Have you known the pain of someone you love dying from drugs, or being a Jekyll & Hyde personality through drugs & alcohol? Are you being tempted into trying drugs yourself or do you binge drink to dull the pain & memories? If you do, please pray for yourself here or for the person you know who you want to protect. Our God is so strong & powerful, turn to Him & fight for yourself & your loved ones.

If you or someone you know wants to break free of addictions, you can contact Gilead Foundations rehab.

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sustaining me

thank you for sustaining me, even though my issues can be so compulsive and hard to struggle free from. Your mercy is AMAZING, God. AMEN

Submitted by C on 21 May 2008

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To all those who are addicted to things which cause pain and problems. Turn your lives around. Trust God. Turn to God and ask him to help. Submit your life to God. ADMIT to God you were wrong to do what you did, but KNOW that He forgives. FORGIVE those who have wronged you. STAND on God's truth about you, that you are loved by God. Live each day in expectance and hope. Find strength in God's word. Believe that God can free you from addiction. WANT this more than ANYTHING. ASK. SEEK. KNOCK. Admit. Believe. Confess. Decide. And never give up.

Submitted by Free on 20 May 2008

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Thank you

Lord jesus I thank you that you are true and faithful. I thank you that you have answered my prayers regarding S and he has left me alone. I pray you forgive him for passing judgment on me. Lord thankyou that My ex husband and i are free from drugs and are getting married again. You know that true soul mates will always stay together no matter what mistakes have been made and what opposition we have faced. I thank you that he has given his life to you lord. I thank you that we are going to have a great future together with you lord. Praise you Jesus. I pray that you continue to strengthen and guide us and keep us strong in spirit when temptation comes. You are an amazing father, who really does answer prayers so long as we are patient and wait for the answers. Drugs are not of you and i thankyou That through you all things are possible and you turn all the bad round for good. Please protect those who are in contact with those that come in your name and are false father. They tell lies and are people of darkness. I pray you protect your own father and dont let them be mislead lord. In your most precious name i ask that truth and justice will prevail, and that you will save all addicts from the torment of addiction. Whatever that addiction is. Be it drugs or sex i pray you set them free. Peace hope and love to all who need you lord. Amen

Submitted by angel on 13 May 2008

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Father God - I ask that You help me to remain consistent as i turn from pornography and masturbation. I have been caught in this web since I was 16 - that is over 20 years ago. I have lost employment, almost gone to prison, lost reputation amongst some and almost lost my marriage because of this addiction. I feel so disgusting at times, and other times I feel like a fraud because of my positions and responsibilities at church. I sometimes recall some of the things I have done and cringe ... i long to turn the clock back but i know that is impossible. But I thank you that you forgive and allow me to "start again" - i know I have been down this road countless times - promising never to mess up again in this way but forever going down the same road. I love my wife and long for the deep passion of our relationship to resurface from the darkness that covers our relationship - i love my daughter and long to be the father and the man that can look her in the eye as she grows and give her godly advice/wisdom to strengthen her on her life's journey i thank you for the dream and experience i had last night (as scary as it was) - it certainly got my attention remember all the others on here that are suffering/recovering from addictions - we cry to You as our only hope. Give us the strength to finish. In Jesus' name. Amen

Submitted by Alex B on 10 May 2008

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Lord please save my friend

Father god I come to you in prayer today for my best friend N. father god she is suffering with reducing on medication for heroin addiction. Father god she keeps going back to the dark side. Lord Jesus please shine the light for her, lord reach out to her and place your hand of heeling upon her. Father I know you don’t want this for her as you are a loving god. Lord Jesus a few days ago she tried to kill us both saying please take me home. But father you hadn’t called for her. And with my faith for you I stood firm. Jealousy, denial, a fear of changing, lack of love, no faithfulness, lord please help. Father god the past must remain in the past and she must move on and only though you lord can this be done. I pray for her everyday lord, I am there whenever she needs pulling out of the pit. But lord over the past year the pit has got deeper and deeper. I find it hard to pull her out sometimes lord. It drains my sprit lord. Father you created the best in N. you put so much detail in making her and lord she really does want to move to the future but I cant do it for her. God, mighty god I ask that you tell her she can do it, take the fear from her lord, fill her heart with all your love for her, hold her tight father and let her tears flow father god. Help her know you are with her Jesus, be her light, change her company, change her ways, change father in the name of Jesus. She is your child father but right now she needs you more than ever. Turn the denial into acceptance lord, turn her life around. She needs your unconditional love lord, she needs change. Father there is no point staying in the past is there as she to has a purpose to fulfil for you. Father god she can do it I know she can. Heavenly father you know my love and my passion for her but father this is not about me it is about our sins. Father forgive the sins we have done, take them lord and know we are sorry. Father you know all my prayers, you know my heart, you know my love and you know I have done my best to do all that you have asked of me with N. father I lift her up to you, please save her, please help her, please be with her, please guide her. strengthen her lord. Father god, the great god, our living and true god please in the name of your son Jesus Christ I pray. Amen

Submitted by Dream on 15 Apr 2008

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please can you pray for me

i feel so very down today ive been reading my bible thats not helped me i dont no whats up with me im always so happy but not today i hope you dont mind me asking

Submitted by debbie on 12 Apr 2008

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thank you

Lord i just want to thank you for the strength you give me even when i fall you are there to pick me up again and put my feet on that straight path. Lord you know the mistakes ive made and you know how truly sorry i am. What matters though is your amazing love and mercy and grace,goodness,kindness,faithfulness and forgiveness. Day by day you o'lord give me the strength to walk with my head held high. You make the impossible possible and you set me free from the chains that enslave me. Day by day i will continue to walk with you and thank you for every answered prayer. Every day i spend staying clean from heroin is a day spent with you and only you can give me the strength to continue to do this. Thank you my lord and saviour in your name all things are possible.AMEN

Submitted by kay on 10 Apr 2008

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don’t give up, Jesus is with you all the way

Lord I pray that you fill the hearts of all the addicts in the world with the holy sprit. Lift them lord so they may come to glorify your name. set them free from the drink and drugs. Encourage each one of them that though you there is a way to beat there addictions. I know you love them lord so I ask that you fill them with your love so they fill your love. Not one will be alone in you Jesus. Set a course that they can manage lord. Shine your mighty light before them. Though you lord they are forgive. In your great name Jesus I pray. Amen

Submitted by Dream on 10 Apr 2008

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Take it to God

Heavenly father I come to you in prayer today to ask that you will help strengthen all the addicts who are desperately trying to come of there drugs or medication. Lead those who are taking drugs to seek help and those who are already on medication I ask they get all the help they need to become clean once more. As you know lord that I was once an addict both drink and drugs and I know only too well that though you anything is possible. I ask that you encourage them to take just one day at a time and at a steady pace so they do not relapse. You sent your only son so our sins maybe forgiven. Lord we so sin and forgive us and turn us to your glory. father please forgive them and be with them even when they are struggling. I pray that anyone who is doing there best to help, encourage and support them are filled with strength and carm though your holy sprit. They are not failures lord they are fighters, fighting to bring you children home. I ask that all who are involved are filled with you great love you have for us. Let your light shine father, lead the way so the addicts can be free to fulfil your purpose you have for them. Your such a awesome god father. You are the living god. And thank you for being in all our lives even in times that we do not acknowledge you. Though you lord we are so loved and I truly thank you for dieing for us. So I place us all into your hand right now. Be there lord, help us lord, guide us lord and bring us to a place we all can rebuild our lives . Let family’s that are broken be fixed, let those with no hope find hope and those who are alone be comforted. Though you Jesus the battle is already one. I thank you lord. In your name Jesus. Amen.

Submitted by barbarian on 29 Mar 2008

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please pray that my friend is set free from heroin addiction. and comes to know jesus his name is pete

Submitted by g on 28 Mar 2008

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