From 8th-11th July down at Ashburnham Place in Battle, East Sussex, there is an event called Uprising Europe, particularly for young people. To find out more about it Jonathan Bellamy chats to JJ Waters, the director of Uprising Europe.

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Jon: Tell us about some of the things that are happening at the event: 72 hours, intercession for Europe, missioning.

JJ: The backbone of the event, what holds it all together, is 72 hours of non-stop worship. Ashburnham is stunning; we're going to have a tent by the lake on the south lawn and that is going to host continuous prayer and worship. Within that there are going to be specific times of both speakers who have a heart for Europe and a heart for young people to give inspiration, then specific times of prayer especially both evenings. On the final leg we'll be doing something called the Sacred Assembly, which is in Joel 2, effectively hosting an 8-hour prayer meeting, which might scare everyone, but having been part of it, it makes you realise that it's possible. It's praying for salvation in Europe, restoration between the generations, restoration between nations. I think that last day will be an incredible culmination of focused prayer for Europe.

Jon: What's your vision for Europe from a youth point of view? What contribution are the youth going to make to Europe?

JJ: Part of my vision for Europe, I'm part of a movement called Europe Shall be Saved, is that we will see a hundred million souls saved in the next ten years. I think youth and young people are going to play a critical part in that. I think that as we empower and give them permission to live a radical lifestyle, a life on fire, they're going to be the ones that help fuel worship and prayer. They are going to be the ones who take the gospel to the streets. So for me worship, prayer and mission are not separate. I believe we're going to see a great harvest in Europe and we're already seeing it and young people are going to be a critical part of that.

Jon: Finally then, and with that in mind, who should come to Uprising Europe this year?

JJ: Everyone! If you have a heart for Europe, for specific nations and if you have a heart for young people and a heart for the church and God breathing on this. And even if you don't think you're a prayer person I'd still say come because I know countless people who have come to Uprising events and suddenly realised gosh this is a very exciting thing, to partner with God and bring his will and his kingdom on earth.

Jon: Having been to similar things when I was younger it stretches you spiritually; being in that environment helps you grow in your experience and intimacy with God and perhaps do things with God that you've never done before whether in prayer or in worship or in sharing your faith with one another. The event is in Ashburnham Place, Battle, East Sussex from 8th-11th July and if people want more information what's the website and contact details?

JJ: and all the information is on there. You can get hold of us at CR

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