Have you known the pain of someone you love dying from drugs, or being a Jekyll & Hyde personality through drugs & alcohol? Are you being tempted into trying drugs yourself or do you binge drink to dull the pain & memories? If you do, please pray for yourself here or for the person you know who you want to protect. Our God is so strong & powerful, turn to Him & fight for yourself & your loved ones.

If you or someone you know wants to break free of addictions, you can contact Gilead Foundations rehab.

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I've been reading 'Passion For Jesus' by Mike Bickle. When I came across the passage below, I thought of all you guys who have cried out to Jesus in this room and I wanted to encourage you all with it:

'Don't underestimate the grace of God. Don't despise the day of small beginnings. Don't say, "I'll never be any different. I'm always going to be in bondage to lust, anger and covetousness. I'll never be free." The glory of God is already at work in your life. Thank Him for the sincere desire you have to break free from sinful habits and walk in the Spirit. Those small beginnings are firm steps in the direction of full maturity.'

I pray that you would all know Gods pleasure in you as you are now, not as you should be. That you would know He loves you as much now as He will do when you are finally free. That His love isn't conditional on our maturity. I pray that everytime you fall down, you will get back up again. I pray for His love to envelop you and draw you on.

Submitted by Heather on 12 Feb 2007

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Porn addiction

Dear Father: Please give me the strenght to resist Satan when the craving to go to these sites and masterbate overwhelmes me.I know that all you have to do is just think of me and I will have the strength I need. I know this is destructive behavior but I can't help it, I know it is wrong but when I start it's like I have no conscience whatsoever. I am asking for prayer in Jesus' Holy Name, Amen. Thank you. Philip

Submitted by philip on 21 Jan 2007

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I Want To Be Yours Forever

Lord....I pray that you give me the strength to resist my temptations to masturbate. It fulfills my need to be loved and to belong, for a few moments, after which only guilt and separation follow. Lord, I feel alone and need your guidance more than ever. My life would be meaningless, if not to serve you. Help me overcome my deepest fear of failure and let me find contentment in your everlasting love, to carry me forward towards obedience and spiritual growth. Lord, I pray that you also help those struggling in similar situations, who have reached out to you on this website. Their messages have given me a sense of hope. Please help them find their way back to you.

Submitted by Dee on 8 Jan 2007

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Free from Pornography + shame

vision/ message in the Spirit::::: all of you ,do not worry as when you come to me in faith i will take away all the guilt and shame that makes you turn away and unable to look into my face.... I will turn your face to look to me and you will see the love and passion in my eyes for you and feel that seering loss i feel when you sin. But i will make a new life for you and a new way and do new things.... Release all these pains and struggles unto me and find rest at the foot of the cross... In Jesus Name Amen

Submitted by J on 2 Jan 2007

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lust etc

I have been free from alcohol and drugs for seven years, but lust and mast..., that is something all together most difficult. Lord, I lose the will to change from time to time and especially understsress. Help me to count you you and not my own strength to move past the "sin that so easiy ensnares". I am much happier in your grace and wish, and pray that I be given whatever is necessary to be free from lust.

Submitted by Ron on 26 Dec 2006

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lust to masterbat

I know tha I love Jesus with all my heart and I know that He has forgiven me whene I fell short on this I to pray for delivercre . yet what I face sometime is that I just given in. and I relly do not want to hurt my lord.yet I sometimes choose to do this I do not understand please pray. I feel so trap. but I know that he can set me free, because those that are in Christ are free indeed.

Submitted by Billy on 19 Dec 2006

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Temptation and lust

Father God, I come to you now in shame and embarrasment that I have done evil in your site... please forgive my sinful nature and lustful heart. Please cast away my desires to masterbate. Lord, you are the love of my life and I am sorry for hurting you and pushing myself farther and farther away from you and having the close relationship that I desire. I want to break this habit and addiction. I ask that you send people to pray for me and to rid me of the filth. Please cleanse me father, wash away my sin. Create in me Pure heart. I ask all of this your Sons name Jesus Christ. Amen

Submitted by Sharon on 16 Dec 2006

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Lord it sounds silly, but please help me with my addicition to sugar. I really crave it all the time and I want to claim freedom from it. I know it's so bad for my body but I just fall every time. Please also help me break free from apathy and give me a passion for exercise like you used to. I feel like a useless lump Lord and I need your freedom and life! Thanks Lord :D

Submitted by rosie on 12 Dec 2006

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Loving Heavenly Father, you know (because I have returned to You for forgiveness time and time and time again) how easily I drift into porn sites or certain TV channels, even after a night of prayer at church or a poignant Bible study session. I determine each time never to lust/disrespect the female form/sink so low..... and yet I do (even now that desire lurks in the old man whose vestiges remain like a reflex action). Help me, Lord God, in Jesus' Name. I am in a mixed marriage where my faith is not accepted and sex is not an option. Help me, Lord, because I want to do Your perfect and Holy will all the time - in between prayer times (which are many) - in order to be a self denying disciple of Jesus Christ, my Lord, Saviour, Friand and Mediator. AMEN

Submitted by Knight on 9 Dec 2006

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Suffering from drug addiction,I have been caring for him for a year and have some success but now I need your prayers to help me through my husbands illness to be given the strength to continue caring for them both. And to get the answers to how I should deal with a continuing addiction

Submitted by asheila on 29 Nov 2006

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