will never find a man I love that loves me back as I am so broken and have nothing to offer. I was abused mentally (of a sexual nature) when I was a child. Certain childhood relationships have also increased my lack of self worth. I know God loves me but that just isn't breaking through the unhappiness and darkness inside me. I think of suicide more and more but could never go through with it as I love my family too much and am scared of going to hell. I feel trapped and desperate. I know I should be grateful for all God has given me and that lots of people are worse off than me, but that doesn't change the way I feel. I am full of guilt for this. No one knows I feel like this. Help me!

Submitted by Natalie on 20 Feb 2008

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to all who are in the despear and desperation of drug addiction especially heroin.There is a way out and that way is to surrender totally unto the lord.Get the help from your doctors its called subutex and it works wonders the lord is good and if you stick with him he will bring you out the otherside of addiction.He is a miricle worker just believe for the miricles in time he will show you there is another way and that is his way.do his will live for him let him take over your whole being and live by the power of the spirit,listen to his gentle voice guiding you.You are not alone as all things are possible through christ jesus who strengthens us.who ever is set free by him is free indeed. he is the light and the end of that dark tunnel of addiction.and once he has you he will never let you go.take heart his heart.It is a battle one that you cannot fight alone.Put on the good lords armour and trust him AMEN

Submitted by angel on 14 Feb 2008

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Healing for a friend

I have a friend that I Love very much named Tom that was clean and sober for 3 years at one time in AA. He cant seem to get back please pray for a healing

Submitted by Denise on 22 Jan 2008

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Almighty God, you have kept the child even wrapped in the robe of Christ Jesus the Lord and have built a path for both father and mother. Hear us O, Lord for you have seen the mangled flesh mixed with blood during the battle and the smoke of he that came to destroy your people. Almighty Lord, send your angels to minister to the hurting hearts of the smallest child who is holding to your heart and even bleeding in the streets, O, Lord, go quickly, Almighty God, to the one about to suffer and keep the child in your glory, love and peace divine, delivering him from the pain you already suffered, O, Lord and bring your perfect gift of life everlasting with much joyous fruit for every season and month ahead. Thanks,praise.glory and honer be the Lord God Almighty! In the name of Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords

Submitted by Necho on 4 Jan 2008

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i'm on medication and cant shake it - altho it helps - it is not the answer. i want to be free from it all and feel i take it all on behalf of the police service, local terrorists and the like and i suffer the consequences constantly. i would love yeshua messhiah to cancel this bond holding back my mental health and energy. i hope one day to own my own business home car and have a beautiful wife. lets lose a load of this debilitating medication and have clear mental attitudes to take on the tasks of the day ahead with mercy ad relying on our faith and knowledge that christ may lead us into and through things but he also lifts us out of them also. so be it.

Submitted by Mark on 29 Dec 2007

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My nephew Joe does not realize what he is doing to himself and needs a spiritual deliverence awakening from alcohol/drugs and anger. He is living at a church and sleeping on a pad. Works on and off. Lost in despair.

Submitted by Nancy on 20 Dec 2007

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Break this never ending circle

Father God I am praying for myself and for anybody else who is suffering as I am. I desperatly want to turn by back on Alcohol and Cigarettes and make firm resolution after each binge never to drink or smoke again only to last a couple of days before temptation gets the better of me and the whole cycle starts again. I pray for your abundant love to empower me and every one else also suffering to realise this is enough to carry us to a free and full life in which we can serve you fully. I ask this prayer in the name of Jesus Amen

Submitted by Nick on 15 Dec 2007

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breaking addition to drug and bad influence

my nephew is secretively smoking drug and is also secretively hanging out with company that in my opinion is toxic Please pray the the spirit that is causing him to do wrong be broken in the mighty name of jesus

Submitted by mabel on 23 Nov 2007

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