Have you known the pain of someone you love dying from drugs, or being a Jekyll & Hyde personality through drugs & alcohol? Are you being tempted into trying drugs yourself or do you binge drink to dull the pain & memories? If you do, please pray for yourself here or for the person you know who you want to protect. Our God is so strong & powerful, turn to Him & fight for yourself & your loved ones.

If you or someone you know wants to break free of addictions, you can contact Gilead Foundations rehab.

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Prayer for Son

Please pray for my son. He has such overpowering addictions to drugs. Please pray that God will help him stop this addiction. We have prayed for many years and we know that God is working on him and God will prevail. Thank you

Submitted by Sissy on 29 Jun 2007

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God's strength

I just re-read the post i wrote on this board about a year ago and tears streamed down my face as i realised how much God has done since then. I was so desperate to stop my addiction to masturbation and so caught in the trap of darkness. But GOD HAS CHANGED ME. I now know that masturbation no longer needs to have a hold over my life. I hate it. I know that God has so much better for me. Whenever i am tempted I remember that God is so much better than any pleasure i could get from masturbation. He is SO MUCH BETTER. I would recommend anyone who struggles with this sin to read Joshua Harris' book 'Not even a hint' which is about fighting lust and masturbation. I would encourage everyone to confide in someone about their temptations. FLEE EVIL. Satan is a prowling Lion and he is desperate for anyway to make us feel far from God. Remember God's grace is always sufficient and we are totally free from all addiction and bondage with the blood of Christ. He is mighty to save and we can all defeat the darkness that surrounds us. There is no way that our flesh is greater than God. He is the creator of the universe, the almighty saviour the One who was and is and is to come!

Submitted by Naomi on 28 Jun 2007

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Why can't i hurt enough to justify myself?

lord, when will i hurt myself enough to justify my own existence? why do i have to find meaning in screwing myself up further? if only i had the courage to not remain sick. if only i can tell myself i don't need to punish myself anymore, and that what i've already been through is enough for me not to have to inflict any more damage on myself? i've had enough of feeling like this, at least i think i have. until something comes along to bring me face to face with myself and all the hurt, and then i blow it by destroying myself and those around me....

Submitted by C on 21 Jun 2007

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heroin and drink

Lord jesus christ, i come before you now ,before your throne,and Im pleading the blood of jesus onmy friend Mr D. He is on heroin,alcohol and islost,yet he needs you somuch,Lord he needs saving from this destructive lifestyle and you have the power,turn him back toyou lord, let him see its a better way, somehow break into his thoughts with niggling thoughs that cause himto re think what he is doing.Lord blockthese wrong friends, aquanintances. wholllead him astray, break satans inhfluence in his life,protect us and his family as we reach out to him, and be our shield sowere not afraid to challenge him.save him ,lheal him,deliver him ,renew his mind lord jesus i pray. come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and you willgive rest! Ilove oyu lord hear my prayer,and his moms.amen

Submitted by t on 20 Jun 2007

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Dear God, I am so dissapointed. Because after praying to you, for so many years for d, he is still using heroin. Alcohol and pills. I have been there for him for 15 years, and now we are barely speaking, he has turned away from me and it appears you, maybe Im wrong cos you see his heart. Pain from his estranged children, guilt I dunno. lots of pain in his heart, probably making him scared to open up to you. Lord please I pray, please breakthrough. never let the enemy or heroin take his life. In jesus name, i know you can break the addictions, I ve seenit in many lives who turned fully to you. Please show him your not as the musty church portrays from his childhood, but your a live andpowerful and can set him free if he would only com eto you and request that gently lord please wipe his tears, heal his wounds and bring him to wholeness and our friendship lord. I find the gear so hard to handle, ands his moods too, paul also lord touch him, remove the bad people from d's life, give d a thrist for you, break through the numbness of gear, break through lord i dont know what to pray i just feel great dissapointment. and I know you can transform,. you did me. t

Submitted by t on 16 Jun 2007

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God please forgive me for my overindulgence to beer. I need your guidance to help me control myself and I have not asked for you Grace until now. In Jesus name.

Submitted by kev on 8 Jun 2007

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guidance on recovery

please lord help me to be able to find the right sort of ministry at the moment. let me know if i should be having any more Christian deliverance ministry right now, or whether you want me to ride out the storm until i am ready for it. i feel fragile at the moment, but desperate and hope that i will be able to hear your clearly again on these things. i have so much confusion in my head over these things, i would dearly love to know what to do to shed this despair which will not shift, even when i try my hardest (altho' i'm losing the will to try much at the moment).

Submitted by C on 30 May 2007

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Self Harm

Lord I pray for all the sufferers of self harm on this page. I am getting through it myself, and with your help I knwo I will finally succeed, and althought I can never clear my arm of scars, I will eventually forget that pain. Lord I ask you to be with all these people who are goign through the same as me, please give them strength and encouragement, and let them knwo they are not alone.

Submitted by Beth on 25 May 2007

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Overdose and binge drinking

God I don't really know what to say, it's been so long since we last spoke. I'm so sorry that I've abandoned you to a life of drinking and unholiness, I don't know what's happened t me. I used to be your faithful child, and now I am left empty and worthless ot the extent that I attempted suicide. Lord I want a life with you again, I am ready to start anew. Jesus please take the wheel of my life once more, becuase I can't go on by myself, I thought I coudl and how wrong I was father! Please forgive me for the countless sins I have comitted over the last few months, especially for nearly takign my own life, please help me to get better, I feel so ill and pathetic. Help me to be strong and cut down drinking, especially as being 14 i am breaking the laws of your earth, please help to to be strong in you once more, for I have become to weak. I know teh only way I can get back on track is through you, and I am so sorry for thinking I can do without you! Please forgive me Jesus, I want to be your daughter once more. Please forgive me Lord

Submitted by Beth on 25 May 2007

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keep lashing out at self/others

lord i'm here again 'cos i'm hurting those closest to me. you know i hurt so much still 'cos of being hurt emotionally, verbally, and threatened physically by a parent, as a child, and then later i was sexually assaulted by two men in my twenties, 'cos i was too full of panic and self-disgust to fight them off. i keep telling myself that the abuse wasn't severe enough to cause me the severe mental/emotional disorders i suffer from, (major Borderline Personality Disorder with Depression and self-harming tendancies) and i need to grow up. i still feel like i missed out on my childhood, and need others around me to be patient. i crave affirmation from others, which makes me self-centered and demanding. i know i need to pull myself together, im 25 now, but i am scared of my dad, even tho' i forgive him, but i despise myself for still behaving the way i do. its like i'm not allowed to feel my pain, 'cos my dad was a christian and never meant to be violent or abusive. i love him, i only wish i could get well, so he could forgive himself. i cannot accept that what happened was trivial tho' 'cos i missed out on so much stability when i was growing up, i don't know how to not sabotage the blessings i have been given.

Submitted by C on 24 May 2007

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